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Those Suffering Young Souls 那些被折磨的年輕靈魂

Katie and her parents live in the US in the early 1950s. They are a Japanese family with 3 three children. Her parents work very hard in a very bad workplace. They are not rich, but happy. When a misfortune strikes her family, she is only about 10 years old. It is even too difficult for an adult to face this situation not mention a child of 10. There are things in life that are very tough and sad. You don’t know why. They just happen. What is life? This is too big a question. Better leave it alone. (book Kira Kira)
Katie和父母住在五零年代的美國,一戶有三個小孩的日本家庭。她的父母工作非常認真,儘管工作環境非常糟。他們不有錢但挺快樂的。當一件不幸的事情發生在這戶人家時,Katie才大約十歲而已。這件不幸的事對大人來說都難以承受,更不用說對十歲的小女孩。有時候一些很糟很苦的事情就這麼發生了。你也不知道為什麼。生命是什麼?這個問題太大,不要思考比較好。(書 Kira Kira)
Sarah is a fifteen-year-old English girl. She lives with her younger sister and a useless mother who doesn’t make a penny at all. Sarah has to take care of her sister and do odd jobs to make their bread. When a teacher at school spots her talent in stand-up comedy, it seems something sweet is about to happen to her miserable bitter life. But an ugly fat guy does something very nasty to her. Oh, I could kill that piece of shit. When she is most miserable and helpless, fortunately her teacher is there with her. (movie Jellyfish 2018)
Sarah是一個十五歲的英國少女。她和妹妹、媽媽住在一起。沒有路用的媽媽一無是處,當然沒有工作賺錢養家。Sarah不但要照顧妹妹,還要做一些有的沒有的爛工作賺錢買麵包。學校有一個老師發現Sarah有表演單人脫口秀的潛力,感覺好像Sarah苦澀的生命即將有一點甜甜的事情要發生。但是一個該死又胖又醜的傢伙對Sarah做了一件很醜陋的事。如果可以我真想殺了那隻噁心的豬。在Sarah最悲傷最無助的時候,幸好學校那位老師出現在身邊。(電影 Jellyfish 2018)
Theo’s mom is killed in a bomb attack in a museum. Theo believes it is his fault because he is the reason why she is at the museum that day. His irresponsible father takes him away to live with him in Las Vegas. At school Theo makes a new friend Boris. Together these two teenagers fall into a deep pit full of drugs and alcohol. Theo does it out of guilt. He blames himself deeply for his mother’s death. Boris does it because of his unhappy family life. His father abuses him physically and doesn’t give a damn about his life. When they are so drunk and stoned and wasted, where are the people who love them? (book the Goldfinch)
Theo的媽媽在美術館爆炸案中遇害。Theo一直認為是自己的錯,因為如果不是他,媽媽那天也不會出現在美術館。好賭的爸爸把Theo接到賭城一起住。新城市新學校Theo認識了一個新朋友Boris。這兩位少年一起墜入一個充滿酒精與藥物的深淵。Theo的墮落來自於自責母親的早亡,Boris的墜落來自於家庭沒有溫暖以及暴力父親。當我讀到這兩個少年酒醉藥茫廢到極點的生活時,心想愛他們的人到底在哪裡?(書The Goldfinch)
Irish boy Conor’s parents are going through a divorce. He is also forced to transfer to another school due to family financial problem. As if it is not bad enough, he is bullied at this new school, not only by a new mate but also the headmaster. Can you believe it? Conor has a crush on Raphina. He decides to form a band in order to impress her. One day Raphina tells Conor the beastly thing her father did to her. Though Raphina is smiling, sadness is all over Conor’s face. He is just a teenager. What can he do for the girl he adores? That’s right, he writes songs for her. At the end they sail for England. No money, no friend in England. Still, they sail for England. Life is an adventure. (movie Sing Street)
愛爾蘭少年Conor的父母正在離婚。家庭經濟變差的關係,他被迫轉學。新學校不但新同學霸凌他,連校長也個是打人不手軟的傢伙。這是怎麼回事?Conor煞到一心想當模特兒的Raphina。為了打動她,Conor和同學組了一個樂團。有一天Raphina告訴Conor她的酒鬼父親對她做了不堪的事。雖然Raphina帶著微笑,但Conor的臉上卻是寫滿了傷心難過。才十多歲的Conor可以為他喜歡的女生做什麼?當然是寫歌送她啊!後來他們還一起坐船去英格蘭,雖然在那裡他們不認識任何人也沒有錢,但誰管那麼多。英格蘭,我們來了。(電影 Sing Street)
Thanks to a family member of mine, I grew up believing that my legs were too short, calves too fat, face too long, and brain too dull. If someone wanted to give me a job, I should take it most gratefully since I was such a worthless piece of shit. When I realized that I was not actually that bad, my youth, which could have been bright and joyous, had long gone. But you see, there are thousands and hundreds of young souls, right now, living a much worse life than my miserable youth. There is no point indulging in the past. Just move on. I don’t know what you think about it. But for me, the more sad stories I read or watch about other people, the more I am grateful of who I am.

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