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Jia 甲亢-- Janie Wilkins 見證
Graves Disease 
I am a certified special education teacher. I’ve been teaching for quite some time. About three and a half years ago I got a brand new student three weeks before school was out, and he bit me. I had bites and claw marks all over the back of this hand and all up this arm. I got home that night and found out I hadn’t had a 破傷風tetanus shot in 11 years, and so I decided I’d better go have one. My doctor was screaming because I didn’t leave 13 special education kids alone and come get my shot right then, and I said, “You’ve got to wait until I get through with school.” So I got the shot, and I went back home.
Monday, three days later I went to check the bite – the nurse said, “I can’t get your 脈搏pulse.” And I said, “Well why not? How hard is that?” And she went and got the other nurse, and she couldn’t take it either, so we got the doctor and he couldn’t, so they brought the 心電圖EKG machine in there, and discovered that I have a condition called 心房震顫atrial fibrillation. So during the process of the next several months they did testing to find out why I might have atrial fibrillation. They found that my thyroid – I had Graves disease.
They told me “You have two options, only you only have one. You can’t have surgery because you’re a fib. So what we have to do is give you 放射線碘radioactive iodine. So I took it – that was an experience – but after I took the radioactive iodine they – it didn’t do any good. It didn’t help my heart at all. So during that period of time they told me they were going to take me to the hospital to have 心律轉變法cardioversion. I don’t know if that scares you but it really scared me. There’s – we spent some time, my husband and I, talking about it – I made him talk about what would happen if I didn’t come out of this cardioversion. That’s when they shock your heart to stop it so that it will start again and be in the right rhythm. He didn’t want to talk about it. We’d only be married 5 years right now. He wasn’t ready to lose me. 
So I said, “If something happens and I die, there’s a preacher in our church who had to give up his ministry because of being on kidney dialysis. He’s not obviously a candidate for kidney transplant, and I said, make sure Harry get my kidney.” Well, he didn’t want to listen to that, but he didn’t have a choice because my, that’s my choice. So we’d done cardioversion four times now. None of it worked. I was on BETA-BLOCKERS. They didn’t work. They put me on COUMADIN. That didn’t work. They put me on STEROIDS – I didn’t know they were steroids until about two months ago. They didn’t work.
Well, my doctor being an Egyptian – my cardiologist was very open to the fact that I was taking nutritional products because he knew from the time I started taking the products. I began taking all five sciences. At the end of February a year ago – within two weeks, my heart has not had an episode of atrial fibrillation in that entire time.   So I’m doing wonderfully. After seven months, he cut my heart medicine almost in half and said they don’t cut heart medicine until you’ve been episode free for a year. It’s been almost 19 months now and the day before my birthday next month I will be off of it completely.
During the conference last year I had had a few problems and – well, I’m 53 – I had a few problems and I started bleeding during Manna fest – during those three days of conference – I lost every ounce of 2 pints of blood in those three days. When I got home they did a 超音波sonogram and found a 息肉polyp about the size of the end of my thumb inside the 子宮內膜endrometrial canal, which is not good. That’s very large for that. So they scheduled me for surgery.
I didn’t contact the cardiologist like I told him, so the surgery ended up being three weeks instead of one day from when the polyp was seen on the sonogram. The doctor came into the recovery room. I said, “Well, how’d my heart do?” And he said, “It did wonderful. It did great. Everything was perfect.” And I said, “Well were you able to get that big polyp?” And he crosses his arms and he puts them on top of the bed rail and he says, “Janie we need to talk.” Well what do you think? And I said, “Well, what’s the deal?” And he said, “It was gone. It was not there.”
So I have one more thing to tell you. At the end of September when a group of our people went to Seattle and came home talking about the low 血糖glycemic diet, after being on all these drugs and all this other stuff, no kind of exercise – couldn’t do stairs anymore – I quit teaching because my youngest child was - been a senior and I had not spent any time with her at all – she’d been in day care because I was supporting four children by myself – she’d been in day care since before she started kindergarten.
So I quit to take her senior year off with her. I started on the low glycemic diet system which you know is very comfortable, and I had gained lots and lots of inches. In this past year, after I found out that I was on steroids, I wondered why I wasn’t losing weight as fast – not weight, but the inches as fast as I wanted. But right now I’ve lost 53 ½ inches. I’ve lost from a size 8 to a 7-½ shoe. I’ve lost from a size 38 to a 34 bra. I’ve lost from a size 18 to size 14 clothes. I’ve lost two inches off my neck, and next month when I come off the steroids I’ll be able to go a lot faster.


甲亢 驗證

A.B 18歲女性
2002年︰診斷為葛瑞夫氏疾病(Grave’s Disease)
黃英烈醫師 摘自
The Fisher Institute For Medical Research
Vol4.No.3,6-7 March,2007