Women Make Waves Film Festival
10/17~10/26 @ Shin Kong Cineplex(4F)

WMW Film Festival terminated at 26 Oct.

The Perfect Ending-
Best Film Award and Winner of Prices
In WMW Film Festival, Taiwan
     The Best Taiwan Film Award of WMW film festival, Taiwan has came out on Oct. 26. It was《Dancing with 37 ARTS》 directed by LEE Chien-chang & Blook TSENG!
The Price for the Best Film Award of “Me, Myself and I ” goes to《Be Beautiful》directed by young director Michelle CHEN, it was a short film that recorded her personal experience of suffering from breast cancer.
Another closing film《Mermaid》has win The World Cinema Directing Award in Sundance Film Festival (2008) and Prizes of the FIPRESCI Juries in Berlin Film Festival (2008).
      This year, more and more male audiences came into the theater to watch WMW Film Festival. Ten days festival in Taipei has gone to the end. From Oct. 27, these films are going to make a circuit around the country.   To see the detail, please check form WMW official website: http://www.wmw.com.tw


Closing film 《Artemisia》won the best actress award


Ms. Lili Pan, the lead actress in the closing film, Artemisia, won the best actress award at the Seoul Drama Festival2008. 
Following is the news release from Seoul Drama Festival 2008: 

The award giving ceremony in the evening sees 152 entries from 33 countries vying for 15 awards. As opposed to the previous years, foreign television dramas grabbed all except 2 in this year’s event.

Spanish drama “Patricia Marcos: Missing” took the grand award and the “Best Actress Award”, previously speculated by many to be in the hands of Yoon Eun Hye, is won by Taiwanese actress Pan Li Li.

Jungle Fish” won the Best Teen Drama while “Golden Bridge” took the Excellent Drama Award. Lee Joon Ki and Nam Sang Mi also received the Popularity Award based on an online poll that garnered 27million votes. The winning list is as below but the translation maybe off.
Grand Award: “Patricia Marcos: Missing” (Spain)
Best Short Drama: “Devastation” (France)
Excellent Short Drama: “Kobra’s Decision” (Iran)
Best Drama: “Ying Xiong Wu Ming” (China)
Excellent Drama: “Golden Bride” (South Korea)
Best Miniseries: “Ella-Blue” (South Africa)
Excellent Miniseries: “Skins” (United Kingdoms)
Best Teen Drama: “Jungle Fish” (South Korea)
Excellent Teen Drama: “Ballet Shoes” (United Kingdoms)
Best Actor: Dvir Benedek (”The Tutor”, Israel)
Best Actress: Pan Li Li (”Artemisia”, Taiwan)
Star Award: Choi Bool Am
Special Award: “The Tutor” (Israel), “The Secret Between Us 2″ (Afghanistan)
Popularity Award: Lee Joon Ki, Nam Sang Mi
Best Director: “Patricia Marcos: Missing”
Best Scriptwriter: Gao Man Tang, Sun Jian Ye (”Chuang Guan Dong”, China)
Best Filming: “Let’s go to the Movie Tomorrow” (Poland)
Best Music: “Ella Blue” (South Africa)
Best Art Direction: “Wang Hou Wu”, (China)




Taiwan Best


10.17 | Fri  | 19:00
10.25 | Sat | 22:00 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

Dancing With 37 Arts
In 2007, HSU Fang-yi became the first Asian dancer to participate in the in-house residency program of the Baryshnikov Arts Center on New York’s 37th Street. After two months where she felt both confined and elated by the program, she returned to her hometown and performed on stage with a new dance company.

10.20 | Mon | 18:10
10.24 | Fri  |  12:10 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

The Unreachable Love
A sensitive documentary about four women who suffer at the hands of domestic violence. Recorded over the period of a year, the film captures their stories faithfully, including their resolve to seek protection and the difficult decision to walk away from their marriages and their former lives.


10.19 | Sun | 12:20
10.25 | Sat |  22:00 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

The Apartment
The stories of neighbors in an apartment inspired by Virginia Woolf’s assertion that women are “looking glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting man as twice his natural size.” A saleswoman solicits customers, a househusband conducts his daily routines and a young boy imitates his father.

10.20 | Mon | 14:30
10.21 | Tue | 14:15 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

Flowers Days
In Paris, a young woman lives with her lover in an attractive apartment. She knows that she is three-weeks pregnant but hasn't decided whether to tell her partner yet. Among her daily experiences in the French capital, she must come to an important decision... whether to keep the baby or not.

10.22 | Wed | 10:30
10.23 |  Thu | 12:35(Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

Melancholy Forest
In the future, when the environment has been almost completely devastated by global warming, a man wants to escape from the hi-tech city and return to the forest where he grew up. He tells his psychologist that he is willing to undergo a special operation to have his personality transplanted into a tree.

10.22 | Wed | 10:30
10.23 | Thu |  12:35 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

Sisters SONG Qing and SONG Dan were abandoned by their father when they were young. As they grow older, they live their own separate lives until they receive news that their father has passed away. They go to Beijing where he had been living and uncover clues to his life including a mysterious photo of a child.

10.20 | Mon | 12:30
10.23 | Thu |  10:30 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

Emma & Lucy
An elderly widow, Emma, struggles to deal with her late husband’s death. On what would have been his sixtieth birthday, she visits his grave with her only remaining friend, Lucy. But Lucy has other plans and takes Emma on a motor scooter adventure to forget recent tragedies and rediscover her youth.

10.19 | Sun | 12:20
10.25 | Sat |  22:00 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

Start from the Beginning of the World
A woman’s pregnancy is a transformational adventure that is symbolic of the beginning of the world. By comparing the landscape of the female body with imagery of the earth, one can come to appreciate the female form in new ways and discover that its expression is full of infinite possibilities.

10.20 | Mon | 12:30
10.23 | Thu |  10:30 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

A mother works tirelessly for her rich clients so that she can afford to send her daughter to study in America. The film crosscuts the detailed procedures of her dressmaking with telephone conversations with her daughter discussing credit card expenses with the confusion of different currencies.

10.19 | Sun | 12:20
10.25 | Sat |  16:50 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

Size 6
A woman finds herself trapped in endless household chores supporting a partner in an unsatisfying relationship. One day, she buys the perfect dress. But when she struggles to put it on, she receives no sympathy. Taking her inability to wear the dress as symbolic, she packs her suitcase and moves on, leaving the man behind.

10.22 | Wed | 10:30
10.23 | Thu |  12:35 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

A Piece of Julia
Experimental film consisting of snatches of scenes in which a woman experiences the limits of love, desire and the very control she has over her own body.

10.20 | Mon | 12:30
10.23 | Thu | 10:30 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

The Skirt
On the way to school each morning, Wei-ching gives classmate Mei-tsai a ride on her bicycle. She brings an extra skirt, padded so as to make the ride more comfortable for her friend. Mei-tsai likes a boy nicknamed 214 and takes photos of him from a distance. She asks Wei-ching’s help to take the perfect picture...

10.20 | Mon | 12:30
10.23 | Thu | 10:30 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

The Light
In a living room full of memories of her late husband, blind Chun-mei sits alone listening to the radio, making jewelry out of colorful beads. She receives a regular visit from Miao-fang, an elderly neighbor who is also blind. Beneath their casual conversion under the afternoon sun are deeper concerns about their futures.

Jury's Selection

10.26 | Sun | 18:30 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule) 

Ai-tsao was born into a conservative and exclusionist minority family. After falling in love with a much older teacher of mainland descent, she abandoned her family and eloped. Decades later, her discovery that her son is gay and that her daughter has a black boyfriend makes her question choices in her own past.

10.20 | Mon | 18:10
10.24 |  Fri  | 12:10 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

Endless Love
One day, while cleaning up the living room, Emma makes a diversion from her usual routine and picks up the photo of herself dancing with her late husband when they were young. She walks around her home, collecting every memory of him and pieces together the memories of their life together.

10.20  |  Mon |  10:30 
10.22 |  Wed  |  23:20 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

We, the Drivers
A light-hearted documentary that explores the experiences of passengers making their daily commute on buses driven by women in Taipei, including the infamous Aunty YU. While overlooked by modern society, the drivers’ human touch can transform the day of their passengers on their way to work.

10.20  | Mon | 12:30
10.23  | Thu |  10:30 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

Go to School
Single mother Amy’s daily routine begins at 6:30 am when she must take her son and daughter on the school run. But today her car breaks down right in the middle of a busy intersection in Taipei City, causing traffic jams in all four directions. The rising heat of the summer’s day demands a decision.

10.20 | Mon | 14:30
10.21 | Tue |  14:15 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

Fragrance of Memory
A short animation in which a young girl is playing indoors with her toy airplane on a windy afternoon. Suddenly she smells a familiar fragrance come through the window from outside that is just like the cologne worn by her father. The fragrance brings back unexpected memories from her childhood.

10.20 | Mon | 18:10
10.24 | Fri   | 12:10 (Choose time to view the Screening Schedule)

Two women from different generations discuss the struggles of their lives that led up to their destructive alcoholism. Their stories are reconstructed from soundtracks collected from the Internet Archive and visualized with metaphorical image montages in this experimental black and white short film.


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