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Zi 自閉症-- Joseph

The following is from the summer 2003 edition of "Autism Now" , a publication of the Edmonton (Alberta Canada) Autism Society.
"The Little Boy that Could" or "Joseph's Miracle"
Joseph Williams is 11 and has PDD-mild autism, (with autism being the worst form of Pervasive Developmental Disorder). Joseph lives in Barrhead Ab. with his family. He is a recent winner of the Barrhead Elementary School Science Fair Award for 2nd place in the Grade 5 category. His entry was on "The 8 Species of Bears." He is one happy boy, receiving a medallion, $50.00 from a local business and a school certificate of merit. He worked really hard and we are very proud of him. We would like to share his success story with all of you, so that you too, can have hope with your autistic child.

At one time Joseph displayed 75-80% of the autistic behaviors. He was diagnosed at 5 yrs old at the Glenrose Rehab. Hospital in Edmonton. Our pediatrician wanted to put him on drugs to control his behaviors and help him to sleep, but we found a different answer to our prayers.

Joe's miracle recovery is with a new health product called Glyconutrients. Below is a list of before and after autism symptoms and its connected health challenges.

Symptoms Pre Glyconutritionals June 1997, Clinically diagnosed at the Glenrose in Oct/96 with PDD-mild Autism.
Autistic behaviors included, many tantrums, talking to himself, reciting videos over and over, jumping up and down and flapping his arms and hands making high pitched squeals.
Numerous food allergies including all milk, nut and gluten products as well as sesame seeds. Severe reactions in some cases.
Asthma, with regular use of inhaler
Speech and language delays
Short attention span and had trouble sitting still.
Poor social behaviors with other people/children.
Fixations on a single toy.
Unable to play with regular toys or "play pretend" using his imagination.
Interactive play almost non-existent.
Extreme sensitivities, regarding food, clothing or object textures.
Constantly catching colds and ear infections.
Continual fluid on his ears.
Low energy and endurance.
Sleeping disorder-difficulty getting to sleep and getting up several times throughout the night.

Improvement After Glyconutritionals June 1997 to Present
90% less tantrums, stopped jumping up and down and flapping arms and hands.
Attention span greatly lengthened.
Interactive communication (talking and playing) with peers.
Playing with toys, and "playing pretend" with his sister.
Conversing more.
Began noticing the world around him and talking about it.
Speech and language improved.
Less into his own world - talking about videos.
Some autism behaviors still exist and are very toned down.
Allergies are much less severe.
Immune system is stronger, he catches fewer colds.
No ear infections or traces of fluid.
Able to sit in a desk at school for extended periods of time to do his school work.
Able to play group games in gym with the other children.
Rarely needs his asthma inhaler.
More energy and endurance.
Able to initiate sleep and remain asleep throughout the night.
Note: To the best of our knowledge, Joe will always have autism, but at least now we have a way to cope with it, in a drug free environment that has either eliminated or toned down most of his behaviors and connected health challenges.

Update 2003-Success:
More recently, Joseph has been progressing well at school. He has an awesome school and staff that works very well with him there. They are well trained and very inclusive to all special needs. This is the 3rd year in a row that he has won 2nd place at his grade level, Annual Science Fair. He loves all dinosaurs and animals and memorizes all of the 複雜的intricate details of their lives. He has been known as "Encyclopedia Joe" amongst his classmates. He has an aide and his challenging areas are in the 3 R's as well as some social areas. He loves anything to do with nature, animals, and so does well in these areas as well as art and computers.
His Phys Ed time has also improved in the social and sensitivity areas, as he used to sit on the bench and hold his ears shut, during gym time. Now he is active in most of the sports activities. Lately he has been approaching people to ask them questions and is learning whole new strategies at school, which were impossible a few months ago.
His reading level has taken another huge leap. He has also recently, recited his own story (about St. Patrick's day) to his aide, and then read the 2 page content out to his classmates.
All areas are improving, some at excelled rates. We've noticed that every time we increase his glyconutritional products and add dietary improvements, all areas of his health and well-being are improved. We have observed that, if the child is not attentive or needs continual repeated instructions over and over each day, the learning process takes so much longer and is so much more frustrating for everyone involved.
With the glyconutrients and their healing affects, Joe is able to retain information for longer periods of time, and have an attention span that is conducive to learning. Even though Joseph has autism and health challenges, with family, school, church, and nutritional support, he is on a winning team and we are so proud and thankful for Joseph and his success. We lost our son at 3 1/2 to the world of autism, we got him back at 5 years old, when he began speaking to us again etc. We thank God for Joseph and for working wonderful things out through his life/autism for our family.


Zi 自閉症-- Marshall

Zi 自閉症-- Marshall見證
Marshall's Story
Marshall was born a perfectly normal healthy boy on July 25, 1994. Marshall was a very happy and affectionate child who had started to say single consonant words and sounds. We had our perfectly healthy family including girl, boy, dog, cat.
We feel it was the 1 year and 18 month immunizations that caused Marshall’s autism, that’s another story to tell. Within a month of getting his 1-year shot, Marshall started to change.
He would stand in the middle of the floor screaming for no reason, he stopped being cuddly and would no longer let us comfort him, when hurt he would go in the corner and hold his blankie and cry. He started becoming aggressive, head banging, having terrible 發怒tantrums, stopped trying to say words and did not develop normal social behaviors. His cognitive abilities and fine motors skills were seriously delayed.
Initially as parents we were dumb struck, when the official diagnosis was announced. Then what I'm sure all of us have experienced, denial, grief, why me, why us, why him, it's not fair, not unlike losing a loved one to death. We learned to cope and to survive, and fortunately for Marshall, he doesn't know he's special. We have learned much about the condition, causes, strategies and of course treatments.
A close family friend introduced Fay to Phytonutrients in Feb 1996, and as a family we began a supplementation program and Fay registered in business to buy wholesale.
Marshall does not eat fruit or vegetables. As a parent you get concerned over this very picky tactile diet many autistic children eat, or don't eat. Remember most autistic children have malabsorption problems.
Marshall initially took Phytonutrient bears daily, (2 bears a day) he stopped catching every little cold and flu virus and had better overall health, remember most autistic children have compromised immune systems.
When a glyconutritional product was introduced in Dec 1996 we added this powder to his diet. One capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening with his warm chocolate milk.
Within three weeks we started getting a cuddly child back!
Fay still says the best Christmas present she ever got was Marshall laying with her and cuddling for ½ hour on Christmas day 1996. Marshall started to make eye contact and say hi and bye to Mom and Dad. His cognitive ability improved dramatically and his temper tantrums decreased dramatically.
In March of 1998 he stopped drinking his chocolate milk so went about a month without any Glyconutrients and very little Phytonutrients (we let him eat a whole box and then he didn't want any for about 2 weeks). We were able to add the Glyconutrient as powder on top of his waffles/pancakes about ½ tsp.- 1 tsp. a day. Then in 1999 we increased his Glyconutrients to 1-2 tsp. a day and added the bulk Phytonutrient powder 1 tsp. a day.
His interaction with others has improved greatly and he wants to have someone with him when he plays. He also wants to play wrestle with Mommy and Daddy and get tickled. He became toilet trained in March of this year for day time. We have not tried for night time yet.
This September we increased his Glyconutrient to about 4-5 tsp. a day and his Phytonutrient to about 2 tsp. a day. We have also added 2 Catalyst a day and 1 Phytogenin caplet.
Since then we have seen a couple of things. One when I dropped him off with our Host Family, (a family that takes Marshall for a weekend, once a month, to give Marshall and us a break from each other), he cried and wanted to leave, and go home with me. He hugged me, like I have never been hugged by him before.
He would not let me leave. I suggested a walk; he ran over put on his shoes and picked up his bags to go home. I was able to get away because we went to the playground and got him distracted and we able to sneak off. When he got back and realized that I had left, he was very upset and cried for 2 hours.
This is very unusual for him, he normally just kisses us goodbye then goes and plays, we talk to the host family for a few minutes and leave.
He has also started Kindergarten with a full time Aide this year and is already fully integrated into the classroom. The plan was to have him integrated in the classroom by December hopefully.
We still have communication challenges; he only started to talk this year in sentences. We use a very advanced form of the Picture Communication system to supplement his speech. His speech is getting better and better but we need to keep on top of him, otherwise he manipulates us and we have to backtrack to get rid of behaviors.
He is so smart and really keeps us on our toes on what he is learning. No one else but his Aides and our family really see and believe how smart he is.
We feel the supplements have improved Marshall’s and our whole families' quality of life. No one in our family has been sick in the past 4 years.
Update - March 2001- We have added the Multivitamin/mineral glyconutritional children’s supplement to Marshall's diet everyday.
Kindergarten update - Marshall started in a normal Kindergarten class fall of 2000, within a couple of months he was doing everything the other kids are doing with his Aides help.
He sits anyway from 20-40 minutes for circle depending how long it is. He will sit at the craft table and help with the craft. He is even interacting fairly well with the kids now, he is occasionally joining in their play and will play beside them all time.
He is starting to print. He seems to really enjoy school and looks forward to it everyday. He has developed very good relationships with the teacher and the principal.


Zi 自閉症--Kyle Neil

Zi 自閉症--Kyle Neil 見證
Kyle Neil was born on April 19, 1998, a healthy beautiful baby boy. He progressed normally, at 12 months he was walking, at 15 months he had about 10 words, and at 18 months he was still progressing. We were counting our blessings.
We kept Kyle's vaccinations up to date. With each shot he would get extremely sick, running a fever and develop a 哮吼聲croup coughing. Since our doctor had told this might happen, we thought that the reaction was just part of the process. Kyle started a slow descent into his own little world. His behavior was on a steady decline, with bizarre behaviors and decreasing speech
Kyle was sinking into AUTISM, a developmental disability we knew little about. He now had our full attention. 
We noticed Kyle started becoming extremely 挑剔的finicky when it came to food. He would only eat chicken nuggets, pizza, and drink milk. Kyle was drinking about 8 cups of milk a day, along with watching 6 hours of movies a day. We thought, “milk, does a body good”. That’s the slogan we grew up with, how could milk be bad for him.
Kyle frequently had bright red checks. His stool was always runny (diarrhea). He had problems sleeping every other night. He would no longer make eye contact. You could yell his name and he would not look at you. He started to walk on his tiptoes. He would walk back and forth behind our plaid couch focusing on the pattern with his eyes. He would drop puzzles pieces in front of his eyes and run his fingers and toys slowly in front of his eyes.
This is called self-stimmingself-stimulation. He would line his toys up. The little boy we could take anywhere and liked to go all the time, started to scream with any transition. We couldn't go anywhere without an outburst. The only way to control his outburst was a sipper cup, full of milk. We had to have the milk close at hand. When I would go to the park with my girlfriend and her kids there where many times I would ask for some milk and joke, we need to give Kyle his drug. If only I knew what I was saying.
Kyle was diagnosed January 2001; he was 2 years 8 months old. We were in disbelief. We had his blood drawn right then and there, to check for the fragile X chromosome. The doctor told us Kyle’s test returned negative, but that doesn’t mean he is not Autistic.
That was enough for us to start our fight.
Through February and March we started private speech with an extraordinary woman, O.T. services through the school system, and our research. I started reading and came across Karyn Seroussi's book (Unraveling The Mystery Of Autism And PDD) and was 被迷住的intrigued and couldn't put it down. Miles (Karyn's son) and Kyle had many similarities. As I was reading I told my husband, if this helps Kyle 2% we are going to do it. We discovered Kyle actually had severe food allergies. This was evident by immediately removing milk from his diet; we noticed he started making eye contact with us.
After two weeks of being on the diet, Kyle accidentally drank his sister's milk. Before I could say a word he spit it out like a cat remembering bad food. Within three weeks of O.T. therapy I told the therapist “My son is back.” She looked at me with sympathy. We slowly started taking foods containing gluten (a wheat by product) away. We also eliminated soy and corn. When the corn was reintroduced Kyle immediately had diarrhea. We found Kyle had the same reaction to soy as well. We introduced supplements such as DMG, SuperNuThera, and Probiotic Primadophilus, and slowly noticed improvements in Kyle’s speech and language. We started the diet in full force April 2001.
This was no easy task taking away the foods Kyle had a craving/addiction for. There was a fairly dramatic withdrawal reaction; Kyle woke up in the middle of the night and acted heavily drugged. He was definitely in a world of his own. He started to drag his forehead on the carpet. I was in complete tears every night. It was hard to watch my baby go through this.
The initial die-off only lasted one long week. After a month Kyle was catching up. He was now more consistent with his eye contact. He started to point at things he wanted, if not ask for it by name. His speech was good but 硬背rote with some 模仿言語echolalia. He still had some autistic behaviors from time to time. There were many times we wanted to give up. We did get to a point where the behaviors became very minimal. We knew we had to do the GF/CF diet 100%.
One big issue for Kyle was transition. Before the diet Kyle would scream every time we left the house to go somewhere. We couldn’t take his picture without an outburst. Our friends couldn’t come to the house without Kyle screaming at them or at us. I thought to myself, “I can not have this child run our lives". So I started taking him to the mall a lot, exposing him to activities he didn’t like to do, and eliminated all TV. We got to the point where we could go into the mall without an outburst, but not any stores. Then certain stores were okay. Now he can go in any store. He asks to go somewhere or do something every day. His speech is no longer rote or echolalia.
After a few months on this strict diet we felt something else was missing. We cameacross a Glyconutrients supplement. There are case studies of Glyconutrients helpingAutistic/ADHD children. When we implemented this supplement we couldn't believe the positive effect it had on Kyle. We noticed immediate improvement in Kyle’s cognitive ability, his eye contact, his gross and fine motor skills, his imaginative play, and his social interaction. For example, we noticed Kyle alternating his feet on the stairs spontaneously. Which means he was using both sides of his brain. But the behaviors were still present. The reason was that his body was cleansing. The life of a new blood cell is every four months. And after four months on this supplement his behaviors completely subsided. This was clearly another die-off reaction.
Kyle loves to play Board Games, Animals in the Jungle, Dinosaurs, Trains, Dress-up, and "Little People". He rides a two-wheeler with training wheels. He draws beautiful pictures and much, much more. He swallows pills, knows what he can and can’t eat, and lets us put supplement powders in his food and water. We feel that Kyle is fully aware of what has happened to him. We think he might have some memories of his food intolerance and knows how much better he feels with his supplements. When you give Kyle his pills, he pops them in his mouth and in the same breath says, “thank you”. Kyle is definitely one special kid.
On December 10, 2001 we took Kyle back to the doctor that diagnosed him. When shewalked into the exam room Kyle said, “Hello doctor.” She acted as if he wasn’t the same child she diagnosed a year ago. Through the next two hours of tests, she looked at him in disbelief.
Kyle had recovered: he had shed all of the traits that labeled him Autistic. He is at agelevel in social, self-help, and motor skills. He was two months behind in language skills with an extraordinary vocabulary (5-7 year old).
We attribute Kyle’s success to KYLE, Glyconutrients, Karyn Seroussi's book, anddefinitely hard work. Kyle is in a regular preschool, plays with his school andneighborhood friends. He has scored average or above average on all evaluation testsand has no Autistic traits.


Zi 自閉症--Haley Adams

Zi 自閉症--Haley Adams 見證
Autism Testimonial - Haley Adams
With the many changes I have implemented into a nutritional therapy program for my daughter, yes we have had great success from a severe "classical autism"...to now a much higher level and functioning autism. You have to understand, it's not a cure, and it's getting the children to a much higher functioning level to have the capabilities for learning and achieving a quality of life. That's what I strive for concerning my daughter and that's what I am witnessing for developmental growth.
My wonderful little girl's name is Haley. She will be turning 5 in June. She has juststarted to eat food (real people food) January 2001, and since February 2001, juststarted toilet training with much success. She's very verbal, very social, and is learning at a tremendous speed now that she gets to participate in I.B.I. programming. Things are really starting to happen with her. Here's the information I give out to people who ask, and if you require any other information, feel free to ask.
I have Haley on numerous products that deal with specific areas pertaining to herautism. For one she is 100% 酪蛋白casein free. I looked for products that covered the essential building blocks of life which include, 亞麻仁油Flaxseed Oil for the Essential Fatty Acids, Sweet Wheat Grass for all the Essential Amino Acids and of course the (Glyconutrients) to cover the Essential Sugars. Combined with the essentials I looked for micronutrients for additional support and I use the Profile #2 for her vitamin/mineral supplement. To help with 腸胃G.I. cleansing and removal of 假絲酵母candida build up I use the (cleansing supplement) once a week for Haley. I also use daily the Phytonutrient powder for supplementing the "fruits and vegetables" that she lacks within her diet.
I used to use the Phytonutrient capsules on a daily basis for a year. While using thisproduct I had witnessed blister like formations outbreak on specific areas of her body, approximately every 2 months. The lesions would appear, last up to 2 weeks, then disappear with no scarring. With the lesions, Haley would endure a time of higher frustration levels, increased aggression and was very difficult to control.
Following the lesions was a dramatic increase in developmental levels and awareness.  The lesions showed first on her lower 軀幹torso of her body, then the next outbreak was only on her upper chest, the third and final outbreak was completely on her head and face.
We kept her on the Phytogenin capsules daily for an additional 6 months with norecurring outbreaks.  We now only give her the Phytogenin capsules on a weekly basis.
Haley was diagnosed as severe in all areas; speech; fine motor; gross motor; sensory;cognitive. She was a toe walker, 挖眼者eye gouger, and 甩頭者head banger to the worst of extremes. Not anymore. Since that time she is well on the way to a much higherfunctioning autism. She has a vocabulary well over 100 words. She is thinking andunderstanding. She is turning into a socialite. She has the concentration levels to learn better now. She has the eye contact to engage in learning.
Haley was a child who just this year started to try "food". She has never had to be on a G.I. tube for her "not" eating. She's extremely healthy and growing like a weed. I find this amazing for a child who hasn't eaten for 4.5 years.
We were a family who had to treat Haley and her autism condition by ourselves for 3 years. We chose a "Nutritional Therapy" to help heal her body from the inside out. I would say with excellent success too. We did not have the luxury to have the additional therapies such as A.B.A. or anything for a long time. So, I can honestly say nutrition made the difference, 100% so.
Now we receive the additional resources for treatment therapies and this is just going to make things even better for Haley's future.
I hope this helps answer some of your questions. If you need to ask me anything else, feel free to. Also, now the children's glyconutrienst, which contain the vitamins/minerals and the Glyconutrients and the phytochemicals!!! This is great! I still suggest some of the other products with this though, and I strongly suggest trying removal of casein and gluten from their diet (at least try casein removal first).


Zi 自閉症--Curt & Ana Warner

 Zi 自閉症--Curt & Ana Warner 見證
Former Seattle Seahawks Football Player
Finds Help with Autistic Twin Boys

Our 7-year-old autistic twin boys began taking glyconutrients six weeks ago. I am already seeing differences in their behavior. They are talking more and what they say is much clearer. The boys are more aware of things around them. They have
better eye contact. They're even playing with each other a little bit more.
Our most severely autistic son sat through a one-hour and 45-minute therapy session last week without any autistic behavior. He's never done that!

I was skeptical about the benefits of glyconutrients because we hear of so many new things for autism. We decided not to say anything to the boys' therapist, their speech pathologist, our support group, and friends.
After the first month, it was undeniable that glyconutrients were helping not only our boys but the whole family. We all take them. After only one week on the glyconutrients, the speech pathologist asked what I was doing differently.The therapist started noticing their speech was clearer and they were working better.

Last week we had our friends over for dinner. It was the FIRST time ever to sit through a dinner without any behaviors. We were amazed.

We are thrilled at the results we are seeing. We have actually found joy in being their parents.     Curt & Ana Warner


Zi 自閉症-- DR. REID

Zi 自閉症-- DR. REID見證
Autism - Glyconutrients Testimonials
As a naturopathic physician, I have been working with autistic children since 1997.

I was introduced to these nutrients three years ago and was very skeptical even though the science looked good. I decided to try glyconutrients with five of my most extreme cases. One of these five patients was a severely autistic child. With this child, I saw what appears to be a recovery of all previous symptoms.

I have worked with over 150 autistic children. All children are unique, but in general, what I am seeing is that within the first month, the child's verbal communication increases, their "stimming" decreases, and their color improves. As health continues to improve, behavior problems will diminish. The need for many additional supplements will also decrease after starting glyconutrients.

Glyconutrients give the body the nutrients to naturally chelate itself of many toxic substances.

Families using glyconutrients with their children are having amazing results with autistic characteristics. The results and improvements are definitely undeniable.

Dr. Jennifer Reid, N.D.


Zhong—中風、自閉症--Dr. Tracy Senha

Zhong中風、自閉症--Dr. Tracy Senha 見證
老人病Geriatrics & Autism
My name is Tracy Sinai and I’m a MD practicing immunologist allergy and asthma specialist. I have very extensive training medical residency pediatric residency and then went to the national Jewish hospital in this country for allergy and immunology. Was professor at Shans Teaching Hospital for 8 years now practicing for 23 years. So knowledge of medicine is plenty and practice is very good. For the last 5 years I have become a different kind of doctor and I’m going to share with you first hand my own patient in last five years I have seen one word miracle. You’ll be shocked what I’ll be telling you. I’ll be starting the very first person which is very recent one my own father. End of January I got a phone call from India that daddy had a stroke. He’s in the hospital. I got a ticket for the very third and I’m calling every body do you have (Glyconutrients)? I filled my suitcase. 2 suitcases filled with (Glyconutrients).
Reg: how’d you get through customs?
I reached the customs. They asked me what is in the suitcase and I say here is the key. There is the nutrition for my father who is very sick. You want to charge the duty it will be paid go ahead. I stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks. I was by my father’s side 23 hours a day. Most of the time 5 hours sleep. I gave him a teaspoon full of (Glyconutrients) every hourly through his nasal gastric tube. I didn’t know how much to give so I gave as much I could. When I saw my father the very first day. He didn’t know this is my daughter. The person who was mathematician and English professor could not talk. Could not drink a drop of water choking and coughing. Had a urine bag. Had a tube in the throat. 3 weeks later I took him home. In the hospital # 1 care was given because the hospital was owned by my friend royal treatment was given. Nurses did ask me what are you doing hourly putting in his tube? I said that’s OK I’m just giving him nutrition. Ladies and gentlemen 6 weeks later my father is 99% better. He’s walking 2hours a day. Exercising for half an hour. He’s 85 years old. He can eat. I said 99% better because he can speak 5 words. The rest we are trying to understand. And I guaranty you within the next 3 months he will be 100% better.
Whenever I go to India. And I have been made 2 trips in last 4 months. Always we bring Asthma patient. As a doctor from National Jewish Hospital so I see a lot of asthma patients. And one of the fathers say do you think you can help my nephew. I said what’s his problem? Well he’s eight years ago he quit talking and he is an autistic child. Yeah bring him in. Next day I talk to the parents. Parents’ wordings were we have lost our son. We don’t know who he is. Does not talk and he is very hyper we can’t control him. I told them about (Glyconutrients). I said this product is not a miracle but I see miracles.
Give him for 9 months at least and then I will ask you and if it doesn’t work I will refund the money because I know it’s going to happen. 3 weeks later mother calls me. Their son after 4 years says mommy. I was almost in shock myself. So the parents are giving him I have been invited back home by the autistic school to speak in front of the parents. I will be going in September. So this is recently I have seen an Autistic child talking.
4 years ago physician in our town after seeing at Mayo Clinic 3 lung specialists. Had a pulmonary fibroses was given only one hope while on a heavy dose of steroids the only thing will save you is lung transplant. 5 months later lung transplant institution told him you don’t need lung transplant. My own husbands brother in law 17 years ago auto accident 四肢麻痹quardriplegic urine bag stool bag totally quadriplegic was given some kind of nerve transplant in Ecuador so I talked to his wife. I said Elaine what ever you can push this product I will match the quantity. She pushed it.
After 17 years man came walking to my house. I am a lung specialist immunologist. I think I am an 腫瘤專家oncologist now. When I walk through the house every evening there is a call from England. There’s a call from Canada. There’s a call from Germany. And I talk with patients in our own town. I sit down explain to them. My patients used to tell me you know DR Sinai you’re so real you make house calls. You are like a god to us. You came into our life. And now cancer patients even today in the morning 9 o’clock somebody call me do you think you can talk to our daughter? I say I have to catch a plane I’m going to Fort Lauderdale. I say how about you meet me at the airport I’ll explain to you. They came at the airport. I told them about (Glyconutrients) and I’m taking (Glyconutrients) with me. I will give the closing statement.
There’s a sugar that gives you Diabetes but it’s needed Glucose. But there are some sugars that put a lot of sweetness in you and they have put a lot of sweetness in my life. I have made it a point if I see 70 patients on Thursday which is my busy day I talk to every single patient about this take it or leave it. And then they how do you know about it.
I tell them you know there’s a doctor he used to be a doctor. And they say who is he? I say walking genius for America. Honest to goodness he is a man who’s a genius. And this is true from my heart. And every morning when I pray he is like a god in my life...
You can heal without learning medicine. Medicine is needed for knowledge to treat the disease. Disease is in one part of the body. You can help the rest of the body to help that part of the body. Believe me you have a product we can show you miracle after miracle and I have seen cancer patient how was given one week to live. Four years doing great without treatment. With all that I will say thank you and I tell you his right hand is his wife his left hand is miss Helen I can always reach her sometimes seven at night. Thank you very much.


Tou 頭痛—Marli

Tou 慢性偏頭痛Marli 見證
Chronic Migraines
I suffered with migraines from a very early age, experiencing them usually 3 times per week, which left me debilitated for sometimes two days at a time. I was being treated with medications and had to be hospitalized a couple times.  My quality of life was not good.
My godmother called one evening and told me about glyconutrients.  A week and a half after taking these products, I woke feeling great.  I had none of the painachiness and tiredness that I had lived with daily. 
I've not experienced a migraine in over 3 years and am very grateful that I can now live a normal healthy life.  


Tou 頭痛-- Rhonda Forsthoff Turner

tou 偏頭痛-- Rhonda Forsthoff Turner
Pituitary Gland Damage
Chronic Pain & Chronic Migraines
Glyconutrients Success Stories

Prior to April 20, 1994, I was normal. I had no problems. I was in Texas and had a few
allergies.  I was hit head on by a drunk driver. They first diagnosed me with chronic fatigue. From there it went to a diagnosis of 纖維肌炎fibromyalgia, myofascia pain syndrome. They did some tests. They said that I had a closed head injury. I had no broken bones. They decided that I had a pituitary gland problem. I had a pituitary gland that only functioned at 75%.
I was having chronic pain and chronic migraines from the night of the accident. They said that I’d never work again. The doctors said that I would never be able to have a family, and I was on – by the time – the end of 1998 rolled around, I was on 23 different medicines, three of which were 麻醉劑narcotics. I trusted the doctors and they just about killed me. The spring of 1999, my parents came to me. They gave me the glyconutrients.
For two months I took them, and started feeling better. I increased my dosages. I took the glyconutrients, phtyonutrients and phytosterols, sports energy drink and muscle recovery supplement, and I took about 12 of those tablets every day faithfully. By May of 1999, after being on the products for two months, I was weaning off my 23 medications.
By August of ’99, I was taking just a muscle relaxer, and shots for my migraine. October of ’99, I took my last shot for my migraines, and I was still taking the muscle relaxer for the nerve damage in my shoulder.
March 6 of the year 2000, I found out I was pregnant, and my baby was born October 24. He’s healthy. I’m healthy, and the doctors don’t want to see me anymore.


Dian 癲癇、香港腳- Scott & Kimberley Boyle

Dian 癲癇、香港腳- Scott & Kimberley Boyle
Granmal Seizures  
About two and a half years ago our son suffered from a real low immune system and he wasn’t doing real well. But I’ll let my wife tell the story. She’s far better at it than me.
In April of ’97 our son experienced his first 熱痙攣febrile seizure, and for those of you who aren’t aware of what that is, it’s generally a child who has to have a temperature of between 103 and 105 and they go into a seizure. They’re still conscious but they tremor, and it usually only lasts about 2 minutes. 2 – 5% of the infant population has this, and usually they outgrow it by the time they’re 6 years old.
Our son of course, we were told was atypical in that his seizures, he would completely quit breathing. And his threshold was only 102. If he was teething, he would immediately go to 102. If he was fighting a common cold he would go to 102. So it started when he was 8 months old and we’d lay him down in his crib at night and he was fine, and just has a weird sense and go check on him in the nursery, and he’d be totally gray.
And so, there was really any course of treatment. Drugs would probably stunt this growth and yadayada on that one, and so they just said, “you’re just going to have to deal with it.” So I said, “Let’s look into what we can do to make this better.”
We tried minerals, vitamins, herbs, all organic foods, juicing, raw, everything. Stuff you wouldn’t even smell, my son has drank. And at 11 months old, he had spinal 腦膜炎meningitis, and he had a 105 temperatures for 4 days straight. If you’ve ever held a baby on your shoulder at 105 when the doctors are telling you it’s just a virus, and you’re only the mom, and you’re saying, “he’s deathly ill”, it burns your skin. And praise God it happened to be viral and not bacterial, but they just said, this is the course.
For whatever reason, your son just cannot fight these common virus and bacteria. He also had, which is very unusual, athlete’s foot – cracked, painful, oozing. No matter what we tried, his body could not fight anything, and I could give you a list of everything we tried. Nothing worked. The doctor – his 小兒科醫師pediatrician finally said, “Mom, you have to quit work.” And we had just bought our first little house, and I was in a children’s ministry at our church I dearly loved. But he came with me and we needed to start basically a cocoon program where I am just in the home with him for at least six months to hopefully allow him to get enough rest that his immune could then begin to respond to outside germs.
So we began to pray in earnest that God would send us an answer. And out of the blue, a dear angel friend of ours called me, in answer to our prayers, and said, “I’d like to show you an incredible new technology in a new area of business.” Well we desperately needed the financial help, but our life was Jonathan and I couldn’t focus and neither could my husband, on a business opportunity. And she said, “It’s in the area of health and nutrition, and I’d like to come over with a doctor friend of ours and show you this technology.”
And so I just knew God was sending an answer. However, when the doctor came and looked at my son, and he was typical, he was 18 months at this time, so we had dealt with this for almost a year, of every single month, him being sick for 2 weeks at least out of the month with seizures. He lived on children’s 止痛藥ADVIL. It was the only product we could give him to try and keep him from having a temperature, and one of his first words was ‘my meme’s’ – my medicine, which is pretty sad.
Anyway, when they came, he had green coming out of his eyes, coughing all night long. We either had him sleep with us or we set the alarm clock for every three hours for a new dose of medicine to make sure he was still breathing. When he came, he also had the athlete’s foot. He showed up children's phytonutrients, and I about laughed him out of my house, because you can’t tell me that these (phytonutrients) are going to heal my son. I said, “It’s a good thing you and I are friends doc, because I don’t know, this is pretty far fetched.” Because we had had many people with their programs in good hearts, trying to help us. And nothing had worked.
And so he said, “Give him two a day, and you’ll be calling me in a week.” And he said, “I would like you to put this gel – it was the EMPRIZONE gel – on his little feet.” In three days, the green was gone from his eyes. In five days, the cough was very sporadic. He was sleeping – color was back. By the end of 7 days, we had a brand new baby boy who is like all 18-month-old boys should be – rowdy, happy, running all over the house. In two applications of (glyconutrient cream) – for 18 months we had tried to cure that athlete’s foot – he was healed in two applications.
And now, next Friday is his fourth birthday, and we’ve had no more hospitalizations, and he’s only seen his physician once for a checkup. 

故事下●冠狀動脈痙攣、貧血、偏頭痛●白血病、肺炎●癲癇 401 flv
Gu 故事 下●冠狀動脈痙攣、貧血、偏頭痛●白血病、肺炎 ●癲癇 4︰01 flv


Dian 癲癇.氣喘- Ellie Sewert

Dian 癲癇氣喘- Ellie Sewert
I’d like to tell you first about my son who’s now 20 years old. He became epileptic at 11 years old. We went to the doctors right away with him and they tried some drugs and nothing helped and so we tried more drugs, and higher doses of drugs. Nothing worked. His seizures lasted up to about 6 minutes and it would take him about 24 hours to recover. We finally came to about the end of trying all the drugs after 7 years.
He had been on such high amounts that his bedroom smelled like chemicals, and we live on a hog farm and if he had worked in one of the rooms in the barn and had left, and my husband walked in after, he knew that Matt had been in that room just because he could smell the drugs. If you’re familiar with the side effects of anti-seizure drugs – dizziness, drowsiness, moods, behavior, emotions – and I quote from the last drug he was on – personality deterioration, and it also listed cancer as a side effect. We did notice he had all the side effects except for the cancer, thankfully. He is second oldest of seven children, and when there’s one if the family with personality deterioration, bad behavior, bad moods, it does not make a nice situation.
Well, when we came to the end of trying the things that the doctors had suggested, also he was not a candidate for surgery – the epilepsy was through his whole brain, so that was not an option. I had to look somewhere else and started flipping through the yellow pages, and we started looking into natural things. And Matt did start doing better.
We slowly weaned him off the drugs because we felt there was no sense him being on them. And I should mention the cost as well – we were spending over $6,000 a year on drugs just to see him get worse and poison him. (Glyconutrients) are cheap. And thankfully, last year in June, God sent (glyconutrients) our way. We liked the science that was presented to us, but it impressed it.
We thought we’ve got to get him on these products. The first week we had a much happier son. He was smiling more than we’d seen him smile in years. Within the first 12 months, his seizures were down to 4 to 5 minutes – or 3 minutes duration, with a 4 – 5 hour recovery time. He got the sparkle back in his eyes. He was happier. Things were improving in the home. He was much more pleasant and everybody was getting along better.
He decided he was going to go back to college. When he was on all the drugs, school was a disaster. All of his marks fell – he was failing courses. He did not get his grade 12 diploma. He went and did some tests to get into college as a mature student – did very well on them and he’s now doing very well in college, so we’re really happy about that. He had been out of school for 3 years. The last three months, his seizures have become so mild – he had one before school one day and he got up and went up to school and that never would have happened in the past.
So we’re really, really happy with his progress and I can’t wait to see what the next year is going to bring. And I’ve also been taking the products myself. I couldn’t be giving them to him and not using them myself. My hips have bothered me for about 10 years. They no longer bother me at all. I just to get colds that would drag on for 6 or 8 weeks – don’t get colds anymore. My husband uses the products – he’s always been a healthy guy, and a strong immune system, but he’s seen what kind of things are out there and he’s happy to keep his immune system strong.
My nine year old had asthma, and last winter is the first winter he could go through the whole winter able to breathe through his nose. He was not plugged up at all, even in August during ragweed season, he had no symptoms and that’s last year – August when he was only on the products for about a months. So that was good. Two of our sons did cross country last week, and use the (muscle recovery supplement) and (energy boost supplement) and had great results. 

19 中天新聞:醣質提升兒童免疫力 133 flv

19. 中天新聞:醣質 提升兒童免疫力 1︰33

台灣clement | Myspace Video


Guo 過動症-蝕雜誌

Guo 過動症-蝕雜誌- 11/12.2001
Eclipse Magazine - Nov./Dec. 2001
特殊"" 改變許多沒希望的達拉斯小學生的學業表現和行為。

丹尼絲漢普敦(Denise Hampton)太太說,在她幾乎三十年任教期間內,發生在一些小學生生活中了一個〝奇蹟〞──多少年來她目賭了越來越多好兒童變成壞學生。

當時在達拉斯東南方的一所學校擔任校長和資深老師的丹尼絲漢普敦遇到了120 名學生嚴重的教養問題,他們是來自於城市裡貧窮鄰里當中的一個學校中。

丹尼絲漢普敦與馬奈救濟基金會 (MannaRelief) 合作該慈善機構的關係企業生產的醣營養素,免費提供國內與世界各地的孤兒病童以及有學習障礙的孩子。丹尼絲漢普敦與父母和醫療專家一同工作使得她的一些在教育上、情緒上和學習上遭遇到困難的學生,能夠得到此補充品。




Guo 過動症—Chris

Guo 過動症—Chris 見證
ADD/ADHD--Glyconutrition Success Story
Our son was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in 1992. He had been on a full range of drugs that are easily administered for ADHD. Currently he was on DEXEDRINE. Of course, he suffered from numerous side effects: loss of appetite, restless sleep, fatigue, rapid weight loss, etc.
We were tired of these medications and the varying dosages his doctors prescribed. So we took him off the DEXEDRINE and tried the neutraceuticals. What a difference! His appetite returned, he tuned into his family, and his energy level balanced out. Also, his school grades improved. Instead of earning C's, D's and F's, he earns A's, B's and C's. We are truly thankful.


You 憂鬱症-Lori Bhada

You 憂鬱症-Lori Bhada 
Glyconutrients Success Story
Starting about 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and 氣喘asthma, and they started me on medications. But approximately every seven to eight months the side effects would cause me to have to get off my medication and change to something else. And then about 17 months ago, everything started to snowball. I got an upper respiratory infection that they could not get under control even though they tried me on one antibiotic after another. The depression got worse. I had 失眠insomnia. I had terrible 停經menopause problems.
Anybody out here that’s ever had a 潮熱hot flush knows what I’m talking about. I developed a specific type of 偏頭痛migraine that felt as if there were electrical charges planted in my head, and that somebody was controlling a joy buzzer. And I had arthritis. A year ago, literally when I would walk across my living room, 8 feet, I would have to sit down. I would break into a cold sweat, and I would have to wait until I could get, well enough air to walk a little further.
Six months ago I was introduced to the GLYCONUTRIENT products...I started on the three basic products. I started on GLYCONUTRIENTS, PHYTONUTRIENS and PHTYOSTEROLS. 
In a month the majority of everything I was suffering had gone away. The depression was gone. The asthma was cleared up. October is usually a month I’ve been bad. I didn’t even have a cold. My blood pressure has normalized. I go for blood work next month to find out about the cholesterol. No migraines for at least four months. And just so many things.
But the one last thing I’ll share. Everyone that knows me knows I love to dance, and had gotten to the point where if I did anything physical, I would spend four or five days almost crippled up with the pain in my feet and my legs. But in the last two months, I’ve been to several weddings and other parties. Have danced 2, 3, 4 hours, and I’m great; that night and the next day.


You 憂鬱症-Jann Verney

You 憂鬱症-Jann Verney  見證
Glyconutrients Success Story
I have several stories, but I’ll make it quick. I’ve been chronically depressed my whole adult life. I’m 43 so 20 some years. And as a pharmacist I did not want to take pharmaceutical drugs. And so I didn’t for several years. But, I was very depressed.
So I finally did succumb to taking PROZAC, and then ZOLOFT, and I did feel better, but in my depression, I could work but I spent my evenings and weekends crying in despair in hopelessness and helplessness. And I couldn’t seem to get off the ZOLOFT. I tried it taking myself off and get off it, but I just went right back into depression.
Well, one month after being on these products, I felt really well. Like, no hint of depression.  I was taking lots of PHTYOSTEROLS.
I also at the time I was introduced to these products nearly two years ago, I was also having a constant severe allergic reaction. My knees are worn out from after a traumatic injury when I was 18, and it was getting very difficult to walk. I had gotten selves injections in my knees, that are three injections. Right after the third one, my face swelled up big time. And, but it wouldn’t go away. It turned out to be a constant severe allergic reaction.
I had to take twice the normal amounts of antihistamines to just keep it under control. And the allergist said it might continue for a year or two. And so it wasn’t looking good. Two months after being on the products, I didn’t need any antihistamines anymore. And it was showing no sign of letting up before this. Six months.
As a pharmacist I would recommend these products. And I said I had worn out knees. I had been taking 止痛藥MOTRIN every day for 20 years, and I no longer take MOTRIN. My knees are slowly getting better. And I don’t have the colds or flus like I used to, and I used to get them frequently. And I’m very grateful for the person who introduced me to these products, and there is hope. I’m regaining my health and by the way, I’ve lost lots of weight on integrated low glycemic diet plan.


Nao 腦震盪- Johnny Hamilton

Nao 腦震盪- Johnny Hamilton
Closed Brain Injury
Well, 10 years ago, my physical problems started quite suddenly. I had a problem that sounded much like an autoimmune disorder, but in all actually was an automobile accident. My automobile accident left me with a closed brain injury. I suffered for 6 long years with my family of course.
I suffered with terrible brain fog 24 hours a day. I had horrible painful migraines once or twice a day. I lost all short and long-term memory. I didn’t know my children’s names. I had mood swings. My personality changed every second or third day. Nobody knew whether I was up or down. I lost all taste of food and didn’t want to eat it. I lost muscle mass. I lost of course, the ability to work and help my wife with my family, and couldn’t play any of my sports that I loved so much, and that led to perhaps to the worst one of all, the horrible life threatening depression.
And you’ve heard people talk – you heard lectures today about the beautiful people you meet in this wonderful company, and two such people came into my life. Four years ago in the worst blizzard in February of ’97, we had that winter a beautiful young man offered to drive a beautiful lady to my home in Edmonton from Calgary. His name was John Collins, and you guessed it, Jan Maerz was the lady. And I turned John and Jan down that day.
Remember now, I was brain dead, and I turned them down that day, and I did agree with Jan when she gave me one of her big loving hugs that I would let her get Jenny on the products because she suffered for six years, double shifting and coping with a brain injured husband. And that was my mistake, and it was also my salvation because I never slept through the night for six years. Ever. And they, I don’t know if it was John, or who decided, they were going to mix this product in my food. And I was going to consume it anyway.
So I got it in my mashed potatoes and in my salad dressing and whatever. And I’m so thankful. I’m so thankful that my wife did that because it’s given her husband back, and I can be a father again. I am her lover today because of the Glyconutrients. I never had any brain fog the next morning after they left. I woke up and I used to pray to God that if He would just take that horrible pain away from my head I would live with all the rest.
And He didn’t do that, but He sent these beautiful people into my life, and when I got on Glyconutrients the next morning, I woke up and I had no brain fog, and I said, “Praise God.” I got up, threw the blinds open and looked out, and guess what? I could see, and my vision was clear, and folks, I’ve never had from that day to this – the first day that she bombarded my system with Glyconutrients– I’ve never had a migraine. I’ve never had a headache. I’ve never had a cold, a flu shot. I’ve never had any sickness at all from that day to this. That’s four years ago.
I want to – it’s really a privilege to come up and speak in front of you people and all these beautiful intelligent human beings, and I hope they know how much we love them. And please, if there’s anybody out there that suffers from any of these things, and serious, life-threatening diagnosis at all, just bombard your system with all the products – all you can afford. Because when Jenny and I did that, as much as we could afford, and I’ve never looked back. I’m strong as a horse today. I eat like a teenager. I work like a dog, and I sleep like a baby.


Nao 腦性麻痺-Rikkea

Nao 腦性麻痺-Rikkea
Cerebral Palsy - Glyconutrition Success Story
Our 6 year old daughter, Rikkea could not walk or speak at age 2 due to brain damage; Cerebral Palsy.

Rikkea was born 9 weeks premature.
From about the age of one, Rikkea's problems became very evident that something was not right with her.
She was having seizures, constant drooling from the mouth, unable to sit up straight without physical support, chronic constipation, constant upper respiratory infections and ear infections, crawled every where, fine and gross motor difficulties, clenched left fist always held across her chest, constant muscular spasms esp. when she got a fright, she was attending physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, regular appointments to see cranial osteopath, naturopath, "early childhood intervention" appointments, paediatrician, her left leg was always kind of swung out and the list goes on!
I gave her 2 capsules of glyconutrients a day in Dec 1998 and after 1 x week she got up and walked around the house!! She began speaking clearly in sentences! Very quickly in the weeks and months that proceeded, Rikkea dramatically improved.
Rikkea is now 6 and attends normal school without a teacher’s aid. She has none of the symptoms listed above. She only now has a slight balance problem when walking!
This year, 2003 Rikkea is in year one and loves it. She can write, read, skip run and do things that the average child can accomplish. We are grateful that her cranial osteopath took the time to tell us about "Glyconutrients". Rikkea is a confident and happy little girl now and the sky is the limit for her future!!
We hope our story may inspire and give hope to those looking for answers.


Lao 老人癡呆症.長髮—Jan

Lao 老人癡呆症.長髮—Jan 見證
Alzheimer’s dse
Glyconutrients Success Story
From Jan
My Dad has been on mega servings of Glyconutrients since the middle of May.
We've had him on the products since last summer - but weren't giving him enough.
After speaking to someone Dr. McDaniels referred us to who had recovered from Alzheimer's and learning of the large doses that he was taking, we upped his intake to 4 x tblsp glyconutrient powderAmbrotose, 3 x tsp glyconutrient blend with phyto-chemicals from 12 fruits and vegetablesPhyt-Aloe, 3 x2 tabs plant sterol and amino-acid supplement for endocrine healthPLUS, 3 x 2 tabs supplement formulated with blends of natural fibers, herbs, oils, and probiotics for colon health, the cleansing supplementMannaCLEANSE 可從美國Mannatech公司購買﹞. 2 x 2 food matrix multi-vitamin optimized for slow metabolisms and blood sugar regulationCatalyst, 2 x 2 glyconutrient blend with dioscorea complex formulated for muscle recoverySPORT可從美國Mannatech公司購買﹞, and 200mg of lipoic acid 2/dayMannatech目前無該項產品,請向其他公司購買﹞.
In the 4-5 months since increasing his products we have seen great improvements.
He is starting to remember some things, can follow directions, his reasoning has returned and he eats without constant reminders as to what he is doing as well as regaining a healthy body. His snow white hair has begun to turn to gray, and his bald spot is disappearing too!
I am certain that Dad will completely recover from this dreaded affliction.


Ba 帕金森氏症.腎結石-- Evie

Ba 帕金森氏症.腎結石-- Evie﹝震癲性痲痺﹞見證
Parkinson's Disease
Evie, is age 80 and lives in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Evie was an unbeliever at first about glyconutrients. But when she saw the improvements her husband was making after taking the glyconutrient complerx for six months, she thought she'd give it a try. Moreover, about a year ago, Evie was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

"It started with a draggy leg and a tremor in my right hand.
I couldn't turn over in bed. I couldn’t get up or down. I felt stiff. I couldn't reach down and pick up stuff," she said.

"After about a year, (of taking supplements) I started noticing changes. I still drag my leg. I still have a slight tremor in my hand. But I definitely have no trouble turning around in bed. Now, I have no trouble picking stuff up. I still have trouble getting up. When I scrub the floor, I can't get up without pulling myself up on a chair."

She takes one teaspoon of the glyconutrient bulk powder in the morning and evening and also takes phytonutrients.

"I feel better. I used to get up in the morning and dread the day.
Normally, I lay down every 15 minutes. I was tired and worn out and felt half sick.  But I would fight it.
Now, I get up and have a normal day. I take a 15-minute nap twice a day.
I used to be in bed by 7:30 p.m. I'd be worn out. 
I can stay up now and decide when I go to bed.

"I've been feeling like a new person. I used to have
kidney stones once a year. No more kidney stones," she said. Evie does not take any prescribed Parkinson's drugs.

Her husband, 80, a diabetic for more than 10 years, has been taking the supplements for one-and-a-half years.  "About a year ago, the doctor took him off pills. He never goes over 120 (blood sugar level) she said.

Evie says, "When you are blessed, you want to be a blessing to someone else."


Zhong 中風[新生兒]-- Yannick Palud

Cerebral Artery Blood Clot
A Glyconutrient Success Story
Yannick Palud was born on Thursday May 17th at 2:13am.  He weighed 9 lbs 2 oz  21 1/4". 
Our second son is the reason we found out about this incredible technology.
On Tuesday May 22nd, Yannick was admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  He had experienced a 中風stroke which caused an Infarct in the left side of his brain.
Yannick had his stroke at 5 days old.  The medical term for his condition is: "Middle Cerebral Artery Ischemic Infarct",  which means a blot clot cut off blood circulation to a main artery in the brain, causing damage to the brain and resulting in 抽搐seizures.
The CT scan and the MRI showed damage to 30% of the left side of his brain
On the morning of his 5th day of life, we noticed Yannick's right arm twitching. Within a few short hours, he was having full seizures on the entire right side of his body.
We immediately brought him over to our family physician who referred us to a neurologist who immediately admitted Yannick to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  (All this happened within hours on May 22nd).
They did a full workup on him.  Bloodwork, spinal tap, EEG, Holter monitor, Intubation, IV, Main line, Phenobarbital, Dilantin and more. He was heavily sedated from the multiple meds he was on and could not make any noises because of the tube in his throat.  He was eventually discharged from the hospital after 9 days with prescriptions for anticonvulsant medications.
The feeling of powerlessness in the situation prompted me to do some research on the Internet. For the next several weeks, I spent many many late nights/mornings on the Internet hoping to find hope in any kind of information I could come across that my help Yannick in his situation. I came across some scientific studies that stated Glyconutritionals were known to regenerate dead brain tissue.
Oddly enough, the name of one of the Glyconutritional manufacturers had crossed my path back in 1996, and I believe that was no coincidence. I dedicated the next 9 months of my life fully researching this new area of science called Glycobiology. What I found was exciting new information on how the body works and what missing essential nutrients can do to cause health conditions or prevent the repair and regeneration of your cells and organs.
The most convincing fact was that 5 of the 8 glyconutrients in the supplement we were considering were found in the world's safest and most nutritious food; BREAST MILK! My wife and I decided to put Yannick on glyconutritional supplementation on March 9th, 2002. His body went through a few weeks of what is called a cleansing process or a correction crisis. He had gas, mild fever, had difficulty sleeping... It is so critical that one fully educates and informs themselves on all aspects of this technology so you can understand everything that happens when your body "wakes up" and begins to repair itself.
This happens to less than 3 infants per 100,000 births.  As in Yannick's case, the doctors were unable to find a cause for this as the case in over 90% of infant strokes.
We had tremendous support from friends and family during this tough period as well as support from people around the world through e-mail and the web. We extend our thanks to everyone who helped us in anyway, even if that was having us and Yannick in your thoughts, as we believe this helped with his progress and recovery.
At 3 weeks old, the neurologist examined Yannick and his 回餽反應feedback was positive, with caution that we would never know the extent of the damage caused by the stroke until he further grows up and develops in the next 5-10 years. Long term effects of infant strokes are unpredictable and unknown until time goes by. This is one of the toughest parts, dealing with the unknown.  His development will be followed closely by a 3 different doctors, a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist.
April 6th, 2002; Yannick is doing extremely well. He has been on Glyconutritional supplements since March 9th, 2002 and after a 3 week period of cleansing, he quickly showed excellent signs of development and active awareness. Yannick is crawling, communicating with his hands and getting into everything. His big brother Eric loves him very much and they play well together.
This incident has tremendously changed my life and shifted some of my personal life values.  During our family crisis, I met several different people who opened up to me, and shared their stories of life pain and troubles. It made me realize very quickly that it is so easy to get caught up in the unimportant things in life and take a lot for granted. Also, no matter how difficult your own situation is, there is always someone else out there who has it tougher than you.
I would like to thank everyone again for their positive thoughts and prayers and would ask that each one of you do one thing for me.  When you get home from work tonight, think of your loved ones, how special they really are, and how lucky you are for having them in your life and that they are healthy, then tell them and hug them and enjoy that precious moment!  :-)   


Zhong中風 腦部動脈瘤—Don見證︰

Zhong中風 腦部動脈瘤—Don見證︰
Brain Aneurysm
A Glyconutrients Health Story
Hi, my name is Don and in August of 2000 I had a Brain Aneurysm which really ripped me up. Following the bleed I was in a coma for 6 weeks so needless to say the doctors had a wonderful time playing with me while I was in the land of OZ or wherever one goes while they are comatose. They had installed a peg tube in me and were dumping about 4 quarts a day of some phoney baloney liquid diet in me. I can understand the need to do this while I am in the coma, however, when I awoke they continued this practice and wouldn't even let me drink water. They said I might choke etc.. If I had been able to, I would of left.
I ended up losing over 60 lbs and this is not too good for a guy who is six feet 2 inches and has always weighed around 160 lbs all my adult life. When I was finally able to come home and go to the doctor, he was very concerned about my low weight and blood pressure. One thing about anuerysms is that I think the part of my brain that controlled my appetite got trashed as I never feel hungry anymore so the doctor here put me on steroids to try and bulk me up. I knew I had to do something as somedays I wouldn't even eat. I know that in this country everyone wants to be slim, but I was wasting away.
In May of 2002 I began taking a half teaspoon of bulk glyconutrient powder blend a day and the best thing was that I didn't throw up in the morning after taking it like I did with the steroids. The last time I went for a check up I weighed 170 and my blood pressure was 100 over 80. I know some of you probably think "Oh yeah, he just eats more now" well my menu for yesterday was two cups of hot cocoa and an omelette and about 6 tempura shrimp for dinner and that is it. Somedays I might not even eat as my appetite is no longer there but this product has helped me get some benefit out of what little I do manage to eat and for that reason I would highly recommend this product to be used for people who no longer can or won't eat right.
Here is a picture of me and a friend before my brain exploded as you can see I used to eat good and at one time was one of the best lobster divers on this island, you havent lived till you have had home made lobster enchiladas! Heck I used to use them as pizza topping also.


Zhong 中風 腦部動脈瘤-- Linda Rowue見證︰

Brain Aneurysm & Muscular Dystrophy
A Glyconutrients Success Story
Linda Rowue

In 1998 I got a phone call on December 31st from Parkway Regional Hospital in Miami that my sister had a brain aneurysm rupture. I got there and they did 12 hours of brain surgery and when the neurologist came out he told me that because of the severity of the blood clots that he had to do more damage in her brain than what the actual aneurysm did.
After 24 hours he told me that she wasn’t going to make it – that there was very little brain activity, and I kept saying, “Nope, she’s going to be okay.” Well after three days, I went back in and I said, “I want to give her (glyconutrients).” And the neurologist said, “No.” Because he knew it was natural. Well I found out that there’s a law in Florida that if they can’t give you hope, they have to let you use an alternative. So I took him the studies and I said, “You don’t understand. I’m giving my sister (glyconutrients).” So what they did is, they put a very small tube into her nose, into her stomach – like a feeding tube and we started putting three tablespoons a day of (glyconutrients) through this tube mixed with distilled water and the nurses had it on the med charts.
After 24 hours, I was there 2 o’clock in the morning and I was crying and thinking about everything, and I felt this hand on the side of my face. And when I looked down it was my sister. I called the nurse and we were so excited. Well the doctor comes in and says, “That was a reflex. She’s not doing anything.” He got so upset at me that what he did is, he actually transferred her to a rehab center and told me if I wanted to spend my life with my sister as a vegetable, and spending all this money, that that was my choice.
So we put her in the rehab, continued to give her the (glyconutrients). Within six weeks at the rehab because they were interested in the case, they had her off of life support. She started being able to talk slightly. She could stand up if I put my hands around her and we’d waddle. That was 2 ½ years ago. Because of the (glyconutrients), I thank God today because my sister is with me. She bowls with me. She drives her car. She baby-sits for a four-year-old nephew who’s got leukemia. She’s able to feed (glyconutrients) through his feeding tube, so she’s getting to give some back and she was able to be at my wedding last year walking, talking and 98% back to normal.


Zhong 中風 腦部動脈瘤- Dr. Alex Omechuck

Brain Aneurysm
加拿大名醫及科學家Dr. Alex Omelchuk在某些夜裡希望自己已經死亡。1987他罹患粗大的動脈瘤有幾次他頭部劇烈疼痛他覺得頭幾乎爆炸。最近12年,每晚都吃氫羥腎上腺皮質素才能入眠。
這位前加拿大Royal Alexandra 醫院執行長Dr. Omelchuk像他一樣中風的人只有10%存活率我算是幸運的一位。
10小時開刀恢復後Dr. Omelchuk就能下床或說話。他不能教書或看病而他的腦能量減少30%。他說醫師告訴我必須接受我的狀態及必須終生治療疼痛。
令人憂傷的生活品質有如無止盡冬天夜裡的寒冷Dr. Olmelchuk常坐在起居室的椅子上想他作為加拿大家庭醫師學院Alberta分部校長的日子。
他說我的忠誠伴侶是我的妻子Orissa及疼痛。我試過按摩、針灸,及各種我能從醫師得到的治痛藥,最後,沒有一樣有效。我已經沒有希望,我是活著,但是我的生活品質很差。” Dr. Olmelchuk曾列名國際醫學名人榜,那年他罹患動脈瘤。
Dr. Olmelchuk說開始服用醣質營養素4個月後嚴重的疼痛消失。他說”12年來第一次我睡到半夜不必醒來。我很明白我不需要服用任何醫藥。
Dr. Omelchuk 相信他的腦細胞再生與他使用的醣質營養素之間有直接的關係。他說醫學研究者在我中風後告訴我,我失去30%的腦能量
Dr. Omelchuk補充營養教育既不是他的醫學訓練也不是他的醫學教學或開業經驗。他並說許多醫學界的成員承認我們的日常食物鏈耗盡,唯一的方法是經由補充獲得身體所需的必要營養。
I was in general practice; I have a fellowship in family medicine. I was also Chief of Staff in University treating, frequent teaching hospital. I was also head of a family practice association in Alberta, which is one of the provinces in Canada.
Amongst all my things, I was Chief of Staff of this hospital. One night I was getting ready to go to bed, and I was walking up the stairs at the house that we lived in at the time, and suddenly, as if somebody hit me on the back of the head with a baseball bat – a severe whack on the back of the head. And I knew what had happened, being in medicine, I knew it was an aneurysm that had broken.
People aren’t supposed to make self-diagnosis, but I did. I told my wife what was happening. She got the ambulance immediately and I got into hospital. At the hospital, it was like going to ER. The whole surgical team was waiting for me. They treated me. 10 hours of surgery later. A few weeks later in a coma, whatever. I recovered. It took years of basically physiotherapy, treatments, etc., etc., etc. I had to retire from practice. I was 52 years old at the time.
Over the years, yes I did gradually get better. Got a little better improvement. We moved to a warmer climate, where I live now, which is British Columbia. Now you people from Texas or Florida don’t realize what cold is. I shouldn’t take too long here, but there is a book, If you’ve never lived on the prairie, you don’t know what cold is.
Anyway, over the years, I got a bit better. One of my friends, her name is Alice, she asked me one day, what would you like? And I said, “Well, I’m tired.” I was fatigued. I was really dragging. She asked me if I’d like more energy. I said, “Yeah.” And when she introduced me to the glyconutrients, I started taking them. Within weeks my energy had improved. My short-term memory has improved. My balance is improved. This sounds funny, but I can stand on one leg and put my trousers on without having to lean on the bed or the wall or something like that. I can walk up the stairs without difficulty.
To me that’s amazing. The other part of my story is, I’m blind in my left eye. I had a detached retina about 4 years ago. My right eye was starting to get retinal degeneration. I went to the ophthalmologist. He couldn’t do very much for it. I went to see – I talked to my friend about my problems that I had worked with for about 20 years in Edmonton. He couldn’t do much for them. I went to visit in the summer. He looked at my eye, and he says, “That’s strange. Your eye is getting better.”
He changed my prescription: not stronger, but weaker. I had these beautiful little gray spots I was seeing all over. I had to use a magnifying lens to read a telephone book. Now, one morning I was reading the paper, I had to look up something in the phone book, and sun of a gun, I didn’t have to use my magnifying lens anymore. To me it was fantastic.
The other thing that happened to me was, I had pain – it was called radicular in my right arm. Since I started the products, I don’t take any pain pills. I don’t take any more physiotherapy. The pain is virtually gone. What else – some skin problems I had. I started using the products. I starting using Firm, and Dr. Reg can tell you whether I have white spots all over my hand anymore. They’re gone. This happened after about 3 months or so on the product. Yes. I’m on (Glyconutrients).  I take the minimal amount, which is ½ tsp of Glyconutrients a day, and a Phytonutrient and a Phytosterol a day. . My Health is now Optimal!
I have a few residual problems, but yes, I was told when I finally woke up out of my coma, I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom on my own. Over the months I started gradually doing physio, etc., doing a few things. However, the major change, or the major improvement in my lifestyle was in the last five months. And this is after being told I was permanently disabled. I don’t feel very disabled now.
達拉斯Fort Worth醫學中心執行長,Dr. McDaniel聽到名醫如Dr. CarsonDr. Omelchuk支持醣質營養素覺得非常興奮。

Dr. Reg McDaniel
Dr.McDaniel 說最近20年中醣類營養研究有令人驚奇的發現。他說一項研究證明飲食中添加醣質營養素的人從他的骨髓發展的幹細胞,造成細胞移植到損壞器官。醫學科學家結論新細胞更換損壞或生病細胞。
Dr. McDaniel我們將記錄並建檔人們對醣質營養素的反應以協助有遠見的科學及醫學界成員發展這種重要技術為所有人造褔。
Dr. McDaniel明白1990年醫師表決的結果醫學界對醫藥補充存有懷疑。
身為公認醣質營養素潛能的科學權威,2001Dr. McDaniel應邀參加國會山莊舉行的生物恐怖侵害的國會聽證會。他說大部份的人在醫學院不曾接受營養訓練這是由於許多營養產品具有很少或沒有科學支援的事實所致。然而醣質營養素研究快速提高可信度。


Ba 帕金森病-- Larry Smith

Ba 帕金森病-- Larry Smith見證
Parkinson’s Disease
Larry Smith已有帕金森氏症五年,前40個月吃了一大堆藥品每月批發價約花了美金1000元,後來同時服用醣質營養素充當輔助,而今感覺身體很棒,無法形容,不像以前每日問自已:我有可能恢復美好的一天嗎?在他寫給家庭醫師的信說到過去16個月使用一系列的產品,真實的幫忙我減少許多帕金森症狀,這是以前40個月單獨使用西藥所沒有的好處。

Larry Smith, who has had Parkinson's for more than five years.

"I trudged around for 40 months taking a full amount of PD drugs; i.e., Sinemet, Mirapex, Amantadine and Comtan, then Stalevo and several others from time to time. According to Larry, the retail value of these drugs calculated at the frequency and strength prescribed was $1,000 per month.

"I have used the glyconutrient products as complimentary and supplemental to the pharmaceuticals indicated above. As a result, I now have a strong sense of well-being. . . . It is now so difficult to express the joy which flows from feeling well after having previously asked the daily question, 'Am I ever going to have a good day again?

"The last 16 months, I have been using a line of products which absolutely have been of substantial help in reducing a number of Parkinson's symptoms, even with a full compliment of PD medications for the first 40 months," he said, in a letter written to a physician.

Before taking glyconutrients, Larry, 63, suffered from "a
general malaise and depression for about four years. I had poor posture and poor motor skills, such as cutting meat on a plate, trouble rolling over in bed. I was stone-faced with little or no expression. Basically, all that (symptoms) has abated and gone. I can smile just like the pretty girls now. I can roll over in bed."

Larry takes a broad range of the company
s supplements, including its glyconutrients, phytonutrients, muscle recovery supplement, sports nutrition drink, vitamin and minerals, antioxidants and a natural sleep aid.

"I feel awfully good. But I have plateaued. I have to increase my glyconutrients. I have had no progression of symptoms in the 16 months of taking glyconutrients. I take 40 percent less of the PD drugs like Sinemet," he said, a reduction that saves him about $400 per month.

According to Larry's physician, "He still has some of the PD characteristics show up but not as severe. It
s getting better, rather than declining. He is not deteriorating. His gait has speeded up. He used to shuffle. He used to dangle his arms, and now he moves them. We know it isn't the drugs. He couldn't button his shirt. Now he can button his shirt."

Ask Larry and he'll tell you, "I am totally convinced that we are on the verge of bringing a large amount of relief to the Parkinson's disease community.