歡迎同學們常回來我們網路上的園地,找回 增進 昔日的同窗情誼。 記得喲,園地是要靠大家的耕耘,才會成長茁壯。

LINE group account

We have a LINE group account (NTUEE80) with 57 members  now. Since it is a much more interactive and popular social media (especially in Asia), please join us by searching for my id in LINE add friends: menglinyu2. I will then invite you to the group.

by 于夢麟


Time to join our facebook group NTUEE-80

時代進步很快,現在social media 工具充斥,部落格做群組的功用早已被取代。我們目前是用facebook private group NTUEE-80 做主要聯絡工具,請尚未加入的同學儘早加入。 我們的部落格仍會繼續維持 (但可能不再更新),以做外界對我們聯絡的接口。 另我會擇空輸入失聯同學的姓名,讓部落格做為他(她)們找回家的橋樑。謝謝!

by 于夢麟  menglinyu2@yahoo.com


Thanks to Hanna, 孫晉英's wife, for setting it up for us, our NTUEE80 directory is now uploaded in our facebook group NTUEE-80.    You can download the latest directory anytime.   Please also update your email/address/phone/whatever info by yourself from now on by doing the following:

     - go to our NTUEE-80 group
     - click "Download" to get the latest directory
     - modify it and
     - then click "Upload Revision" to save it in our Facebook group.

We also have more than 370 pictures for the most recent reunion, with probably hundreds more to come. Because it is a secure site, we can say things/tell stories without worrying about privacy.

If you are not a NTUEE-80 group member, please join us (or send email to menglinyu2@yahoo.com if you don't know how to join.)   You need a facebook account to join us (it takes less than 5 minutes to get a free account.)    To everyone's surprise, many classmates still haven't  joined our group yet.   Even close to 40% of the recent reunion attendees have not joined.   We need all of you to join to make this work well.   Again, this is a secured private group, only members can see the contents inside.

Thank you for your cooperation.

by 于夢麟  menglinyu2@yahoo.com


2014年2月3日(農曆初四) 電機系與歷史系同學會餐

(轉貼張瑞雄 email)

很榮幸今年由小弟接棒, 我想在衡陽路的大三元餐廳舉辦,希望各位同學能撥冗參加,尤其歡迎攜眷光臨!!
由於需要預定席位, 麻煩大家在 1/10之前告訴我參加的人數,謝謝啦!
並預祝大家 吉祥如意, 歡度春節.
時間: 201424日 (sic) 星期一,年初四中午 12:00
地址: 台北市中正區衡陽路46 如下圖標示 A

Best Regards,
Jongwen Tsai, 蔡仲文
Senior VP, Technical Marketing
Seraphim Engineering Co., Ltd
Phone: +886 2 26984660 x 326



Dear 夢麟,
好久不見,向你/部落格所附出巨大的心力!請參考下面link中的一篇短文-  紀念九歲童子捨身取義- - 憶英雄謝明燦暨童年往事。http://www.4thgrader.net/vault/files/Abraham_Jou-Article_In_Memory_of_a_Childhood_Hero_Friend.pdf
值此各校畢業之際, 我特別懷念舍生救我的謝同學, 他連小學畢業典禮都無緣參加;每念及往事,心痛如錐刺。煩將此
link post 到部落格,一方面紀念謝同學, 一方面也是我的贖罪祭!
With warm regards,
Abraham Jou 周岳憲
Chairman 董事長
Loyalty Alliance Enterprise Corp. 

Ed: Done. Link created in 相關網頁at left.   


NTUEE80 32nd Reunion in US 圓滿結束

How many classmates can you recognize?   Look at the smiles...   Need I say more?

For more pictures/stories/anecdotes etc, please go visit our facebook group,NTUEE-80.    If you are not a NTUEE-80 group member, please join us (or send email to menglinyu2@yahoo.com if you don't know how to join.)   You need a facebook account to join us (it takes less than 5 minutes to get a free account.)

NTUEE ’80 32nd Reunion 1980電機系同學會通知

時間、地點:  A) 2012年6月29日: 5:45pm - 10pm  晚餐及重聚活動, 美國北加州Cupertino市 (矽谷)

                       B) 2012年6月30日 - 7月1日: 兩日一夜遊:  Lake Tahoe and Reno


詳細活動內容、費用、報名方式,請見邀請函如下:    (如有任任何問題, 請在此留言,或email  menglinyu2@yahoo.com)   

NTUEE ’80 32nd Reunion  

It has been 32 years since we graduated from NTU.  Some of us were fortunate to attend the 30th reunion in Taiwan, some were able to meet with each other to have small “regional reunions”, especially when we had classmates who visited us from far away.  Some of us may not have the opportunity to meet other classmates for quite a while.  Regardless of which group you belong to, one thing is for sure -- we have all experienced 32 years of our life that is longer, and likely richer, than the first 22 years up to the day we proudly walked along NTU's palm tree avenue in our cap and gown. 

Would you like to get together to reconnect and to re-energize our friendship?  We invite you, your spouse, and your family to a reunion weekend in Northern California.   Through a preliminary poll, we have chosen the weekend of June 29th (Friday) to be the date of the reunion.  We understand that each of you may have various activities planned in the summer.  So, we have arranged a Friday night dinner gathering on June 29th and we sincerely hope you can find time from your busy schedule to attend this event with your family.  There will be an after-dinner event  with music, slideshows,  and a chance for classmates to share your most memorable event or life experience in the past 32 years. 

A.   Reunion Dinner and Evening Program   - June 29th (Friday), 2012

5:45 pm                        Arrival at Joy Luck Palace, ( 醉香居 ),  Cupertino, CA

6:00 pm – 7:45 pm    Dinner at Joy Luck Palace

8:00 pm – 10 pm        After-dinner gathering at Hilton Garden Inn  

 Out of town visitors can stay at Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino (see reservation details on the next page), which is in walking distance from Joy Luck Palace, which is located at 10911 N. Wolfe Rd., Cupertino, CA 95014, phone: 408-255-6988.

 B.   Reunion Tour to Lake Tahoe and Reno   - June 30 (Sat) – July 1 (Sun)

We also would like to invite you and your family to join an optional reunion tour to the beautiful Lake Tahoe area on the two following days (June 30th and July 1st). The tour will leave Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino at 8:00 am in the morning of Saturday June 30th, arriving in North Lake Tahoe at noon for activities such as rafting, boating, biking, hiking, golfing, fishing, or simply chatting/playing card games near the lake.  We’ll then head to Atlantis Deluxe Tower Casino Resort, Reno (http://www.atlantiscasino.com/resort/deluxe-tower-room ) in the evening for a dinner buffet and hotel stay, possibly returning to Lake Tahoe in the morning for additional activities such as lake cruise or aerial rides.  We expect to be back to Cupertino before 5pm on Sunday, July 1.

 If you can participate in the (a) Reunion Dinner/Evening Program and/or (b) Reunion Tour to Lake Tahoe/Reno, please fill out the reply form (next page), write a check payable to Wei Lu, and mail the check together with the reply form to Wei Lu by April 9, 2012.

 Organizers and Regional Contacts:

Southern California: Wei Lu (盧偉國)

Northern California: Abraham Jou(周岳憲), Nan-Sheng Lin (林楠生), Paul Lo(羅升俊), and Dongying Kuo (郭東鷹) and (Executive Assistant of Abraham Jou) Stephanie Chan

East Coast/Rest of the U.S.: Robin Chen (陳一帆), John Yen (顏加輝)

Taiwan and Asia:  王暉,  宋淑惠,  金仲達,于夢麟

All other areas:  Wei Lu (盧偉國)


Reply Form for Participating in the NUTEE 32nd Reunion  

 Please check one or both of the following two activities:

 (  ) Friday Reunion dinner/program:  $40 per adult  $15 per child (any age)

  • Cost:  $40 x ___  +  $15 x ____ =

 (  )  Reunion Tour to Lake Tahoe/Reno: bus ($80) +hotel ($170 per room, children under 21 free)   

  •  $250 single person                            Cost:  $250
  •  $320 couple  ($80 per child)          Cost:  $320 + $80 x ___ =
  • Room choice:   1 King ( )   or  Two Queens ( )

 Total Cost : ___________________

 Name 1. _______________________________                     Name:  2. _______________________________   

Name 3. ___________________ Child ( )  Age _____       Name:  4. __________________  Child ( )  Age ____


Contact Information: E-mail: ______________________________________

Home Phone : __________________________  Mobile Phone: __________________________

Notes:  (a) The hotel room price ($170, single/double occupancy, extra person $10).  (b) Bus cost is estimated at $1600 per day for 40 people (seating capacity: up to 55). (c) Our estimated cost does not include any meals or activities on Saturday and Sunday as people may have different choices. Please prepare some cash to pay for activities/meals.

Payment Methods (3 options):  Please make a copy of this reply form for your record. 

  1. Make check payable to Wei Lu, mail the check together with this form to Wei Lu by April 9, 2012. (Wei's address and phone number is sent through email.)
  2. Use Paypal to pay wlu@eletech.com; please add 3% processing fee, by April 9.
  3. For those in Taiwan:  You can also give your money & form directly to  王暉 by April 1.

If you can't make a decision by 4/9, please let Wei know as soon as you can and we might still be able to accommodate your request.  Note that we can’t take more than 55 people due to the bus capacity - unless we can find some classmates who are willing to drive. 

NOTE: For those who need to stay at Hilton Garden Inn on Friday night and/or Sunday night ($94.20 per night, tax included, single/double occupancy, $10 extra person), please make a reservation by contacting the hotel directly (see info below) before June 15th, 2012.  Note that a complimentary shuttle service is available from the San Jose airport (8am-10pm) by calling the hotel phone and requesting  for pick-up.

Hotel hone:   408-777-8787  or  877-STAY-HGI     discount code:  NTU   http://hiltongardeninn.hilton.com/en/gi/hotels/index.jhtml?ctyhocn=SJCCHGI   



Happy Holidays!!! and a few things...


We didn't post much in our blog recently and I haven't sent out an updated directory for a while becasue
1. I have been busy
2. Most people are using personal email address so  we are fairly stable now in terms of email communication links.
A new directory should go out to you shortly.

We now have 50 classmates in our facebook ntuee-80 group - we have the critical mass.   I think it is time we switch and use the new technology as our main communication channel.   Blogs aren't designed for social purposes the way we are using it.   It is difficult for everyone to contribute/share/post/upload pictures and worse, it requires the blog owner's time to do maintanence.   In contrast, our facebook ntuee-80 group is a closed group, meaning you have to apply/be invited to join and non-members cannot see our communications.   So it provides certain level of privacy (hence Hanna can stop complaining to me :-)   My plan is as follows:

- We should use ntuee-80 facebook group as our main communication channel from now on.   People have facebook account but haven't joined, please send request to join.   If you don't have a facebook account, maybe it is time to have one.    If you don't check your facebook often, we strongly suggest you to join the crowd and do it frequently.
*Note for people in China having problem accessing facebook: there are ways to use facebook even in China.   Please ask around or send questions by responding to this article.

- We will keep the ntuee80 blog open and alive, but use it sparingly.    Lost classmates may find home thur it, and outside world may use it to contact us if needed.

Now below is the list of people in our facebook ntuee-80 group.  If you are not in it, please send request.  If a classmate is your facebook friend but not in it, please add him/her.   We should expect ~100 classmates eventually join.   If we ever get to close to 100% coverage, then we don't need to use ntuee email list much any more.
Ching-Cheng Chai    Clement TY Chan    Samuel Chan    Helen Chang    Ruay-Shiung Chang
Ted Chang    In-Chin Chen*    Jean Chen    Raymond Chen    Robin Chen    Yin-Wu Chen
Jimmy Chiu    Yik Tong Chung    Tingjun Fan    Terence Horng    Chun-chung Hsieh    徐上德
Jemmy Huang    Henry Hung    Liau Tung Hwa    Shan-Rong Hwang    Abraham Jou    Chung-Ta King
Tom Koh    Don Kuo    Jay Kuo    Cliff Lai    Feipei Lai    Teh-Hong Lee    Walter Liew    Elton Lin
Nan-Sheng Lin    Thomas Lin    Tzung Liu    Paul Lo    Hd Shih    Frank Sun    Robert Sun    Tan Ah
Francis Toh    Jongwen Tsai    Ren-Song Tsay    Jj Wang    Ray Wang    Si-Taur Wang
Chaohong David Wong    Stephen Yan    John Yen    Mark Yu    鄭東森*
(In-Chin Chen's and   鄭東森's accounts have issues.)

Good News: 找到 蔡淑婷

接到蔡淑婷來函 讓我們歡迎她歸隊!!!

"I am one of the lost and found of our batch NTUEE80 and I have never been able to contact anyone despite multiple personal visits to Taipei in between.
Good to be connected to you all again after 30 years, I have updated my data as needed. (Shaded in Green).
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all.....
Seok Theng"

"You could search for Seok Theng Chua under Facebook account.
Seok Theng"


2011-3-24 陳一帆返台聚會

In case you don't  facebook or haven't joined NTUEE-80 facebook group.
Originally published by 一帆 in our NTUEE-80 facebook.  


2010-1-10 lost email contacts and misc


The following classmates' emails don't work any more (only a few for over a year !!!):
     tiam-fatt.tey@nutune.com  鄭添發: user unknown
     eddylee@superhome.net  李錦榮: user unknown
     jeff_hsue@kworld.com.tw  許俊岳: user unknown    
     Leongky@macau.ctm.net  梁基耀: over quota. 

If you know their new working email, please let me know   menglinyu2@yahoo.com.    Thanks.

Regarding recent ntuee80 email storm: 
     The server was faulty and replaced.  We had to manually resend all the emails sitting in the mailbox during this period.  Because we had bad email addresses, we also received the bounced email messages.   This should have stopped by now.   To make matters worse, I think ntuee (not ntuee80) is hacked to send SPAM.   This has been reported to ntuee admin and hopefully it will go away.   Anyway, sorry about the inconvenience during this time.




恭喜 王暉 榮獲選國家講座主持人 由總統馬英九親自頒獎

The title says it all.   Congratulations!!

Rumor has it that this honor can replace the SS number, 3 recommendation letters, income tax returns etc required for a VIP treatment among our classmates in South CA.


2010-12-31 NTUEE80 reunion

Dear All:


Here are the pictures. Please let me know if you want high-resolution ones.





Hope to see you all again soon.


現在進行式.  今天的照片, 請見張瑞雄的facebook:



2010年 10/30 北加州台大校友會

Can you post these pictures for me?   (編按: Sorry about the delay...   Happy New Year 2011 !!)

第一張右邊三人為 周岳憲 蔡炳銘 羅升俊

其中 周岳憲 羅升俊 為當晚的 Panel Members


2010-11-7 北加州聚會 顏逸璘 于夢麟訪Silicon Valley

藉著 顏逸璘 于夢麟訪北加州參加親戚婚禮的機會,同學們先在羅升俊家集合,之後在Mountain View Fresh Choice 聚餐 (李孟  胡靖 不克參加聚餐)

李孟  胡靖 羅升俊夫婦  林楠生夫婦  鄭福清夫婦 陳穎悟夫婦 蔡炳銘 羅忠穩 林天翔 翟敬成 顏逸璘 于夢麟
for more pictures, please click on 2010-11-7 北加州聚會 顏逸璘 于夢麟訪矽谷


2010/8/16 七夕同學會

 2010/8/16 聚餐(hosted by 沈尚弘)相片請至下列網址下載
Can you match names with faces?

(編按:  阿羆說: 總出席人數為27位. 照片中只有19 位.  What gives?   Spouses?  Not a single one in 30 pictures!!!)



2010-8-19 update:

09:00~11:20 集合並參觀台大電機系台大校園
11:20~12:40 台大鹿鳴堂午餐
13:20~16:09 火車自強號至花蓮
16:30~18:00 七星潭(海邊)花蓮酒廠
18:00~19:30 花蓮酒廠晚餐
19:30 市區shopping、旅館(美崙) check-in


12/31 08:00~09:00 集合並參觀台大電機系
09:30~11:40 火車太魯閣號至花蓮
12:00~13:30 櫻之田野午餐
13:30~18:00 參觀慶修院(古蹟)、鬱金香花園、七星潭(海邊)、花蓮酒廠
18:00~19:30 花蓮酒廠晚餐
19:30 旅館check-in,享用旅館的設施和表演


費用看旅館而定,如住遠來、理想大地、美侖或翰品(first tier)會貴一點。 麻煩大家提供意見,謝謝。 



住宿將由 張瑞雄副校長負責安排,稍後會再告知大家。我會幫忙大家購買台鐵的火車

1.      黃聰亮
2.      黃焯生
3.      賴弦五
4.      李文彬
5.      沈尚弘
6.      陳天養
7.      賴飛羆
有興趣參加者請用e-mail與我聯絡,或與 張瑞雄rschang@mail.ndhu.edu.tw 連絡  謝謝

飛羆 敬上


北加州慶祝三十週年聚會 (2010-5-18 & 2010-6-4)

Well, 北加州不落人後, 最近舉辦兩次慶祝三十年聚會. 會中也不落俗套,
談論cloud computing, worm hole, antimatter, pasta and antipasta, ...  ,
充分展現電機人的深度 :-) 
(ed: For more pictures, please click on 2010-6-4 北加州慶祝三十年聚會.  )

Hi Mark, Can you post this picture for us?
Friday 6/4/2010, from 6:30PM to 10PM in Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant in Sunnyvale, California.
The corresponding Taiwan Time was from 9:30AM to 1:00PM, 6/5/2010.
黃衍佑  鍾政道  郭東鷹  譚國偉  王運森  翟敬成  翟力正  劉建華

Thanks, Alex

Dear Fellow Classmates,
 It was truly wonderful that we could get together to share the early joy of the NTU 30-year re-union event. It’s a weekday and all of you have made great efforts to drive looong way to the restaurant during the traffic hour. It was just great!
I enjoyed the fellowship, especially your talented conversations. 炳銘 has amazing sense of humor, I wish I should have known him better long time ago. I got a lot of kicks out of his statements. Paul and Ching-Cheng have also shared their insightful view about cloud computing; don’t doubt, it’s on the rising horizon. Additionally, I know now Terence can drink like a fish; no wonder he could be so successful in China. Dennis and Yunsen also shared a lot of genuine stories happened to us; which I never heard of before; except the FBI raids and law suits happened to Paul and me before. But, “An Old solider never dies”…. Sue Sun, our IQ 185 scored and respectful Chairperson of NTUAA, N CA. also contributed lots of intelligent opinions. I did complain to Ben and Paul that in our college days, I got frustrated because their test scores were always so unreachable and made me sometimes believe that I chose the wrong filed. I learnt a lot form all of you tonight!
It has been one of the best nights I ever had in months with so many intelligent old-timers. The only regret is that we should have more occasions like this.
Please see the photos taken. BTW, the only Caucasian girl in one of the photos showed up from nowhere; that’s why you see the big smiles on our “young” faces due to the unexpected surprise. Ben did admit that she is her secret daughter???
Thank you very much again for your strong support to NTU80’s reunion. We also appreciate the long term efforts of Fei-Pei and Mark Yu. Thank you indeed!  With Warm regards,
Abraham 岳憲



(ed: For many more pictures, please click on 2010-6-5 全校1980級30週年重聚會.  If you have pictures to share, please send them to  menglinyu2@yahoo.com.)

Clement Chan


2010-5-22 王聰睿辦的南加三十周年聚會 影片

May 22, 2010: 趁王暉夫婦來洛之際王聰睿舉辦了南加三十周年聚會. 參加的有陳俊慧, 林劍虹, 楊民仰, 王俊明, 孫晉英, 翁朝宏, 許明善, 洪侯忠, 范霆鈞, 陳銘哲及攝影者盧偉國. 除了影片中的卡拉OK外, 尚有大學生活照回顧, 球賽, 牌局(非營利)等節目, 直到十二點才散會.


(ed: for more pictures, please visit our ntuee80 facebook   
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=213050385213.   If you are not a member of the group, please join our group - you need to be a facebook member first.   Currently we have 21 members.)

by 盧偉國


NTUEE80 30yr reunion

updated 2010-6-14

Dear Classmates:

Updated version with more information of Children and NTU employee.
The deadline for registration is 14:00, July 8, 2010, Taipei Time.



Belated congratulations: one more IEEE Fellow

一浸 3/18 來函:   (Sorry for the long delay; got in some crazy situations recently...   Meng-Lin)

Dear 龍生,
Long time no see! How have you been?I even forget when we last met, perhaps back in Berkeley times (23 years ago)? How time flies!
I just browsed thru the announcement for newly elected IEEE fellows, and saw your name there! Congratulations!! I lost count of how many of us are there: 陳俊慧, 郭宗杰, 顏加輝, you (范龍生), me (陳一浸), and possible a few others (Please help, everyone.   -ed). Anyway, I am very happy for you!! 
Dear Mark,
If you deem it appropriate, could you draft a notice on our NTUEE80 blog or something to share this good news with all of us? By the way, I will have a job change in a couple of months. I'll keep you posted and may need your help to change my email address on the NTUEE network, e.g.
Best Regards, ih-chin 陈一浸

捐款贊助 台大1980畢業生30周年重聚晚會

Dear Mark,Greetings!   Hope all is well. Our outstanding classmate, NTU Distinguished Professor- 賴飛羆is the總召集人 for NTU80 30 annual Graduation Ceremony.    I appreciated his giving me the opportunity to donate USD$10,000 to sponsor the meaningful activity. Please see the email below and the files

2010-1-1 台北新年聚會, 顏逸璘 于夢麟訪台

Same declaration as in the previous article...

Thanks to Hung-Fa's organization, this one is very special for me.  So many classmates I haven't seen since graduation...   So many interesting stories (almost as many as our dear
黃聰亮's titles :-), yet so little time. From the picture below (taken 1.5 hours after the lunch ended), you can see people lingering in campus and really didn't want to end the get-together yet. 

For many more pictures, please click on 2010-1-1 台北新年聚會, 顏逸璘 于夢麟訪台.   Again, please put names in pictures or you may have to wait a little.



2009-12-25 顏逸璘 于夢麟 過境LA 聚會

Well, I have been super busy catching up from the vacation and my hard drive also was shot last week.  The temperary one I have cannot input Chinese...   Anyway, enough for the excuses, I just want to get the pictures in first before my business trip next week.

Due to a very short stay, we really didn't plan to meet any friends in LA, especially on Christmas day.  However, thanks to Tzung-Ying Liu's and Wei Lu's insistance, we had a wonderful lunch and afternoon together.   For more pictures, please click on 2009-12-25 顏逸璘 于夢麟 過境LA.  Someone please add names or you have to wait till I have time.



2009-12-10 北加州歲末聚會

We had 9 classmates get together on 12/10/2009. There were 27 classmates invited, but only 9 made it.

Back row from left to right  
王運森 洪德仁 黃大鵬 翟敬成
Front row from left to right   鍾政道 胡靖 鄭雙徽 周岳憲
For more pictures, please click on 2009-12-10 北加州歲末聚會, CA.
鄭雙徽 paid for lunch this time, very generous of him.


2nd call for discussion of 30yr reunion

1/14/update: Now the poll results:

Option 1 (June 5, 2010 + 3 days):    3
Option 2: ( ~July 23, 2010 + 3 days):  18

Either is ok:  12
Very Likely to join: 7
Likely:   15
Maybe:    8
Unlikely:  3

My interpretation is most people voted is ok with option 2 date and there are >20 people likely or very likely to join.
There are also quite a few people indicated they cannot make decision on date so far away.   But once the date is set, they can make a decision a month of two ahead of the time and will try to attend.  So the participation rate looks ok on surface.  However, there are only 7 out of the 22 likely+ are from regions outside Taiwan.   Most US guys simply didn't participate in the poll.   Let's hope this will change once the event becomes more concrete.

Feipei,  thanks and good luck.
12/23/2009 update:   An email poll has been sent out.   Please check your mailbox.  I also repeat the info below in case it didn't reach you.
There are two proposed dates for the reunion (both are in Taiwan).
Please indicate which date(s) you can make it to the reunion and send your response back to me (menglinyu2@yahoo.com) by Jan 6, 2010. If both dates are ok with you, mark both of them.   Note the +3 days is flexible and can be changed to whatever we want.
Proposal 1. June 5, 2010 + 3 days
Proposal 2. July 23, 2010 + 3 days (approximate, moving up/down 1 or 2 days is possible)
In addition, please indicate how likely you will attend the reunion (this is not a commitment):
Very likely,
Somewhat likely (maybe),
Thank you.

I think we need a closure on this. 
If you have a suggestion/preference of date and location, please say it in the next 2 weeks, i.e., before the end of 12/20.  If you don't want to say it in public for whatever reason, please email your suggestion to  menglinyu2@yahoo.com.

After 12/20, a survey will be sent out to see how many people will be interested in attending which option.   As a reminder, currently there is only one proposal:  June 5, 2010 + 3 days, in Taiwan.

No, I don't have special authority to set deadlines or do surveys.  Anyone NTUEE80er can do it.   You are welcome to initiate anything you think is better.

update:  Since people think date is more important than location, let's focus on the date first.

Proposal on the table: 
6/5/2010 + ~3days

Any other suggestions?  (The only resaon I try to diverge rather than converge here is that early June is graduation season.   People may have their children's graduations to attend. )

During the past month or so, there were serious discussions/proposals among the LA area classmates.   As usual, people have different opinions and difficulties to reach concensus.  I am listing what I heard below as seeds for discussion.    As a starter,  we need to know if/how many people are interested in coming to a reunion, given there are uncertainties in location and date.   If not enough, we can rest the subject.  If there are plenty, we can then discuss how to proceed.   At the end of the day, it is how much passion we have as a group determines the outcome.

Options I heard:
      1. Hawaii cruise
      2. Hawaii + optional cruise
      3. Taiwan, starting from our National Taiwain Univ., and then a tour (e.g., re-live the around-the-island graduation tour.)
      4.  I may have missed something ...



2009-10-31 Wang Huei Visiting Southern California

Time: 12:30pm2pm, Saturday, 10/31/2009, Halloween
Place: West Coast Buffet, Hacienda Heights , CA
 All from left to right
翁朝宏, 洪候忠, 楊民仰, 陳銘哲, 王聰叡, 盧偉國, 王暉, 孫晉英, 劉宗英
張志玲(翁朝宏), 洪茉莉(陳銘哲), 華迪(劉宗英), 夏漢昭(孫晉英), 張倩漪(王聰叡), 鄭少梅(洪候忠), 陳曼莉(楊民仰)
For more pictures, please click on 2009-10-31 王暉訪LA, CA


2009-9-26 北加州NTUAA聚會

Some of our NTUEE80 classmates attended the NTUAA (台大校友會) Northern California annual picnic in Fremont, California. After the pcinic, some of us went to a bar in the nearby Hilton to chat (第二攤). After the Hilton, we went to a restaurant to had a feast (第三攤). We had very expensive Alaskan king crab, shrimps and all kinds of seafood. Again, Abrahan (周岳憲) picked up the tab. We really appreciate his generosity.
For picture #1 (092609 NTUAA Picnic 3.jpg), from left to right    郭東鷹  羅升俊  鍾政道  林楠生 周岳憲 翟力正 
and for picture #2 (092609 NTUAA Picnic 4.jpg), They are  王錫濤 周岳憲, please click 2009-9-26 北加州NTUAA聚會, CA.

For picture #3 above, From the very left and go clockwise: 
王錫濤,  郭東鷹,  翟力正, 林楠生,  周岳憲, 王運森,  鍾政道, 陳麗如(鍾政道's wife),  陳淑貞(周岳憲's wife),  Phebe(郭東鷹's wife), 王欉盛 (Ashley Wang,  王錫濤's daughter), and Kimberly Zai (翟力正's daughter)



Call for discussion: setting up an NPO Fund

As far as the cost for NTUEE80-N. Cal for flower/condolence card arrangements in US and Taiwan is concerned; I am more than willing to contribute it since the cost is manageable. However, since we lost 4 classmates already so far. I recommend that we shall set up a NPO Fund (Non-Profit Org., like trust, etc.) so that we can all chip in some fund for any future classmates needs; for instance, get-well card, wedding (for him/herself or next-gen); or for worst case, for sympathy. Mark, could you put the request on our web-site.

Abraham Jou


2009-7-26 Southern California Free Style Reunion

Place: Souplantation Restaurant, Irvine , California
Time: Sunday, 07/26/09, 6pm
(for all pictures, please click on 2009-7-26 Irvine, CA ).
From left to right:
Picture 001: 翁朝宏, 孫晉英, 蔡仁松
Picture 002: 蔡仁松, 王聰叡, 陳俊慧, 汪一之
Picture 003: 范霆鈞, 許明善, 翁朝宏, 孫晉英
Picture 004: 張志玲(翁朝宏夫人), 張倩漪(王聰叡夫人), 孟蘇倫(陳俊慧夫人)

Picture 005: (
前排) 翁朝宏, 孫晉英, 林劍虹; (後排) 汪一之, 范霆鈞, 蔡仁松, 陳俊慧, 許明善, 王聰叡

Picture 006: 張志玲, 鄭淑芬(林劍虹夫人), 張倩漪, 孟蘇倫
Quotes from蔡仁松: 見面不可以說你還是老樣子”,  應說  你還是年輕樣子

T. J. Fan

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