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August 6, 2015


Answers: To Grind or Not To Grind?

Last Updated on Sunday, September 28, 2014 06:15 PM
Published on Saturday, March 22, 2014 06:56 PM
Written by Margaret Gates
最近更新: 2014年9月28日
出刊日: 2014年3月22日
作者: Margaret Gates ( the Feline Nutrition Foundation 的創辦者)

文章原文連結: http://feline-nutrition.org/answers/answers-to-grind-or-not-to-grind


Being new to feeding raw meat diets, I have noticed that some people say you should feed meats whole and some say that you should grind it up. Why are raw diets most often fed as ground meat diets? Surely cats can eat whole meats because that's what they would get in the wild when they eat prey animals.
We get asked with some frequency why raw meat diets should be ground. The answer is: they don't have to be. There are different ways to feed a raw meat diet. One way is to feed a supplemented meat/bone/organ ground diet. Another is feeding whole meat cuts, often called a "frankenprey" diet. A third is to feed whole small prey items such as chicks and mice. This last item should be clarified as dead, frozen prey items. We are not advocating the feeding of live prey. Keep in mind that these different diets are not mutually exclusive; you don't have to choose between them. Many people, likely most people, end up feeding a combination of methods. We have always recommended that if you feed a ground diet, you should add whole meats and bone-in cuts to the menu, for the dental benefits they give your cat.
我們常被問到為何生肉要絞過. 答案是:並非如此. 你可以用不同的方式餵生肉餐。一種方法是餵食有加了營養品的, 並且用絞肉機把生肉/生骨/生內臟全部絞過的生肉餐. 另一種是餵切塊的肉,通常被稱為“ frankenprey “。第三個方法是餵整隻小獵物如小雞和老鼠。這最後一個項目要澄清的是為已死的, 冷凍的獵物。我們不提倡餵食活體。請記住,這些不同的餵食方式並非互相排斥; 你沒有必要得在這三者間做出一個選擇。很多人,可能大多數人,最後的選擇是這三者互相結合的餵食方法。我們一直建議,如果你餵食絞過的肉, 那麼應該把帶骨和不帶骨的肉塊包含在絞肉中, 因為咀嚼肉塊和骨頭對貓的口腔健康是有好處的.
People often feel strongly about the type of diet that they view as "right." I have to admit that I have been flamed online by a few frankenprey adherents for advocating ground diets at all. The truth is, there is no single right diet. What works for you and your cat is the right diet. All of these methods have advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons for each type of diet.
對於自己認同的餵食方式, 大家常有強烈的看法或主張. 我必須承認我曾經因為提倡餵食絞過的生肉, 而被 frenkenprey的擁護者批評過. 事實上, 正確的餵食方式並非只有一種. 對你和你的貓好的方式, 才是正確的方式. 不同的餵食方式各有其優缺點, 請見以下分析.
Ground Raw Meat Diets
  • Each meal is complete in itself. By grinding the ingredients together and adding supplements as needed, each meal is balanced whatever the portion size.
  • It's a good way to provide real bone in your cat's diet, especially if your cat won't eat whole meats with bone.
  • Ground food is in a form that is probably more familiar to your cat. The consistency is similar to, but not exactly like, canned food. This can be important when transitioning a cat to a raw meat diet.
  • It can be less messy. Cats are less likely to drag food out of the dish or off of the plate than when they are eating whole meats.
  • It's convenient and easy. There are many commercially made raw meat diets available.

  • 每一餐都是完整的. 把食材一起絞過, 加入所需的營養品, 不管餵食份量是多少, 每餐營養比例都是相同,
  • 是給貓吃真正的肉的好方式, 尤其是如果你的貓不願意啃生骨的話.
  • 絞過的肉可能是你的貓比較熟悉的食物, 因為狀態接近罐頭. 在轉食的過程中, 這可能是一個重要的考量.
  • 減少髒亂, 貓喜歡把食物叨到別的地方吃, 吃絞過的肉比較沒有弄髒地板之類的困擾.
  • 比較方便而且容易, 因為有很多商業生肉餐可以買. (譯註: 嗯, 台灣並沒有吧.)
  • Ground foods don't require cats to use their teeth much or exercise their jaws.
  • You need to have a grinder capable of handling bones if you are making ground raw diets at home.
  • Commercially prepared raw diets, while convenient, can be more expensive per pound than whole meats.
  • 絞過的肉讓貓失去咀嚼的機會, 不能運動他們的口腔.
  • 如果要做絞肉餐, 你得買一台可以絞骨頭的絞肉機.
  • 商業生肉餐雖然比較方便, 但比餵肉塊貴.
Whole Meats and Prey Items
  • Requires cats to use their teeth and jaws to gnaw and cut the meat into pieces small enough to swallow. This is good for their dental health and is psychologically stimulating.
  • Adding supplements is usually not required.
  • It's closer to what a cat would get in the wild, especially if you feed small whole prey foods such as chicks or mice.
  • 貓需要使用牙齒和上下顎來咀嚼, 對口腔健康有好處, 而且可以满足肉食動物的心理需要.
  • 通常不需要額外補充營養品
  • 接近貓在野外捕獲的獵物形式
  • Takes some work to plan the proportions of meats that are fed. Generally, frankenprey diets are 80-85% meat, 5-10% bone and 5-10% organs, half of which is liver. These proportions are fed over a week's meals, so not every meal would be these proportions.
  • Your cat has to be willing to eat all of the meats, including the bone, for the diet to be balanced.
  • If you have multiple cats, it's more difficult to monitor that each cat is eating all the different parts needed for the diet to be balanced.
  • Can be messy. Cats have a tendency to drag whole meats off the plates or dishes, or even run off with them.
  • Some people may be squeamish about feeding whole prey items or about handling and preparing whole meats and organs.
  • 需要花時間精神計算肉骨內臟比例. 基本上, frankenprey 餵食比例是 80-85% 的肉, 5-10%的骨頭以及 5-10% 的內臟, 其中一半是肝. 在一週的餵食中達到這樣的比例, 所以並不是每一餐都會吃到肉/骨/內臟.
  • 你的貓必須願意啃生骨, 這樣營養才會均衡.
  • 如果你有一隻以上的貓, 比較難以完全確定每隻都有吃到比例均衡的肉/骨/內臟.
  • 比較可能會弄髒環境, 因為貓喜歡把食物叨到別處吃.
  • 有些人可能比較不敢處理肉塊和內臟.
Ground diets are usually what people start their cats on when they first transition to a raw meat diet. Transitioning can be tricky, especially with cats that have been eating dry or canned food for years. Ground diets are often easier for cats to accept. It can take some work and patience to get a cat that is unfamiliar with eating meat with bones to actually consume them. But, some cats will jump right in and eat whatever is offered. The best scenario is to start cats eating whole meats, meats with bone and small whole prey from the time they are kittens.
當飼主要把貓食轉成肉生餐時, 絞過的肉往往是他們跨出的第一步. 轉食過程也許會不順利, 尤其是當貓已經習慣吃乾料或罐頭. 絞過的肉貓比較容易接受. 要讓貓習慣吃肉塊啃骨頭需要耐心. 當然也有貓是立刻就吃下主人給的所有食物. 最好的作法是當貓還小時, 就讓他們吃生肉塊啃生骨.
The gnawing and tearing required when a cat eats whole meats and bone-in cuts is what helps keep a cat's teeth clean, gums stimulated and jaws exercised. Dental health is extremely important to a cat's overall health, so this aspect of feeding a whole meat diet is a real benefit. If your cat is eating a ground diet, it's a good idea to introduce some whole meats in chunks big enough to require some "work" to eat. Get them using those side teeth. Getting your cat to eat meats with small bones, such as chicken wings and necks, is also good. They give the jaws a good workout and the scraping action helps to keep the teeth healthy.
吃生肉塊和生骨時需要咀嚼和撕咬, 不但可以保持口腔乾淨, 刺激牙床, 而且可以運動上下顎. 口腔健康對貓是很重要的, 這是餵食肉塊/生骨/內臟可以達到的好處.如果你的貓吃的是絞過的生肉餐, 那麼在絞肉中加一些肉塊是很好的作法. 也可以讓你的貓試著吃小塊的生骨, 例如雞翅, 脖子.
There is another aspect to feeding raw meat diets, besides getting your cat used to it, that favors ground diets. People have to get used to it, too. At least in the US, the idea of consuming raw meat, even if it is your cat doing the consuming, worries people. People are afraid of raw meat. Feeding a ground meat product, something that doesn't look much different than canned cat food, is psychologically easier for some people. At least until they get used to it and realize it's perfectly natural for a cat to eat meat raw. Once the cat gets used to eating ground raw meats and the human gets used to serving it, most people get more comfortable with the idea and offer a more adventurous diet to their feline buddies.
在餵食生肉時, 絞肉餐還有一個好處. 在美國, 餵食生肉這件事對有些人而言是挺嚇人的. 有的人就是害怕生肉. 但是餵食絞過的肉, 因為狀態接近罐頭, 所以有些人在心理上比較能夠接受. 至少他們有機會可以慢慢習慣貓吃生肉是天經地義的事. 一旦貓習慣吃生肉, 主人也能接受吃生肉的想法後, 就比較願意在餵食上做一些冒險.

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