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10th September

Dear Daddy,

He has gone, and we are missing him! When you get accustomed to people or places or ways of living, and then have them snatched away, it does leave an awfully empty, gnawing sort of sensation. I'm finding Mrs. Semple's conversation pretty unseasoned food.




College opens in two weeks and I shall be glad to begin work again. I have worked quite a lot this summer though—six short stories and seven poems. Those I sent to the magazines all came back with the most courteous promptitude. But I don't mind. It's good practice. Master Jervie read them—he brought in the post, so I couldn't help his knowing—and he said they were DREADFUL. They showed that I didn't have the slightest idea of what I was talking about. (Master Jervie doesn't let politeness interfere with truth.) But the last one I did—just a little sketch laid in college—he said wasn't bad; and he had it typewritten, and I sent it to a magazine. They've had it two weeks; maybe they're thinking it over.

再兩週就開學了,回到學校讀書是件開心的事.不過這個夏天我也是孜孜不倦的在工作著 - 六個短篇故事加上七首詩.我全寄去給雜誌社,但收到了最有禮的拒絕.不過我不在乎.那是很好的練習.哲維少爺讀了我全部的作品 - 是他把郵件拿進來的,所以無法不讓他知道 - 而且他說我的作品很糟.從我的作品中他完全不知道我在寫些什麼.(哲維少爺是不讓禮貌干預真相的.)但我寫的最後那個作品 - 背景是在學校 - 他說還不錯,而且用打字機打出來,然後我寄去給一家雜誌社.他們已經收到兩週了,也許他們有在考慮接受我的文章.

You should see the sky! There's the queerest orange-coloured light over everything. We're going to have a storm.


It commenced just that moment with tremendously big drops and all the shutters banging. I had to run to close the windows, while Carrie flew to the attic with an armful of milk pans to put under the places where the roof leaks and then, just as I was resuming my pen, I remembered that I'd left a cushion and rug and hat and Matthew Arnold's poems under a tree in the orchard, so I dashed out to get them, all quite soaked. The red cover of the poems had run into the inside; Dover Beach in the future will be washed by pink waves.


A storm is awfully disturbing in the country. You are always having to think of so many things that are out of doors and getting spoiled.



Daddy! Daddy! What do you think? The postman has just come with two letters.

1st. My story is accepted. $50.



Daddy! Daddy! 你知道嗎?剛才郵差送了兩封信來.



2nd. A letter from the college secretary. I'm to have a scholarship for two years that will cover board and tuition. It was founded by an alumna for 'marked proficiency in English with general excellency in other lines.' And I've won it! I applied for it before I left, but I didn't have an idea I'd get it, on account of my Freshman bad work in maths and Latin. But it seems I've made it up. I am awfully glad, Daddy, because now I won't be such a burden to you. The monthly allowance will be all I'll need, and maybe I can earn that with writing or tutoring or something.


I'm LONGING to go back and begin work.

Yours ever,

Jerusha Abbott,

Author of When the Sophomores Won the Game. For sale at all news stands, price ten cents.







被暴風雨吹得碰碰作響的百葉窗在文中用的是 shutters 這個字


Image from: http://reneefinberg.blogspot.com/2012/03/shutters-shutters-shutters.html


至於這種可以往上捲起的百葉窗英文是 blinds

Image from: http://www.amasco.net/types-of-blinds/


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