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Kao Medical technologist gives a secret letter to married me

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Marine anemia (also known as Thalassemias)

1. Introduction:
Marine anemia (also known as Thalassemias)

It is caused by a problem in the synthesis of α or β hemoglobin chains constituting heme.


Premenstrual syndrome group. Environmental and toxin inspect

Online appointment for premenstrual syndrome, endocrine, environmental and toxin tests

The health effects of environmental hormones:

Endocrine disruptors accumulate in adipose tissue in a low water solubility and high fat solubility, which in turn affects the function of hormones in the body.


I am a person with my own family.....

The mistakes were made from friends, and the curiosity drove the decision, which made today's mistakes and a series of lies that never stopped.

In the New Year of 2014, I was not married at the time, secretly glaring at the wife who was a girlfriend at the time, followed the brothers to find a sex lover, and tasted the first pleasure.


Sexual dysfunction check

Kao Medical technologist recommends male dysfunction testing as follows:

1. Analysis of zinc content

2. Analysis of total content of ejaculation and analysis of semen consistency

3. Analysis of testosterone

4. Analysis of functional decline of sputum pills and sputum pills

5. Depression factor, lack of lithium element analysis

6. Analysis of psychogenic cerebral cortisol pressure

7. Diet and Nutrition Assessment Analysis

8. Analysis of key nutrients after use

9. Urinary system & prostate infection substance analysis

10. High blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar

Report 7 days

Cost 8000NTD

I want to solve the problem and arrange an appointment test.

Cancer cell number tracking

After cancer. Cancer cell number tracking
I want to make an appointment to track the number of cancer cells after cancer    
By detecting tumor markers on cells: EpCAM, CK8/CK18, Mammoglobin, CK7, TTF1, PSMA
Or CK20 to measure blood circulation tumor cells (CTC).
Currently confirmed cancer cell types that can be effectively monitored


Happy Father's Day

The traditional concept of Father's Day is noble, giving gifts, and sending cash. In fact, this is not practical. The best Father's Day gift is actually telling you the "real father", Dad! Congratulations, my body is Healthy, I have no sexually transmitted diseases!!

Note: The real father: its practical meaning is that some people's father is not born, so there is a chance to check the DNA


STD Nutrition

STD nutrition
You have thought about why some people smoke for a lifetime without lung cancer, and those who live and eat healthy foods are cancerous. Some people have nothing to do with sexual intercourse, oral sex, and anal sex. It doesn't make sense! !

Think about your future & your child. 


Привет всем! Я - лабораторный техник Гау из медицинской лабо

Привет всем! Я - лабораторный техник Гау из медицинской лаборатории Миньшэн в Тайбэе.

Здесь можно сделать анализ на ВИЧ-инфекцию и флюорографию лёгких, соответствующие требованиям для поступления в российские ВУЗы.





Ketogenic Diet Examination

Usually ketogenic diet Excessive 3-6 months, the body will have uncomfortable conditions, such as hypoglycemia, high blood ketone, hyperlipidemia, heart load, The inflammatory index increased. Examination of the thyroid & heart in the complete ketogenic diet is more likely to confirm the body's ketogenic response and ketogenic  performance.


Bald hair loss check.

Save the bald hair and fight
Pull test abnormality
Causing active hair loss
Kao Medical Technologist recommends that the inspection items be as follows

Iron deficiency anemia <hair loss ranked first>
Thyroid dysfunction
Syphilis infection <infectious hair loss>
Hormonal disorder <stress hair loss>
Autoimmune abnormalities <allergic hair loss>
Nutrient deficiency <fat-soluble vitamins, folic acid, zinc deficiency>


The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced

The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced on June 15, 2018, the top 10 causes of death in 2017.

Kao Medical Technologist's inspection office takes four absolute
1. Absolutely completely anonymous protection
2. Never leave personal information
3. Never connect with insurance
4. Never connect with health insurance


Welcome restaurant staff to find Kao Medical Technologist

Restaurant staff check A plan: I want to make an appointment to check

Test items:

Thoracic X-ray tuberculosis + Hepatitis A + Typhoid test, cost: 
800 NTD     Booking

Restaurant staff test B plan: I want to make an appointment to check

Test items:

Thoracic X-ray tuberculosis + Hepatitis A + Typhoid test + Skin test, cost: 
1,000 NTD   Booking



​For breast cancer screening

Kao Medical Technologist offers a few suggestions:

1. First confirm the family history: grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, is there a history of breast cancer? <Many people don’t know that boys also have breast cancer >

2. Self-examination: Put your fingers together and use your fingertips to press around the breast to see if there is any discomfort.

3. Physician visit and palpation: use the clinical experience of the physician to identify.


Vaccine application information

1.HPV cauliflower 9-valent vaccine: single dose / re-administration of vaccine / three doses of appointment

2. Herpes leather snake vaccine

3. Measles vaccine

4. Influenza vaccine

5. Other vaccines


STD abortion check

STD abortion check

Repeated miscarriage and infertility are no longer a matter of chance, nor are they poor physical conditions.

But it has sexually transmitted infections or autoimmune diseases.

As long as the male Acrosome is strong enough,
It will not be covered by sexually infected substances or diluted by sexually transmitted diseases, and will have the opportunity to penetrate the egg and bind it to the proper environment.


Herpes simplex virus check

Herpes simplex virus check

Kao Medical laboratory scientist For the preparation of the type 1 to type 8 herpes infection inspection program that has occurred in Taiwan, herpes virus infection will hide in the dorsal root ganglia. For example: herpes type 1 HSV-1 → Trigeminal ganglion, herpes type 2 HSV-2 → sacrum ganglion. In addition, the PA-PCR-DNA diagnostic method used when clinical folliculitis and acne cannot be confirmed is added.


20 obvious signs after Taiwanese women have a secret affair

1. Changes in life and work, and a relatively conservative view of time
Observe your daily routine and record your time out and home. Note: they will not spy, only observe.
2. Sexual life quality and frequency decrease simultaneously
Like doing homework, passion and enthusiasm disappear
3, look calm when answering the phone, or even pick up the phone
They understand the stakes in evidence preservation in law
4, the real high-end mobile phone will not be locked, LINE will not lock
The low-end and low-end players are locked, and the master is not afraid. Remember: people are snooping.
5, she usually has a one-time mobile phone or more than two mobile phones, in addition to the usual use of public storage boxes, public phones.

Homewrecker. Mistress? The other Man or woman ?

1. When the other half has more than 2 mobile phones, and the mobile phone starts to set a password, especially LINE.. and other dating software, it is necessary to pay attention.

2. When the other half begins to increase the frequency of exercise, especially when it has not been exercised in the past, you should also pay attention to it.

3. Early and late return, overtime frequency increased, there are a bunch of excuses and reasons

4. Behavior or whereabouts begins to be weird or unclear, twisting and pinching. It is recommended to listen to his words and observe his actions.

5. Unclear newsletter, unwilling to disclose the content of the message, especially some code-named words, such as whether to eat seafood, dumplings....


Nutrition & Toxin & Pollution of heavy metal

Test results show:

1. This analysis and recommendation report are for reference only to physicians and not for diagnosis of disease. Physicians can analyze the results and formulate personalized nutrition treatment plans in accordance with the medical history and health needs of the subjects.

2. The following clinically meaningful explanations for nutrients are based on endogenous concentrations. It is worth noting that hair analysis reflects both body content and external contamination (components of the hair surface) and should therefore be considered as a screening. Not a definitive diagnostic analysis of tissue content

3. The reference range of the nutrient element analysis report is a statistical analysis of the hair detection results of the general public, with a reference value between 5 and 95 percent, and the buoy moves with the size of the test value. Reference unit in micrograms per gram

4. The recommended daily intake (RDA) in the recommended report is based on the daily recommended minimum intake (DRI). The dose is for adults (over 14 years old), pregnant women and lactating women need to consult the teacher to adjust the dose.

5. The reference value range of the toxic element analysis report is the statistical analysis of the results of the laboratory for the hair test of the public, with a critical value of 80%, and the reference unit is in micrograms per gram.

6. Confirmation of toxicity can be achieved by blood or urine tests. Evaluation of short-term toxic elemental exposure can be selected from Nutrient & Toxic Element Analysis Blood. To assess long-term exposure and cumulative status of the organization, Toxic Elements Provocation Profile, Toxic Elements Clearance profile, and Heavy Metal/Chemical Exposure Indicators (Prophyrins Profile)


Environmental allergen

Analysis of phthalate (plasticizer) allergens

Living room: vinyl furniture (such as: clever floor, plastic floor, imitation leather sofa, etc.), furniture decoration, carpet lining
Bedroom: plastic toys, rag dolls, baby pants, nail polish, perfume, air cleaner, cosmetics.
Bathroom: Hair embossing spray, hair spray, deodorant, shower curtain, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair dryer, toothbrush
Kitchen: Contaminated food and supplies, soap, food packaging, plastic bags, cling film, plastic products
External environment: water pipes, gardening plastic products, roof tiles, raincoats, and insecticides.
Others : aspirin, footwear, computer mouse, paint, glue, softener for PVC resin, packaging film


Heavy metal allergen

Highly toxic element
Mercury (Hg) Mercury Lead (Pb) Lead Arsenic (As) Arsenic Cadmium (Cd) Cadmium Aluminum (Al) Aluminum Nickle (Ni) Nickel
Toxic element
Antimony (Sb) 锑 Barium (Ba) 钡 Bismuth (Bi) 铋 PBeryllium (Be) 铍 Thallium (Tl) 铊 Tin (Sn) Tin
Other toxic elements
Platinum (Pt) Platinum Silver (Ag) Silver Palladium (Pd) Palladium


Food allergen

Food and environmental allergens, nose allergy, food allergies

  Why do allergen testing? The importance of allergen testing is shared by kao medical examiners. Kao medical examiner who has severe allergies since childhood, including asthma, itchy skin, gastrointestinal problems, poor condition to prepare allergic drugs and bronchodilators, the use of sneezing and runny nose to use half a pack of toilet paper or
If you don't take medicine, you will have a feeling that you can't live. I believe that the same old friends who are allergic must have the same feeling!



Acute allergen

Vegetarian allergen testing was officially launched. Provides vegan, milk, egg white, and plant five-acid vegetarian allergens. The vegetarian allergen test report time is 7 working days.
Booking Allergens Test


Functional Medicine

Welcome to taiwan.Functional Medicine-High-order acute and chronic allergen testing information.Help you improve your quality of life


Company Profile

The Minsheng Medical Laboratory is a professional medical examination clinic that provides the highest quality and professional services.

As a Medical Technologist, a modern medical researcher who is concerned with the success of medical treatment, the key sample sampling & digital analysis goalkeeper, I am committed to the ethics, I hope to achieve one happy family after another, for everyone's livelihood First, "health"~ 


I hope that the hard work done is not in vain, and it will certainly be rewarded. The good faith will not be meaningless, and will receive the corresponding blessings!

Main service items:

1.Short Window Period Sexually Transmitted Diseases examination 

2.Early Cancer Screening 

3.Specefic Precision Allergen Testing

4.Physical Examination

5.Budget-Targeted-Checking Strategy-Organizational Planning

6.Check Strategy Planning, Disease Nutrition and Offense




To protect you and everyone's health, I look forward to serving you!

Service Hours:

Monday ~ Saturday 09:00 ~ 21:00

Sunday & Holiday 09:00 ~ 12:00

Contact Phone & Tel: 02-2769-8340

Address: No. 218, Sec. 5, Minsheng E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (near Minsheng Ring + Post Office + next to McDonald's)

Internet reservation will give priority to service

I want to make an appointment to check


Autoimmune disease marker

Immune disease marker 


Thyroid hyperthyroidism diet recommendations

 Reduce the following food products containing salt (iodine)

1. Salt: Because the general commercial salt is added with iodine, soy sauce and other salty condiments.
2. Meat: processed meat, canned meat.
3. Milk: milk, ice cream, cheese, mayonnaise, salad dressing.
4. Seaweed: kelp, seaweed, seaweed, etc.
5. Marine products: marine fish, oysters, oysters, shrimps, crabs, scallops, sea cucumbers, jellyfish and so on.
6. Fruit: banana, cherry, pineapple, tomato, peach, applesauce, pickled fruit.
7. Vegetables: broccoli, spinach, green peppers, pickled pickles.
8. Bread: French bread, pancakes, soda cakes, salted products.
9. Beverage: tea, coffee.
10. Others: pizza, potato chips, salted nuts, pudding.
11. Irritant diet: avoid excessive spirits, peppers, caffeine
12. Avoid using iodine for wound treatment

Supplement high protein, high calorie, vitamins and moisture

     1. Meat, eggs, milk, vitamin B group, vitamin C
     2. Get enough water, don't hold off pissy
     3. A small amount of meals
     4. Maintain a good mood and moderate exercise, and seek a suitable way to suppress
     5. Avoid staying up late, watching your mobile phone for a long time, and using your computer to cause excessive eye strain.
              Keep the home environment clean and tidy


Amino acid and antioxidant vitamin analysis

Online booking Amino acid and antioxidant vitamin analysis

This test contains

1. Amino acid
2. Semi-essential amino acid testing
3. Non-essential amino acid testing
4. Fat-soluble vitamin testing
5. Water-soluble vitamin testing
6. Antioxidant vitamin testing


If you are a man:

If you are a man:

1.kao medical examiner would like to ask you: Are you sorry for anyone?

2. kao medical examiner would like to ask you: When was the last time you bought a sex trade? Have you wearing a condom or not wearing a condom?

3.kao medical examiner would like to ask you:
Have you ever said to your grandparents, fathers, mothers or wives, juniors, and children that you have gone out to buy sex trades?

4.kao medical examiner would like to ask you: When was the last time you went to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries for sexual consumption?

5.kao medical examiner would like to ask you:
When was the last time you went to a hotel, a nightclub, a half-store, a non-wearing bun, a set of condoms, and no condoms for sex consumption?


If you are a woman:

If you are a woman:

1. I suspect that my boyfriend betrayed me, I want to ask kao medical examiner to help me arrange a systemic sexually transmitted disease test immediately.

2. I suspect that my husband has an affair. I would like to ask the kao medical examiner to help me confirm whether my body is infected by a husband's affair. Please help me to arrange a systemic sexually transmitted disease test immediately.

3. I suspect that my partner has been to a Vietnamese restaurant. Please ask kao medical examiner to help me check if my body is infected with a Vietnamese woman.

4. I already have enough evidence to prove that my husband doesn't love me, but his senior, and even a little 2 year old schoolmate, kao medical examiner please help me.

5. My husband fell in love with the hotel and the Vietnamese store. I suspect that he did not wear a condom to make love with others. I would like to ask kao medical examiner to help me with systemic sexually transmitted disease test.

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