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26th September
Dear Daddy-Long-Legs,
Back at college again and an upper classman. Our study is better than ever this year—faces the South with two huge windows and oh! so furnished. Julia, with an unlimited allowance, arrived two days early and was attacked with a fever for settling.
開學了,我已經是高年級生.今年我們的書房更棒了 - 有兩扇朝南的大窗,而且,裝飾得好美.茱莉亞開學前兩天回校,用她沒有金額限制的預算瘋狂的裝飾了一番.


We have new wall paper and oriental rugs and mahogany chairs—not painted mahogany which made us sufficiently happy last year, but real. It's very gorgeous, but I don't feel as though I belonged in it; I'm nervous all the time for fear I'll get an ink spot in the wrong place.
我們有全新的壁紙,東方地毯,桃花木椅子 - 不是去年那種已經令我們大大滿足的畫上去的桃花木紋,而是真正的桃花木.好美的木質,但我卻一點歸屬感也沒有,緊張兮兮的擔心墨水滴到某處弄髒家具.
And, Daddy, I found your letter waiting for me—pardon—I mean your secretary's.
而且,Daddy,我發現一封你的來信 - 不好意思 - 是你的秘書的來信.
Will you kindly convey to me a comprehensible reason why I should not accept that scholarship? I don't understand your objection in the least. But anyway, it won't do the slightest good for you to object, for I've already accepted it and I am not going to change! That sounds a little impertinent, but I don't mean it so.
I suppose you feel that when you set out to educate me, you'd like to finish the work, and put a neat period, in the shape of a diploma, at the end.
But look at it just a second from my point of view. I shall owe my education to you just as much as though I let you pay for the whole of it, but I won't be quite so much indebted. I know that you don't want me to return the money, but nevertheless, I am going to want to do it, if I possibly can; and winning this scholarship makes it so much easier. I was expecting to spend the rest of my life in paying my debts, but now I shall only have to spend one-half of the rest of it.
I hope you understand my position and won't be cross. The allowance I shall still most gratefully accept. It requires an allowance to live up to Julia and her furniture! I wish that she had been reared to simpler tastes, or else that she were not my room-mate.
This isn't much of a letter; I meant to have written a lot—but I've been hemming four window curtains and three portieres (I'm glad you can't see the length of the stitches), and polishing a brass desk set with tooth powder (very uphill work), and sawing off picture wire with manicure scissors, and unpacking four boxes of books, and putting away two trunkfuls of clothes (it doesn't seem believable that Jerusha Abbott owns two trunks full of clothes, but she does!) and welcoming back fifty dear friends in between.
這封信內容單薄,我原本打算寫很多的 - 但我一直在忙著幫四扇窗戶的窗簾及三個門簾縫邊(我很得意看不出縫邊的線的痕跡),忙著用牙粉把一張銅製書桌刷亮(很辛苦的工作),忙著用指甲刀磨平電線,還忙著把四箱的書和兩皮箱的衣服歸位(潔若沙愛柏擁有兩皮箱的衣服聽起來似乎很不可思議,但那是真的),而且當中還得忙著歡迎五十位歸隊的同學.
Opening day is a joyous occasion!
Good night, Daddy dear, and don't be annoyed because your chick is wanting to scratch for herself. She's growing up into an awfully energetic little hen—with a very determined cluck and lots of beautiful feathers (all due to you).
晚安,親愛的Daddy,別因為你的小雞想要獨立自主而生她的氣.她已經長成一隻活力充沛的大雞 - 有著堅定的咯咯叫聲和一身美麗的羽毛(全歸功於你).
30th September
Dear Daddy,
Are you still harping on that scholarship? I never knew a man so obstinate, and stubborn and unreasonable, and tenacious, and bull-doggish, and unable-to-see-other-people's-point-of-view, as you.
You prefer that I should not be accepting favours from strangers.
Strangers!—And what are you, pray?
Is there anyone in the world that I know less? I shouldn't recognize you if I met you in the street. Now, you see, if you had been a sane, sensible person and had written nice, cheering fatherly letters to your little Judy, and had come occasionally and patted her on the head, and had said you were glad she was such a good girl—Then, perhaps, she wouldn't have flouted you in your old age, but would have obeyed your slightest wish like the dutiful daughter she was meant to be.
Strangers indeed! You live in a glass house, Mr. Smith.
And besides, this isn't a favour; it's like a prize—I earned it by hard work. If nobody had been good enough in English, the committee wouldn't have awarded the scholarship; some years they don't. Also— But what's the use of arguing with a man? You belong, Mr. Smith, to a sex devoid of a sense of logic. To bring a man into line, there are just two methods: one must either coax or be disagreeable. I scorn to coax men for what I wish. Therefore, I must be disagreeable.
況且,這獎學金並不是一份幫助,而是一個獎賞 - 一個我努力念書而得到的獎賞.我的英文作績不夠好,委員會是不會發出這份獎學金的;有幾年他們並沒有發出獎金.但是 - 跟一個男人爭辯有什麼用呢?史密斯先生,你屬於一個缺乏邏輯的性別.有兩個方式讓一個男人產生邏輯,哄他或是反對他.我不屑為了達成目的而哄男人,因此我必須反對他.
I refuse, sir, to give up the scholarship; and if you make any more fuss, I won't accept the monthly allowance either, but will wear myself into a nervous wreck tutoring stupid Freshmen.
That is my ultimatum!
And listen—I have a further thought. Since you are so afraid that by taking this scholarship I am depriving someone else of an education, I know a way out. You can apply the money that you would have spent for me towards educating some other little girl from the John Grier Home. Don't you think that's a nice idea? Only, Daddy, EDUCATE the new girl as much as you choose, but please don't LIKE her any better than me.
I trust that your secretary won't be hurt because I pay so little attention to the suggestions offered in his letter, but I can't help it if he is. He's a spoiled child, Daddy. I've meekly given in to his whims heretofore, but this time I intend to be FIRM.
               With a mind,
               Completely and Irrevocably and
               World-without-End Made-up,
              Jerusha Abbott

讓茱蒂忙著縫邊的門簾的英文是 portiere





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我對茱蒂努力用牙粉刷亮的銅製書桌 brass desk 很好奇也很不解








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