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6.30, Saturday

Dear Daddy,

We started to walk to town today, but mercy! how it poured. I like winter to be winter with snow instead of rain.

6:30; 週六



Julia's desirable uncle called again this afternoon—and brought a five-pound box of chocolates. There are advantages, you see, about rooming with Julia.

茱莉亞迷人的叔叔今天下午來訪 - 而且帶來一盒五磅重(註)的巧克力.你瞧,跟茱莉亞當室友也是有好處的.

註:五磅大約是2.27 公斤,應該是蠻大一盒的.

Our innocent prattle appeared to amuse him and he waited for a later train in order to take tea in the study. We had an awful lot of trouble getting permission. It's hard enough entertaining fathers and grandfathers, but uncles are a step worse; and as for brothers and cousins, they are next to impossible. Julia had to swear that he was her uncle before a notary public and then have the county clerk's certificate attached. (Don't I know a lot of law?) And even then I doubt if we could have had our tea if the Dean had chanced to see how youngish and good-looking Uncle Jervis is.


Anyway, we had it, with brown bread Swiss cheese sandwiches. He helped make them and then ate four. I told him that I had spent last summer at Lock Willow, and we had a beautiful gossipy time about the Semples, and the horses and cows and chickens. All the horses that he used to know are dead, except Grover, who was a baby colt at the time of his last visit—and poor Grove now is so old he can just limp about the pasture.

總之我們一起喝了茶,配上瑞士乳酪全麥麵包三明治.他幫忙做了三明治,而且吃了四個.我跟他說去年暑假我待在柳樹農場,我們開心的聊著山普夫婦,農場的馬,牛和雞.他以前認識的馬都死了,除了葛瑞佛以外,他上次去農場時葛瑞佛還是匹小馬 - 而現在可憐的葛瑞佛已經老到只能跛著腳在草地踱來踱去了.

He asked if they still kept doughnuts in a yellow crock with a blue plate over it on the bottom shelf of the pantry—and they do! He wanted to know if there was still a woodchuck's hole under the pile of rocks in the night pasture—and there is! Amasai caught a big, fat, grey one there this summer, the twenty-fifth great-grandson of the one Master Jervis caught when he was a little boy.

他問到山普夫婦是否還在廚房架子底層,放著一個裝甜甜圈的黃色瓦罐,蓋子是個藍色盤子 - 他說對了.他想要知道夜間牧場的石頭堆下是否還有一個土撥鼠洞 - 他又對了.阿馬薩今年夏天抓到的那隻肥美的灰色土撥鼠,是哲維少爺小時候抓到的那隻的第二十五代孫子.

I called him 'Master Jervie' to his face, but he didn't appear to be insulted. Julia says she has never seen him so amiable; he's usually pretty unapproachable. But Julia hasn't a bit of tact; and men, I find, require a great deal. They purr if you rub them the right way and spit if you don't. (That isn't a very elegant metaphor. I mean it figuratively.)


We're reading Marie Bashkirtseff's journal. Isn't it amazing? Listen to this: 'Last night I was seized by a fit of despair that found utterance in moans, and that finally drove me to throw the dining-room clock into the sea.'


註:Marie Bashkirtseff (1858-1884) 是出生於烏克蘭的蘇俄日記作者,藝術家以及雕刻家.得年26,作品多毁於二次大戰納粹之手.

It makes me almost hope I'm not a genius; they must be very wearing to have about—and awfully destructive to the furniture.

Mercy! how it keeps Pouring. We shall have to swim to chapel tonight.

Yours ever,


我幾乎要希望自己不是天才.當天才一定挺累人的 - 而且還挺會破壞傢俱的.




放甜甜圈的黃色瓦罐 yellow crock 大概長這個樣子


瓦罐的英文是 crock

咦?不是某個休閒鞋的牌子嗎? 黑啦,同一個字啦.


 農場的土撥鼠 woodchucks 長這個樣子






關鍵字: 火車 證人

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