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6th September

Dear Daddy,

Your letter didn't come in time (I am pleased to say). If you wish your instructions to be obeyed, you must have your secretary transmit them in less than two weeks. As you observe, I am here, and have been for five days.





The woods are fine, and so is the camp, and so is the weather, and so are the McBrides, and so is the whole world. I'm very happy!

There's Jimmie calling for me to come canoeing. Goodbye—sorry to have disobeyed, but why are you so persistent about not wanting me to play a little? When I've worked all the summer I deserve two weeks. You are awfully dog-in-the-mangerish.

However—I love you still, Daddy, in spite of all your faults.



吉米在叫我去划獨木舟了 - 對不起我沒有聽你的話,但為何你這麼堅持不讓我去玩耍一番呢?當我努力的工作了一個夏天之後,休假兩週是一件理直氣壯的事.狗佔住馬糟不讓馬吃草.你真是糟糕啊,Daddy

不過 - 我還是愛你的,Daddy,僅管你並不完美.



3rd October

Dear Daddy-Long-Legs,

Back at college and a Senior—also editor of the Monthly. It doesn't seem possible, does it, that so sophisticated a person, just four years ago, was an inmate of the John Grier Home? We do arrive fast in America!



回到學校而且大四了 - 同時是校刊的編輯.看起來好像不太可能,不是嗎?也不過是四年前的事,一個孤兒院的棄兒,如今搖身一變成為一個有內涵的人.在美國步調是很快的.

What do you think of this? A note from Master Jervie directed to Lock Willow and forwarded here. He's sorry, but he finds that he can't get up there this autumn; he has accepted an invitation to go yachting with some friends. Hopes I've had a nice summer and am enjoying the country.


And he knew all the time that I was with the McBrides, for Julia told him so! You men ought to leave intrigue to women; you haven't a light enough touch.


Julia has a trunkful of the most ravishing new clothes—an evening gown of rainbow Liberty crepe that would be fitting raiment for the angels in Paradise. And I thought that my own clothes this year were unprecedentedly (is there such a word?) beautiful. I copied Mrs. Paterson's wardrobe with the aid of a cheap dressmaker, and though the gowns didn't turn out quite twins of the originals, I was entirely happy until Julia unpacked. But now—I live to see Paris!

茱莉亞帶回一皮箱最華麗的新衣服 - 一件彩虹圖案的晚禮服,像是天使的衣著.今年我的衣服也是史無前例的(可以這樣形容嗎)漂亮.藉由一位廉價裁縫的幫助,我抄襲了派特森太太的服裝,雖然我的抄襲結果並不盡然完全相同,但在茱莉亞打開她的行李之前,我是非常滿意的.不過現在,我看到巴黎展現在我眼前.

Dear Daddy, aren't you glad you're not a girl? I suppose you think that the fuss we make over clothes is too absolutely silly? It is. No doubt about it. But it's entirely your fault.


Did you ever hear about the learned Herr Professor who regarded unnecessary adornment with contempt and favoured sensible, utilitarian clothes for women? His wife, who was an obliging creature, adopted 'dress reform.' And what do you think he did? He eloped with a chorus girl.

                        Yours ever,



PS. The chamber-maid in our corridor wears blue checked gingham aprons. I am going to get her some brown ones instead, and sink the blue ones in the bottom of the lake. I have a reminiscent chill every time I look at them.



PS    打掃我們房間的清潔女工穿著藍白格子圍裙.我要買咖啡色的格子圍裙給她,把她的藍白格子圍裙丟到湖裏去.每次看到藍白格子,我還是會因為想到過去而打冷顫.



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