Canned food or dry food!? 溼食還是乾食? 作者:全美獸醫協會醫師 Arnold Plotnic

Q: Is canned food good for cats? I was told it is bad, and that I should only feed my cats dry cat food. That is what I have been doing.  

A: We’re wading into controversial waters with questions like this. I’m sure that no matter what answer I give, people will strongly disagree.

問題: 溼食對貓伴侶是一個好的選擇嗎?有人告訴我是不合適的飲食,我應該給我的貓伴侶乾食,這也是我一直以來的習慣!



Dry cat food is good for:


  • Cats prone to dental issues. Dry cat food, especially the prescription dental dry foods, creates some abrasive action on the teeth when it is crunched, and thus slows down the rate that tartar accumulates on the teeth.
  • 貓有口腔方面的疾病問題。乾食,尤其是針對口腔牙齒的處方飼料,這一類的乾食會在牙齒咬合時產生磨合,磨擦的動作,這樣的動作可以減緩牙結石在牙面上的形成。
  • Underweight cats. Dry food tends to have more calories than canned food, so dry food would be effective for cats to gain weight.
  • 體重不足的貓伴侶。乾食的熱量比例比溼食還要更多,所以對於體重不足的貓伴侶,乾食是比較好的選擇!

Canned cat food is good for:


  • Underweight or nutritionally challenged cats, who need to put on calories, because canned cat food smells more strongly and entices cats.  
  • 無法增胖或營養不良的貓,都必須增加熱量的攝取,因為溼食的味道強烈並可以利誘貓伴侶取食!(JoAnne強烈建意請選擇可以當主食的貓罐,有器官慢性病貓者,請飼主先與獸醫師討論後再食用)
  • Conversely from the above, overweight cats. Canned cat food has fewer calories and is better for weight loss.
  • 反觀上者,體重過重的貓伴侶,溼食的熱量較少,對於要減肥的貓伴侶較合宜!
  • Cats with urinary issues also do much better when fed a canned diet. Cats with constipation issues also do better when fed a canned diet, as these diets contain more moisture.
  • 貓伴侶若有泌尿道系統上的疾病或是便祕的問題,會因為溼食而病情減緩!因為溼食可以讓貓的飲水量增加!


Much has been written about dry cat food, carbohydrates and feline diabetes. Many people believe that cats on a mainly dry cat food diet are at increased risk of diabetes because of the high carbohydrate content found in many dry foods. The carbohydrate content of the dry foods is not responsible, per se, for the increasing incidence of diabetes in cats. Dry foods are much more likely lead to obesity in cats, and it is the obesity that predisposes cats to diabetes.



I feel that the quality, not the particular food, is most important. Feeding a little canned cat food in the morning and evening, and having some dry food out for the cat to snack on during the day is a reasonable approach; cats like to eat multiple small meals throughout the day, and people who work all day are understandably reluctant to leave canned food out all day for their cat.

我也認為質及量,不特定食品,是很重要的一個環節! 在早上及傍晚給予一些溼食,中間在給予一些乾食是一個很好的餵食方式!貓的飲食方式不同,牠們喜歡一天中少量多餐並食用不一樣的食物,而對於那些整天工作的飼主們,會很勉強的把溼食放一整天給他們的貓伴侶! (JoAnne 的話:溼食非常容易發酵,尤其是亞熱帶的氣候,請千千萬萬不要這樣做!)


Cats that become overweight or develop urinary issues should have their dry food reduced. Cats with a predisposition for dental issues should be fed a prescription dry diet, ideally. I personally am not a proponent of “raw” diets, but that’s another (controversial) issue entirely.

若您的貓伴侶是體重過胖者,或是有泌尿道系統疾病的患者,請將乾食減量減少!若您的貓伴侶是容易有牙齒口腔疾病的體質,請給予適當合宜的處方乾食! 我個人並不是生食的擁護者,但是生食的議題也是廣被人們所討論!