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Jian 漸涷Marilyn 見證

Lou Gehrig's Disease (PLS/ALS)
Glyconutrients Success Story
During a golf game, in May 1997, I became aware that the toes on my left foot were sometimes dragging. After the golf episode, the left toe dragging occurred when I played tennis and after a long walk. The next symptom I experience was muscle spasms occurring down my left side. The spasms lasted 4 hours at a time, sometimes when I was driving my car on the way home from work. I knew that something was wrong and went to my family doctor. I was referred to a neurologist and was given an EMG, which registers nerve activity.
From here, I started a battery of tests: Evoked Potential, EKG, PETscan,CTscan, and MRI. Some of the test were redone at 6 months intervals for comparison purposes. I continuously asked doctors to book me for physiotherapy as I was experiencing overall weakness and great difficulty in walking as my toes were now folding under me- in other word "a dropped foot". The doctors ignored my request because I did not have a diagnosis
In 1999, after 18 months of running for tests, I was diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS). PLS is a slow-moving Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. My neurologist informed me that the PLS could possibly switch over to ALS. The news devastated me. I was aware that ALS is a fatal neurological disease since I had been following the story in my local newspaper, of a popular young minister who was 35 when he had been diagnosed with ALS and how he had digressed.
I hated seeing myself in a mirror! I was now walking with my left shoulder almost at waist level, my left arm was sitting on my rib cage, my left hand was beginning to curl up into a permanent clenched fist and I was swinging my rigid leg out to the side when I walked to avoid tripping. My body was becoming very weak. I was unable to walk any distance without tripping and my balance was very precarious. Getting from the parking lot and walking through a large building to my office desk was overwhelming.
I took the advice of my neurologist and went on sick leave from a professional management position at a university. A position which I had held for 20 years. I had only turned 55 -- I was looking forward to Freedom 55 with zest -- my life was now in a tailspin. I remember being extremely despondent as I continued experiencing the inability to accomplish tasks that had always been so easy for me. The “dropped foot” made walking extremely difficult. My balance was unstable and, almost daily, I suffered from muscle-spasms that invariably lasted 4-5 hours that were now affecting my left arm.
These uncontrollable spasms, sometimes affecting every muscle on my left side made it very difficult to attend church, eat in a restaurant and going to a movie or live theatre would be a nightmare.. These muscle-spasms left me very fatigued, especially if they awoke me from my night sleep. I kept saying to my family and friends that I felt I was living in a 遊戲圍欄playpen because of the limitations I was now being challenged with. I had been a volunteer with the physically challenged for 14 years and now I was dealing with my own health challenge. I wondered what I was going to do with the rest of my life. As a single mom who had raised two grown-up sons, I was looking forward to being a grandmother and holding my grandchildren.
I researched and read every book/article that I could. I read the book “Your Miracle Brain” by Jean Carper and I gained enough knowledge to know that anti-oxidants are very important, particularly for PLS/ALS patients (who have more free radicals and less anti-oxidants in their body). I started a regime of vitamins, anti-oxidants, including CoQ10, grape seed, pycegenol as well as practicing yoga. I remember an occasion when friends helped me to attend an aquafit class. They almost had to physically carry me from the car to the pool facility and dressing room then to the pool. I was not walking well at all because of my ‘dropped foot’. I continued getting the muscle-spasms and was given CLONOZAPEM.
In the Fall of 1999, now that I had a label of “PLS”, my neurologist gave me the go-ahead to start physiotherapy. I was fitted for a plastic type of support that would fit inside my left shoe and would keep my toe from dropping. I continued with physiotherapy exercises, I began walking 10 minutes each day, enrolled in beginner tai chi classes and went to ‘special-needs’ pool exercises. I participated in tai chi health recovery classes that concentrated on individualized muscle strengthening and balance. Along with this exercise program, I concentrated on a high anti-oxidant diet of fruits and vegetables and saw an improvement within 10 days.
I kept increasing my walking each month by 10 minutes and, although I was still found walking difficult, at least I was mobile. In the summer of 2001, I was able to golf 9 holes using a golf cart. I started to get back some of my old lifestyle and regain strength. I decided to investigate the possibility of getting some kind of leg brace that would give me more flexibility. With the help of my orthotics specialist, I was fitted for a brace that had a hinge on the ankle. I was the first patient, in the clinic, to want this type of walking device. It was exciting. I had to resume physiotherapy and worked on bending my knee, which had been kept ridged for 4 years. I also had to relearn how to walk because my hip and leg muscles had fused together, giving me a ‘stroke-like’ gait. Again, I had to start short walks and build up my endurance. In the meantime, my left hand started to curl more and I tried to focus more on arm and hand exercises. It was tiresome! The medication for the muscle spasms was not effective. I felt frustrated.
The Science of Glyconutrients was introduced to me in October 2001. I was given Dr. Michael Schlecter’s tape “Back from the Brink”. The tape mentioned Lou Gehrig’s disease. I was amazed because this disease is not generally talked about. I immediately made the decision to take the nutrients with the intent of bringing my body back to “wellness”.
The 17 months that I have been on glyconutritional neutraceuticals, in conjunction with a daily exercise program and a high-antioxidant diet, has resulted in me experiencing muscle strength in my leg, arm and increased activity in my left hand. My leg brace has been adjusted twice to allow more flexibility. I now feel that the muscles in my thigh and calf are strengthening. My left arm has relaxed to a natural full-length extension and my fingers on my left hand often lay fully open as a hand at rest instead of being a clenched fist drawn rigidly to my chest. More importantly, since taking the muscle recovery supplement the last four months, the muscle-spasms are almost non-existent. For the first time in five years, I can go to a restaurant or theatre and enjoy my evening.
My adult son recently commented on the remarkable improvement that he had seen in me, both physically and emotionally. I have to say that my family was skeptical when I started the glyconutritionals. Any Mom will know that it is unusual for a male child to tell you that you are doing well. For me, it was most gratifying to receive my son’s compliment and it re-affirms to me that I have chosen the right path to regain an awesome quality of life.

My recent EMG showed some muscle activity in my left side, in areas that previous showed inactivity. I now attend tai chi classes 4 times weekly, regular aquafit pool exercises 5 times weekly and, with the use of a leg brace, can complete a 6km walk with ease. I also played 9 holes of golf twice a week last summer, without a golf cart! Oh! Did I mention that I am now able to travel from the car to the pool and go out for short errands without putting on my leg brace. I cannot tell you how liberating this feels! In February 2003, I baby-sat my 3-month old granddaughter…..I can independently pick her up, hold her and dress her.
My body’s ability in symptom management is phenomenal and I have had no additional health challenges that are frequently reported as a result of pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, I have reduced my prescribed medications from four to only one. My mental outlook is superb and I am now back volunteering again.
I look forward to updating my “wellness” story in the future. I do not know what I will have to report but I can only say that I currently have a quality of life that I did not ever expect to.
.....Marilyn, 2003

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