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1972 聖心女中

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1972 聖心女中畢業紀念冊
1972 聖心女中聯絡狀況
1972 聖心女中通訊錄

Hi, everyone!!!
This is 龔黛憶, do you rememer me?  I just found 章平姑 and you guys with the help from Lillian. 
It has been almost 37 years since I graduates from Sacred Heart.  I came to US in 1983 and live in Houston, TX now.  章平姑 lives in Phoenix, Arizona.  Cindy Hu told me that 楊達賢 is in LA.  How about the rest of you?
Glad that I finally get hold of my junior high friends.  That conclude my search of old classmates.  Thanks to Lillian.  Let me know if there will be a reunion in the future. 
Hello 梅宏文,

 A number of years ago someone in 復興小學 started to compile an alumni directory.  Recently someone started to put together a sub-directory which consists of those of us who went to Sacred Heart (our year). Over the last two days, there had been a flurry of e-mails and this directory is now snowballing into a Sacred Heart directory. 

I am checking in to see if you want to be included.  The attached spreadsheet has a number of non-復興 classmates and I thought about you and Lulu.  I’ll need to talk to my parents in order to get Lulu’s contact info.

I moved back to Taipei in 1999.  Before that I was in New York 1983-1995 and Hong Kong 1995-1999.

We had a mini gathering last year while 張明芊 was in town.  (by the way, she is in the Bay area).  Also there were 謝培玲,于培謹,許瑞琛,周明惠 and one more but I just forget her name for now. (getting old). &nbs p;Maybe 謝培玲 can help on this one.  謝培玲 also keeps contact with 謝小芩 and 酆婷婷.

Mei-Ling (蘇玫玲)
Hi, Girls,

I am so happy that I opened mail from 02 this time, because I always skip her mails since 5 years ago she started to build up the communication network for not only who was born between 1956-1957 in Taiwan but also from 1954 to 1958 , you can imagine how huge the job is, she takes it as her 志業 and 樂此不疲.

I am living in Taipei for decades but seldom heard news from our classmates, It is a good begining now to bring back our lost connection since we graduated from sacred heart.
Again, very happy to hear from you!
Hello!  Dear王慧書 and everyone here!
It has been so long since I have seen all these names!  I would love to see you all seated together someday somehow! 
In fact I have Lulu Shen's contact and she is in cc here.  I got her e-mail address from our primary school friend.  It has been quite interesting these 2 years.  The last time I was having beef noodles in Shanghai and the owner looked really familiar and he turned out to be my primary school friend's older brother.  It is horrifying to be able to count back 40 years... (@_@)!!!
Best regards to all,
Vivian ( 梅宏文 )
2008, 07, 31

Hello,  老同學, 
It is exciting to see the distribution list growing.... I remembered the majority of the names but not all the faces.  Let's have a reunion next year. 
As 沈呂律 did a detailed introduction, let me reintroduce myself again then.   I came to US in 1983 and met my husband in Univ of Southern Mississippi.  Currently, live in Houston, TX.  I have a daughter of 16, going to senior in September.  I have worked for Shell Oil Company for 19 years and would like to retire in the next few years.   : ) 

I do go back to Taiwan periodically.  I certainly would like to meet some of you in Taiwan.  I am going back to Taiwan for elementary school reunion in April, not sure what is the final date yet.  Is it possible to have a Sacred Heart reunion around that time frame as well?  Also, I am going to LA to meet my elementary friends sometimes this year.  Maybe, we can have a mini-reunion in CA first.


林莉 (AKA 02)  2009, 04, 06

I just got back to US this afternoon.  Thanks for coming to the 及人reunion.  Glad that I finally met you in person.  Because of your efforts and dedication to the 4th and 5th Grader blog, I was able to reconnect with my elementary and middle school friends.  玫玲 did organize a quick get-together on Friday.  Thanks again for everything you did for that blog.  
玫玲, 婷婷, 素蕙, 幸惠, 培玲:
It was so great to see you again after 37 years.  Attached please find three pictures.  Thanks so much for skipping your work to meet me with such a short notice.  素蕙's 紀念冊 definiely unlocked many sweet memories from middle school.  Special thanks to 玫玲 for taking the action to call this get-together.   Let's try to organize a 40th reunion for the class of 1972 in 2012.  

龔黛憶  2009, 04, 12

Dear Doris,
Good to know that you got home safely, it was so great to see you and 玫玲, 婷婷, 素蕙, 幸惠  last Friday afternoon although time was too limit to chat, but it did recall lots of sweet memory in Sacret Heart to me, there is nothing can be happier than seeing good old friends in our age now.
We should consider seriously to have more get-together with our classmates from now on.
Take care and stay healthy!
Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
培玲  2009, 04, 12

2009, 04, 10 台北

2009, 04, 10 台北

2009, 11, 21  台北Skylark 加州風洋食館
謝培玲, 季瑾之, 許瑞琛, 蘇玫玲.
梅宏文, 盧芳老師, 趙艾迪, 李素蕙.
酆婷婷 came later so she is not in the picture.

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