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Allergy - Glyconutrients Success Story
Before I started taking glyconutrients, I was someone who sneezed, coughed and had a runny nose a lot especially during hay fever season. I always had to make sure I had lots of KLEENEX with me at all times and I always ended up with dirty tissues and hankies in all my pockets and purses. Over-the-counter medications either didn’t help or made me sleepy. Besides that, my food allergies were so bad that for thirteen years before I started taking the product, I didn’t eat bread or anything with yeast in it. Can you imagine trying to make a sandwich without bread? Whenever I ate anything with yeast in it, I had an uncontrollable desire to go to sleep. I could hardly drive the short distance home from work without pulling over and getting out of the car to wake up. The allergist didn’t have anything to give me for my problem so he said to just stop eating the offending foods which was really hard to do.
Then I heard about some supplements that had helped quite a few people with serious health problems. I started taking the product just for my general good health and after about five months, I noticed that my nose wasn’t running. I wasn’t sneezing or coughing any more and I could start eating bread, crackers, pasta and pizza again without any ill effects. It’s been about six years now and I’ve saved a lot of money not having to buy so much KLEENEX and I don’t have dirty hankies in the wash all the time. The best part is now I can eat anything and everything I want and I can stay awake all day. I still take the product and the problem I had for over twenty years is under control. I never thought that would happen.

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