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24th April

Dear Daddy,

Spring has come again! You should see how lovely the campus is. I think you might come and look at it for yourself. Master Jervie dropped in again last Friday—but he chose a most unpropitious time, for Sallie and Julia and I were just running to catch a train. And where do you think we were going? To Princeton, to attend a dance and a ball game, if you please! I didn't ask you if I might go, because I had a feeling that your secretary would say no. But it was entirely regular; we had leave-of-absence from college, and Mrs. McBride chaperoned us. We had a charming time—but I shall have to omit details; they are too many and complicated.



春天來了!校園好美.我覺得你應該親自過來看一下.上週五哲維少爺又來了 - 但他偏偏挑了一個最不合適的時間,因為莎莉,茱莉亞和我正趕著去搭火車.你知道我們去哪裏嗎?我們去普林斯敦大學參加一個舞會和球賽.我沒有事先問過你,因為我覺得你的秘書會說不可以.但那是完全合乎規定的,我們向學校請假,麥克白太太陪著我們去.我們玩的好開心 - 不過我得省略一些細節,因為太多太複雜了.


Up before dawn! The night watchman called us—six of us—and we made coffee in a chafing dish (you never saw so many grounds!) and walked two miles to the top of One Tree Hill to see the sun rise. We had to scramble up the last slope! The sun almost beat us! And perhaps you think we didn't bring back appetites to breakfast!


黎明前便醒了.夜班警衛叫我們起床 - 共六個人 - 我們煮了咖啡(你絕沒見過這麼多咖啡渣!),然後走了兩哩路去獨樹山丘看日出.最後一個山坡爬得最吃力!我們差一點被太陽打敗.而且也許你覺得之後我們會沒有胃口吃早餐.

Dear me, Daddy, I seem to have a very ejaculatory style today; this page is peppered with exclamations.


I meant to have written a lot about the budding trees and the new cinder path in the athletic field, and the awful lesson we have in biology for tomorrow, and the new canoes on the lake, and Catherine Prentiss who has pneumonia, and Prexy's Angora kitten that strayed from home and has been boarding in Fergussen Hall for two weeks until a chambermaid reported it, and about my three new dresses—white and pink and blue polka dots with a hat to match—but I am too sleepy. I am always making this an excuse, am I not? But a girls' college is a busy place and we do get tired by the end of the day! Particularly when the day begins at dawn.



原本我打算寫的是:運動場邊正在開花的樹和新的媒渣步道,明天要上的煩人的生物學,湖裏的新獨木舟,凱薩琳得了肺炎,普利西的小貓從家裏跑出來,而且在宿舍待了兩個禮拜才被清潔女工發現,還有我的三件新洋裝 - 白色,粉紅色和藍色的小圓點,以及一頂搭配的帽子 - 但是我實在太睏了.我只是在找藉口,對嗎?但女子大學是一個忙碌的地方,每天結束時我們都極度疲倦,黎明起床那天尤其累啊.



15th May

Dear Daddy-Long-Legs,

Is it good manners when you get into a car just to stare straight ahead and not see anybody else?

A very beautiful lady in a very beautiful velvet dress got into the car today, and without the slightest expression sat for fifteen minutes and looked at a sign advertising suspenders. It doesn't seem polite to ignore everybody else as though you were the only important person present. Anyway, you miss a lot. While she was absorbing that silly sign, I was studying a whole car full of interesting human beings.





The accompanying illustration is hereby reproduced for the first time. It looks like a spider on the end of a string, but it isn't at all; it's a picture of me learning to swim in the tank in the gymnasium.


The instructor hooks a rope into a ring in the back of my belt, and runs it through a pulley in the ceiling. It would be a beautiful system if one had perfect confidence in the probity of one's instructor. I'm always afraid, though, that she will let the rope get slack, so I keep one anxious eye on her and swim with the other, and with this divided interest I do not make the progress that I otherwise might.


Very miscellaneous weather we're having of late. It was raining when I commenced and now the sun is shining. Sallie and I are going out to play tennis—thereby gaining exemption from Gym.

最近的天氣很零星瑣碎.開始寫信時在下雨,現在則是出太陽.莎莉和我要去打網球 - 這樣一來就不用進體育館了.

A week later

I should have finished this letter long ago, but I didn't. You don't mind, do you, Daddy, if I'm not very regular? I really do love to write to you; it gives me such a respectable feeling of having some family. Would you like me to tell you something? You are not the only man to whom I write letters. There are two others! I have been receiving beautiful long letters this winter from Master Jervie (with typewritten envelopes so Julia won't recognize the writing). Did you ever hear anything so shocking? And every week or so a very scrawly epistle, usually on yellow tablet paper, arrives from Princeton. All of which I answer with business-like promptness. So you see—I am not so different from other girls—I get letters, too.


這封信好久以前就該寫完的.你不會介意吧,Daddy?我真的很喜歡寫信給你,那給我一種擁有家人的感覺.你知道嗎?你並不是我唯一寫信的對象,除了你以外還有其他兩個人.這個冬天哲維少爺寫了一些美妙的長信給我(信封是打字機打的,以免茱莉亞認出他的筆跡.)你有聽過如此令人震驚的事嗎?另外大概每隔一週,我會收到從普林斯敦大學寄出的一封潦草的,用黃色筆記本寫的信.兩者我都有如處理公事般的即刻回覆.你瞧 - 我現在和其他女生一樣了 - 也有信可以收了.

Did I tell you that I have been elected a member of the Senior Dramatic Club? Very recherche organization. Only seventy-five members out of one thousand. Do you think as a consistent Socialist that I ought to belong?


What do you suppose is at present engaging my attention in sociology? I am writing (figurez vous!) a paper on the Care of Dependent Children. The Professor shuffled up his subjects and dealt them out promiscuously, and that fell to me. C'est drole ca n'est pas?


There goes the gong for dinner. I'll post this as I pass the box.









茱蒂和同學用 a chafing dish (如圖) 煮了咖啡



Image from: http://www.cherylscozykitchen.net/servlet/the-315/KTCHAF,catering-dishes,chafer,chafer-dish,chafers,chaffing,chaffing-dish,chaffing/Detail





Image from: http://www.catering-cluj-napoca.ro/servicii-inchirieri-accesorii-catering-cluj-napoca



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