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Guo 過敏—Alec's

Guo 過敏—Alec's 見證
Baby Alec's Moving Story
Severe Food Allergies

Hi, My name is Michelle Buchanan. I am a mother of 4 children aged 7, 5, 3, & 13 months. My youngest child, Alec, was diagnosed with
food allergies to wheat, nuts, dairy, soy, egg & some fruits in August 2003, at the age of 5 months. We found this out the hard way when he had an anaphylactic reaction to the hazelnut spread, peanut butter & butter that my mother had eaten & kissed him.

He started out with a rash around his mouth & in his
尿布nappy region, (which was not nappy rash). This followed by a vomit which was quite peculiar, as it was laden with mucus. These two things seemed strange to my mother & myself, but as we have nobody else in the family with food allergies, we never realized that these were indications of anything so 不祥的sinister as anaphylaxis.

He became inconsolable then, not wanting to be breast fed or cuddled. He just was screaming. This followed by very deep breathing & wheezing. This is when the ambulance was called. We figured out he was having an allergic reaction to something, but as he was fully breast fed & I hadn't eaten anything out of the ordinary, we were perplexed as to what he was reacting to. As he was wearing a 'bonds' suit, it wasn't until the ambulance officers took his suit off to administer ADRENALINE and PHENERGAN IM that we saw the full body of rash that had developed since the nappy change (less than 15 minutes earlier)
. As you are all aware, I'm sure, I almost needed treatment for shock & blood pressure by now.

We were taken to the hospital ER where he was observed for a few hours & sent home with a referral to an Allergist. The Allergist saw us 1 week later & did skin prick tests to determine the foods & other allergens that Alec was allergic to & an indication of the severity. These I mentioned above, with egg & dairy being the most sensitive. We were told there was a very slim chance Alec would grow out of these, as they were the most severe skin reactions to the 'prick' tests he had seen in many years. We were told to carry an EPI- PEN & ZYRTEC rapid action around at all times & use as required.

At the time of these tests, and the months to follow, Alec would break out in hives & get breathing difficulties 5-7 times per day, requiring medication, just from the
smell of eggs cooking, the other children dripping milk & wiping it not washing it up & he crawling over it, or simply sitting in shopping trolleys. My gorgeous son was becoming a cotton wool baby, as we could not go to shopping centers that had food cooking demos that may include satay flavoring etc. My life was ruled by label reading, cupboard clearing & explaining to my 3 other children why they couldn't have their favourite foods- chocolate, fried eggs, peanut butter, buttered toast, muesli bars, yogurt etc. This changed my life.
I needed to look for something that the main-stream medical field couldn't offer me, a non-drug approach.

I have been using Glyconutrients for 4 years. These are a supplement I take 3 times a day of the 8 essential carbohydrates that form the receptors on the surface of each cell in our body. These are what allows each cell to communicate properly with each other rather than them just running blindly through your body. We are programmed to get these from our food, but as modern farming practice is to green harvest all our fruit & veggies & then we over-process almost all that we eat, we are not getting these carbohydrates from our diet any longer, which leads to cellular break-down & disease or condition to present.

Alec was getting 5 of these in his diet, as breast milk contains these, but these were not enough for his body to build healthy immune cells & to turn his over active immune system off (because that's what an allergy is, an immune system overdrive. We are not supposed to be allergic to food, we are supposed to be allergic to snakes, spiders & other creepy things!)

When Alec was 10 months old I started to supplement him direct i.e.. not solely through my breast milk. He responded almost immediately. God was looking after us, as we were visiting friends who's 4
-year-old was eating yogurt & left half a tub where Alec could reach it........ & he did, 不知的unbeknownst to us. He then ate a lot of it (we made this 推論deduction by all the yogurt around his face, on his shirt & all over his hands!!) I just had a feeling that I shouldn't panic (which went against all better judgment I can tell you, as we had already had 2 hospital trips since August for less sensitive foods resulting in breathing difficulties) I knew this was a test, so instead of reaching immediately for the ZYRTEC, EPI-PEN & phone to ring 000, we waited...& waited......& waited ..........& nothing. NO REACTION.

I have increased his supplementation since then to
try & allow his cells to better communicate as wefound that a build up of foods we were introducingto test, still had mild reactions. I have not triedeggs or large amounts of cows milk yet, but I nolonger am looking at a life of panicking everyminute of every day about smells, who has touchedthings Alec may touch or about what my other kidseat. I now have no food restrictions in my house,we just observe common sense when putting these twofood groups down after eating them.

Glyconutrients have changed Alec & my family's life


Guo 過敏—Mary

Guo 過敏Mary見證
Allergy - Glyconutrients Success Story
Before I started taking glyconutrients, I was someone who sneezed, coughed and had a runny nose a lot especially during hay fever season. I always had to make sure I had lots of KLEENEX with me at all times and I always ended up with dirty tissues and hankies in all my pockets and purses. Over-the-counter medications either didn’t help or made me sleepy. Besides that, my food allergies were so bad that for thirteen years before I started taking the product, I didn’t eat bread or anything with yeast in it. Can you imagine trying to make a sandwich without bread? Whenever I ate anything with yeast in it, I had an uncontrollable desire to go to sleep. I could hardly drive the short distance home from work without pulling over and getting out of the car to wake up. The allergist didn’t have anything to give me for my problem so he said to just stop eating the offending foods which was really hard to do.
Then I heard about some supplements that had helped quite a few people with serious health problems. I started taking the product just for my general good health and after about five months, I noticed that my nose wasn’t running. I wasn’t sneezing or coughing any more and I could start eating bread, crackers, pasta and pizza again without any ill effects. It’s been about six years now and I’ve saved a lot of money not having to buy so much KLEENEX and I don’t have dirty hankies in the wash all the time. The best part is now I can eat anything and everything I want and I can stay awake all day. I still take the product and the problem I had for over twenty years is under control. I never thought that would happen.


Guo 過敏-- Matthew Heinrichs

過敏--Matthew Heinrichs 見證
A Glyconutrients Success Story
We started our son Matthew on glyconutritionals because of life-threatening allergies (many food and enviromental allergies) and seasonal asthma (which got severe at times, using a puffer every three hours and in the hospital by evening, on a mask with three different medications). 
The life-threatening allergies began at age three, and more were added each year. At age five he had his first life-threatening reaction to food, B.C. Bing Cherries. These allergies caused severe swelling in the face where the whites of his eyes would ooze out like clear silicone, swelling of the throat and 1/4 " thick hives over his entire body! We are thankful to God that he is still with us. Matt has been within minutes, perhaps less from his death. He also suffered with chronic ear and throat infections, which at one point led to a bacterial infection in the blood (like bacterial menengitis) because of his body becoming anti-biotic resistant. He was a very ill boy. Matthew had tubes put in his ears a few months later to hopefully prevent future ear infections. 
Since three years of age, Matthew also dealt with poor eyesight, which was worsening. He was seeing an Opthamologist on a monthly basis. For one year his better eye was patched all waking hours, to force the bad eye to focus. It did not seem to be the answer. Eye surgery was to be next. 
At age seven we began giving Matthew two gummi bears a day that had glyconutrients and phytonutrients in it. In three months time we saw significant changes when we saw our allergy specialist. There had also been decreased use of anti-histamines and steroid nasal sprays. When Matthew learned how to swallow capsules, we increased his product intake to 1 glyconutritonal capsule, 1 phytonutrient capsule, 2 chidlren's vitamin and mineral, and 1 fiber capsule per day. 2 Vit.C capsules and colostrum tablets were used as needed. The changes have incredible! As of Fall 2000, Matthew's allergies are from 13 known and tested down to 2 (and those were minor). Tests showed no signs of asthma! In September 2001, Matt's last allergy tests showed that some minor allergies still existed, but the Dr. believed that none of them looked serious enough to be life-threatening. Matthew could actually go without renewing his Epi-Pen.
Matthew has now been three years free of all anti-histamines, puffers, and anti-biotics. During that time there has been no trips to emergency, no serious allergic reactions, no infections of any kind! His eyesight has improved, and no surgery was needed and the Dr. indicated that Matthew's eyes were focusing as well as they ever would.
Matthew now has a good quality of life and enjoys it! He is completing grade six and is doing well in school and enjoys computers and four-wheelers. We thank God for bringing someone across our path that would introduce us to Glyconutritionals. Now our entire family has benefited from it!
 (The Following is a story written by this boy who had these life threatening allergies –   He is now in the seventh grade!)
By: Matthew Heinrichs
Grade 7
Presented to: Mr. Fehr
November 25, 2002



Duo 多重硬化症—Janet Parry

Glyconutrients, Glycomics, Glyco Science介紹 3︰21 flv
Duo 多重硬化症Janet Parry
Multiple Sclerosis
Glyconutrients Success Story
In 1990 I was diagnosed with chronic progressive MS. My symptoms were extreme tiredness, pain on my face and left side, weakness on my left side. I could hardly walk, and when I did, it was very, very slow. As time went on I was hardly able to do stairs anymore and we were thinking that maybe we’d have to move because I’d go up one step and I’d have to rest. And then in 1996 my vision started going on me, and it’d be fine, and then it would just be gone.
I started on the product, I guess in February 1997 and it was going to be our 25th wedding anniversary in November, and I had booked a cruise for my husband and myself, and I said, I need to be near an elevator because I might be in a wheelchair. And when I started on 醣質營養素Glyconutrients I gave the doctor all the information about this great company and he weaned me off all the medication I was on – about $200.00 of pharmaceuticals a month, and by the end of June I was completely off all my medications.
When I went on the cruise, I could run down 13 flights of stairs. People see me now, and they don’t even think I have MS because the only symptom I have is if I overdo – which I do a lot – is just a little bit of pain in my face, but my left side is as strong as my right side. I’ve had no vision problems since I started the product and it’s been great. I’m just thankful for Glyconutrients.


Hong 紅班性狼瘡-- Debra Jones

Hong 紅班性狼瘡-- Debra Jones見證
They’ve actually given me back life. I suffered for 17 years with symptoms of Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and antiposphoid, actually it just means my blood would over clot. For years, I’ve been on a vicious cycle of anti-inflamatories, blood thinners, aspirin, antibiotics to reduce this – upper respiratory infections – it’s just been a vicious cycle of nothing helping. I had gotten to a point where I was just searching for something. I was putting restrictions on my family’s life: my husband, my children and my life, because I was in pain all the time. Constant pain. Constant pain. Constant inflammation. And always worried and running the risk of blood clotting. I was on the blood thinners. I would come off it and go back on aspirin. And between the combinations of medications, and then I was on Adastis. And every day was something different. Something different all the time.
And, thank God, I met a young lady by the name of Joyce McPherson and she turned me on to the supplements.  And from that day on, I became an automatic order – I became an Associate from the day she left my house, and I started taking the products. In three days – my hands were like this – they straightened back out again. After two weeks, all the pain that I had in my body for 17 years was gone. And at one point, I would guess around ’94 when the blood clotting became more critical and I was on the Harpren at that time, I took myself off, and I just settled down with the aspirin. I took – I had to go for regular blood evaluations every three weeks.
By July, I went to my blood evaluation – no not in July, in August I went to my blood evaluation. My doctor didn’t call me back. I called him – I was wondering what was taking him so long to give me my evaluation. When I called his associate answered the phone. He said, “Well, Debra Jones. I’ll check your record. Let me check your record. I have your file here, but I have to check again.” He said, “Wait a minute. This can’t be right. You’re going to go back and test and do all your evaluations again.” I said, “Why? What’s the problem?” “Well, how can you come from numbers way up in the hundreds down to 14? It doesn’t make any sense. This is wrong. You have to retest again.” I said, “Retest again? Why?” He said, “Because this can’t be right. There had to be a mix up in the lab. There’s no way that your rheumatoid factor can come down. All the Lupus factors – everything else is down to not quite normal levels – just to marginal levels. It doesn’t make sense.”
I’m here to tell you today, this is beginning in March – I started the products back in April of last year. I’m now normal without any problems at all.
Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis is real serious disease. And I was taught some of the same things your doctor was. I heard you give an appreciation to the person that brought this to you. I’ve been up in New York several times to give lectures. Did you come hear me talk so you’d know how to do this?


Hong 紅班性狼瘡-- Laurie

Hong 紅班性狼瘡--Laurie 
I hope my testimonial helps to understand how vital these nutrients are to people who seek good health.

I was diagnosed with Lupus in Jan. 97 at age 33. My symptoms were
butterfly rash, hair loss, dry mouth and throat, arthritis in hips knees and ankles, bursitis in both shoulders (unable to lift right arm), fatigue (sleeping 14 to 16 hrs, a day nap morning, afternoon and bed by 8:30ish), and what I call brain fog (had a hard time grasping what people were saying, poor memory, very irritable, slurred speech)

I was disintegrating right before my two children (they were 3 and 6 then) and my husband, with no assurance from the medical community that it would improve.

After I was diagnosed, I cried for days, knowing that the drugs that they give for auto-immune conditions may cover the symptoms, but destroy the body with the many side-effects. I decided I would go it without drugs, but would take a natural route.

However, I was very unsuccessful with the herbal therapy I was taking. For 4 months I swallowed 50 -60 capsules/day, and brewed teas, but I continued to get worse, to the point of falling asleep driving our 3-year-old son to his library story time at 10 a.m.!

I now knew that I needed some serious help. On my face in my living room(couldn't walk anymore) I cried out to God to either help me, or take me because I couldn't care for my family anymore. This was the lowest point in my life.

That very week, my chiropractor, Dr. Chris McLean, told me about glyconutrient products. He explained how unlike drugs that cover the symptoms, the glyconutrient products support our bodies nutritionally, so that the body can FIX itself! Sounded like an answer to me, so I started taking glyconutrients, phytonutrients and the dioscorea product.

These products supported my body to calm down the immune system, regulate my hormones and support regeneration of good body tissue.

Within 2 months I was feeling much better, fatigue was much less, arthritis pain gone, hair growing in.  Within 6 months I was symptom free, my MD said WOW when I walked into his office.
It has now been 4 1/2 years and I'm still blessed with excellent health. My heart truly goes out to all who are tormented by diseases like these. Many blessings to you as you bring health and healing to the world.


Hong 紅班性狼瘡-- Ada Rollins

Hong 紅班性狼瘡-- Ada Rollins
Lupus-- Ada Rollins
Glyconutrition Success Story
In ’84 I had a cold in January. In February I went to my doctor’s because I still had the cold. However, she was booked up and was unable to see me. I was scheduled for April. So I went back home and I could not breathe or lay down to sleep. I had to sit up in bed with a pillow just laboring trying to breathe. So it got to April, and in April I passed out at the dinner table, and I was rushed to the hospital where I was admitted. I stayed there for a period of five weeks while the specialists were running all sorts of tests. And after five weeks they diagnosed with systemic lupus. Well at that point they put me on high dosages of Prednisone, which I stayed on for a period of 12 years.
In 1996 my husband read information regarding this company and we started using the products. And within 2 months after using the products my rheumatologist said, “Mrs. Rollins,” you know after running certain tests, he said, “Mrs. Rollins, it may be possible for you to get off the Prednisone.” Well, for 11 ½ years I had not heard that from any rheumatologist or I never thought I’d be able to get off the Prednisone.
Well true to his word, one year later after using the products I was able to get off the Prednisone. While I was on Prednisone, the – Prednisone worked on the symptoms for the Lupus. Meanwhile it was breaking down everything else in my system. I developed arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, Cushing’s syndrome, high hypertension, fatty deposits on my back, high cholesterol – over 200 and a lot of weight because the Prednisone makes you eat a lot.
Well, I got the supplement – praise God for these products – and I lost 50 pounds, my blood pressure in 130/70, my blood sugar is around the 109 range. I can see better. I have a life again, because I was struggling before just to breathe and to have the family take me around from place to place. Well now, I’m working. I have many duties at church which I perform. I’m doing my business and sharing it with everybody, and I’m attending college part time. I’m still trying to keep up with my husband, and one day I’ll get there.


多重硬化症 賈克琳潘瑪

多重硬化症 賈克琳潘瑪
24歲的賈克琳潘瑪(Jaclyn Palmer)剛嫁給唐納幾個月,突然發現她的右手轉變成紫色而且冰冷、腫脹、麻木。這些症狀迅速的蔓延到她的手臂,向下到她的腿。她喪失了自己走路的能力,先是用柺杖,然後用助行器,最後用輪椅。這些事先後發生在短短的五個月中。
當初她的醫生認為這些都是多重硬化症multiple sclerosis的症狀。再經過核磁共振(MRI)影像所顯現的特徵診斷確實為多重硬化症。


Hong 紅班性狼瘡--Jennifer Ramsay

Hong 紅班性狼瘡--Jennifer Ramsay 
My husband and I have a cattle and quarter horse ranch in Nebraska. Very small, very small, but we enjoy that. I want to tell you a story this evening about a 16-year-old girl named Hope. Hope was full of life and love and happiness. The winter and spring of her 16th year she was very ill. After months was finally diagnosed from her rheumatologist with systemic Lupus erythematose, commonly referred to Lupus, and autoimmune disease.
Well, after she was diagnosed, she was actually very happy because she thought, well now I know what I’m dealing with, the hard part’s over. So little did she know what the next 12 years of her life was going to hold in store for her. Severe joint pain, swelling, many, many medical complications – on and off prescription drugs – up to nine prescription drugs twice a day. And did everything that conventional medicine told her to do. She took the medicine and everything.
As you can imagine, Hope came across these glyconutrient supplements.  May 2nd of 2000. At that time Hope was so excited – she was introduced by a friend – a dear friend of hers – she went home that night at 11:30 and took the products. And she had swelling in her hand. She got up in the middle of the night like she usually does to go to the bathroom, and she thought my hand does not hurt as bad as it did when I went to bed. Oh, it’s probably just I got some sleep. She got consecutively better over the next few days. Over the summer she actually sun burnt herself totally by accident, so when she sun burnt herself she cried herself to sleep in her husbands arms, telling him that she would need to go to the hospital. She hadn’t sun burnt herself in years. The next morning she woke up – no swelling, and most of all, no pain. This continued and she got better.
She got lower on all her medicines which at this point she was only on Prednisone and Phycronal, and in 13 years she had never been off of those two drugs, and now she was on 1 a day of Phycronal and 5 mg. of Prednisone. She’s never been that well. At this point, she’s just dropped her Phycronal; she’s doing fairly well. And instead of living a life with Lupus day, which is incredible fear of the unknown, and what’s going to happen to you next, the reason this girl I chose to name Hope is that Hope has replaced her fear, and that girl is me.


Hong 紅斑性狼瘡--雪莉