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July 31, 2015


How to Transition Your Cat to a Raw Meat Diet

Last Updated on Friday, September 19, 2014 06:16 PM
Published on Friday, May 15, 2009 11:46 AM
Written by Margaret Gates

最近更新日期: 2014年9月19日
原文刊出日登: 2009年5月15日
作者: Margaret Gates (Feline Nutrition 網站創辦人)
原文連結: http://feline-nutrition.org/nutrition/how-to-transition-your-cat-to-a-raw-diet


Transitioning a cat to a raw diet is something that the majority of us will have to do until the time comes when people grab a kitten from its mother's teat and start raw feeding from the beginning! But in the meantime, it's a major issue in the raw feeding movement. This step-by-step approach, and patience, will work for nearly every cat.
當一隻貓斷奶時大家就很自然的開始餵貓吃生肉, 是一個到目前為止還很遙遠的未來, 所以多數的我們都有面臨幫貓轉食生肉的困難. 因此轉食也是餵生肉的主要議題. 只要採用循序漸進的方式再加上主人的耐心, 每隻貓都可以轉食成功.
Kittens need no transition; they take to raw food like ducks to water. Special kitten food is not necessary. They eat the same food as adult cats, just more of it and more often. Kittens need about twice as much food per ounce of body weight as an adult. All that growing to do! Their stomachs are small, so they need to eat more often than adults, about every 4 to 6 hours. If you're getting a kitten(s), start them off right with a raw diet, and you won't have to worry about transitioning them.
小貓不需要轉食, 生食之於他們就如同水之於鴨子. 他們並不需要特別的小貓食, 吃和成貓一樣的食物就可以, 只是量多一些, 餵食的次數也多一些. 以每磅的體重為比較基礎, 小貓需要的食物量是成貓的兩倍. 因為那是小貓成長所需. 他們的胃很小, 所以要吃比較多次, 大約每4到6小時一次. 如果你即將獲得一隻小貓, 那一開始就給小貓生食, 一點也不需要擔心轉食.
Kittens should also be introduced to raw meaty bones, so they learn to eat them when they are young. Most kittens will readily tackle a chicken wing if offered. If you already have an older cat that will eat raw meaty bones, be sure to let the kittens learn from their older housemate. The kittens will copy the behaviors of the adults around them.
小貓也應該吃帶骨生肉, 從小就開始學. 大部份的小貓願意啃雞翅膀. 如果你已經有一隻願意啃帶骨生肉的成貓, 那就讓小貓跟著大貓學啃帶骨生肉.
Adolescent and Adult Cats
We'll look at this in three stages:
  • From dry food to canned
  • From canned to raw
  • Adding raw meaty bones
  1. 先從乾料轉成罐頭
  2. 從罐頭轉成生肉
  3. 在生肉中加入帶骨肉塊
The key to any transition is patience. The transition can be fast or very slow. In my household, transitioning to raw took about 5 seconds for some of them to three whole months for another. I have read about cats that took a year to transition. However long it takes yours, stick with it, it's worth it.
轉食的關鍵是耐心, 過程可以很快也可以很慢. 以我家來說, 有些只花了五分鐘就轉食成功, 有一隻則是花了整整三個月. 我還曾經聽過有貓一年才轉成功的. 不管需要多久, 總之就是別放棄, 一切都會值得的.
The transitioning tips below use the slow, gradual method. It usually works. Usually. For some cats, nothing seems to work. Give these methods a try and don't give up too soon. I thought Kai would never switch. Gearing myself up for feeding him separately forever, I turned around one day, after three months, and found him with his face buried in a plate of raw rabbit! I don't usually advocate using hunger to help transition your cat, other than the normal mealtime hunger of 12 hours or so, but you can try it if your cat is particularly stubborn. If your cat is adult, healthy and not obese, you can wait her out longer if she refuses to eat either canned or the raw. I wouldn't go longer than 36 hours though. This has worked for some people. Be aware that any cat, especially an overweight cat, is at risk for hepatic lipidosis if they don't eat every day.

以下的轉食方法是循序漸進的. 只要慢慢來, 通常都會成功. 通常. 因為對有些貓而言, 不管試什麼方法都沒用. 但不要輕言放棄. 以我的貓 Kai 為例, 原本我已經做好心理準備可能一輩子都要把他和別的貓隔開餵食, 但三個月後, 有一天我發現他竟然開始吃生肉了. 我不鼓吹用餓貓的方式轉食, 除了規律的十二小時餵一餐以外, 但如果你的貓非常固執, 可以試試餓貓的方式. 如果你的貓是健康成貓, 而且體重沒有過重, 可以讓他餓久一點, 通常我不會讓貓餓超過36小時. 這個方法對有些貓有用. 要注意的是, 如果是一隻體重超重的貓, 沒有每天進食會有得到脂肪肝的風險.
Whatever your cat eats at present, it's always worth a try to just offer her some raw. She may surprise you. See if she will eat some cut up raw chicken or turkey, or some raw chicken liver. If she does…well, this may be easy.
不管你目前餵你的貓吃什麼, 可以先試試給一些生肉看貓吃不吃. 或許你的貓會讓你跌破眼鏡也不一定. 試試看貓願不願意吃切塊的生雞肉或生火雞, 或是生雞肝. 如果貓願意吃, 那轉食就會很容易.
From Dry Food to Grain-Free Canned
Cats get addicted to dry food, so this may be the hardest step, especially if your cat doesn't also eat canned food.
貓會對乾料上癮, 所以這個階段可能會很難, 尤其是如果你的貓並不願意吃罐頭的話.
For cats that will only eat dry food:
First, stop free feeding dry food. Your cat does not need to have food available at all times. Eating two or three meals a day is fine, as is going 12 hours between meals. You want your cat to associate food with a person — you — not a place.
首先, 不要再用吃到飽的方式餵乾料. 你的貓並不需要整天都能自由的獲得食物. 一天吃二到三餐就很足夠, 通常是十二小時吃一餐. 你要做的是讓你的貓把你和食物聯想在一起, 而不是把地方和食物聯想在一起.
Start bringing out their food at regular mealtimes. Cats will learn the new routine very quickly. Leave it out for 30 minutes, and then put it away. At first, you may have to have more than two mealtimes a day. Cut back to two or three per day after a week, once your cat gets used to the whole idea of mealtimes. Put out one bowl for each cat, in separate rooms if necessary, so each cat feels relaxed about her meal.
開始在固定的時間拿出食物. 貓會很快的記住新習慣. 把食物留置約30分鐘, 然後就收起來. 一開始也許你一天要餵超過二餐. 一個禮拜後當你的貓習慣固定的吃飯時間, 改回一天餵二到三次. 每一隻貓給一個碗, 如果有必要可以讓貓在不同的房間吃飯, 這樣貓在吃飯時會比較放鬆.
Your cats will get hungry, but that's good. Nothing enhances a meal more than having an appetite. Just make sure each cat does eat, every day.
當你的貓肚子餓了, 表示那是好事一件. 因為飢餓感會讓食物更好吃. 但是要確定每隻貓每天都有吃到食物.
Once they seem used to mealtimes and are coming to you for their meals, start offering canned food. Choose a quality, grain-free canned food. Avoid foods with fish, as these are overly strong flavors which cats can get addicted to — to the point of refusing other flavors. Fish is not an ideal food for cats and should be fed sparingly as an occasional treat only. Try putting their dry food on a flat plate with a little of the canned food on the side. If they won't eat the quality canned brand you chose, try a different brand of canned. Even a lesser quality type if needed, as the goal at this point is to get them eating canned at all. They may ignore it completely, but it will get them to start associating the smell with dinner. Give this a week or so.
一旦貓習慣固定吃飯時間, 而且會來找你要飯吃, 你就可以開始餵罐頭. 選擇品質好的無穀罐頭. 避開魚的口味, 因為魚的味道很重, 貓很容易上癮而拒吃其他口味. 魚對貓而言並不是理想的食物, 所以偶爾當獎賞就好. 把乾料放在一個淺盤上, 旁邊同時放一些罐頭. 如果貓不願意吃你買的好罐頭, 試試別的品牌, 就算品質不是很好也沒關係, 因為這個階段的目標是要讓貓習慣完全只吃罐頭. 也許一開始他們完全不願意吃罐頭, 但慢慢的他們會開始把罐頭的味道和晚餐連結在一起. 先試一個禮拜左右.
If they still aren't interested, next try putting out a plate of canned food with some of their dry food on top, whole or crushed a little. Being a little hungry makes them more likely to try something new. They may just pick the dry food off — that's okay. They will be getting just a taste of the canned food with it. Keep at this, even if you end up throwing away the canned food. Try different canned foods; your cat may like one more than another. If it looks like your cat is nibbling at the canned a bit, try putting out just the canned next time and see what happens. Some cats can be tempted by the gravy in some canned foods, and lick all that off. That's a step forward for a confirmed dry food addict.
如果一個禮拜後還是不吃罐頭, 試著把乾料灑在罐頭上面, 整顆或是弄碎都可以. 讓他們有一點餓比較有可能會嘗試吃新食物. 他們可能會只把乾料挑起來吃, 那也沒有關係, 因為他們會同時接觸到罐頭的味道. 繼續用這個方式餵貓, 即使你得把罐頭食物丟掉. 試試不同牌子的罐頭, 也許會試到他們願意吃的口味. 如果你的貓開始願意吃一些些罐頭, 下次餵食時試試看只餵罐頭. 有些貓會被罐頭湯汁吸引, 只把湯汁舔光. 對乾乾上癮的貓而言, 這可是往前跨了一步.
Try some meat baby food. Some cats will eat this even if they refuse canned food. Try letting them lick it off your finger. If they will eat it, put a little on top of their canned food.
給貓吃以肉為主的嬰兒食物. 有些貓拒吃罐頭, 但卻願意吃嬰兒食物. 先用手指頭沾一些嬰兒食物給貓吃, 如果他們把食物舔掉, 那就可以試著把嬰兒食物放在罐頭上面.
You can try putting a little canned food on your finger, and putting a little in your cat's mouth. Only do this if it won't stress out or frighten your cat, as you definitely don't want them to have bad associations with the new food or be afraid of you.
你也可以用手指頭把罐頭食物放進貓的嘴巴, 如果貓對這樣子的動作不會害怕. 要是貓會害怕當然不要這麼做, 因為不要讓貓把新食物和負面的感覺連結在一起.
You can also try topping canned food with a dehydrated meat treat. Cats love Halo LivaLittles® freeze dried chicken and Wildside Salmon® treats. Both of these are 100% meat, dehydrated into cubes. These products appeal to dry food eaters as they are similar in texture, and the taste and odor are irresistible to most cats. Keep in mind that it's a treat, not a meal. Another good "bribe" topping is shaved bonito flakes. Mine love Kitty Kaviar®, which I used on raw food when transitioning them. Again, use fish products sparingly and not routinely.
還可以試試把脫水肉零食放在罐頭上. 脫水肉的訴求對象是吃乾乾的貓, 但其口感和氣味是多數貓無法抗拒的. 別忘了, 脫水肉只是點心, 不是正餐. 另一個可以灑在罐頭上誘食的是柴魚片. 我曾經把柴魚片灑在生肉上誘導我的貓轉食. 再一次的強調, 魚類的食物只能偶爾餵, 不能固定餵.
You may ask "Why can't I just soak the dry food in water?" From Dr. Lisa Pierson, DVM, at CatInfo.org: "Dry food has a high bacterial content. Mold is also often found in dry food. There have been many deaths of dogs and cats secondary to eating mold mycotoxins, vomitoxins and aflatoxins which often contaminate the grains found in dry food. If you want to try the trick of wetting down the dry food to alter the texture, please leave it out for only 20-30 minutes then discard it. Bacteria and mold thrive in moisture."
也許你會問: 為什麼不能把乾料泡在水裏? 獸醫 Lisa Pierson 在她的網站 catinfo.org 寫道:乾料有很多細菌. 黴菌常出現在乾料中. 有很多狗因為吃了有黴菌的乾料而死亡, 其次是貓. 如果你想要試試把乾料泡水以改變口感, 那麼在放置20到30分鐘後就要拿去倒掉, 因為潮濕的環境是黴菌的溫床.
Keep offering canned food. Plain or with a bribe topping. Don't give up, no matter how long it takes. Even if it takes months and months. Really, it's that important for your cat. Eventually, they will figure out that this really is food.
繼續餵貓吃罐頭, 不管有沒有灑上誘食的食物. 不要放棄, 不管要花多少時間, 就算是要好幾個月. 真的, 因為這對你的貓是很重要的. 慢慢的他們會明白罐頭是可以吃的食物.
Keep any dry food you have closed up as much as possible. Put it in an over-sized Ziploc®, or a large Tupperware® type container and then in a room the cats can't get into. When they get hungry, they will try to get to it. Once your cats are eating canned food, get rid of the dry food completely. Out of the house. Cats have an excellent sense of smell; if it's in the house, they'll know.
把家中的乾料藏好. 因為當貓餓的時候, 會想方法把乾料挖出來吃, 所以一定要藏好. 最好是放在貓不能進去的房間. 一旦你的貓開始吃罐頭, 就讓乾乾從此消失, 家中不再有乾乾, 因為貓的嗅覺很好, 只要家中有乾乾, 不管是放在哪裏, 他們都聞得出來.
Don't get discouraged if your cat turns her nose up at something she liked just the day before. This isn't unusual. That's how cats got that reputation for being finicky. Just try it again next time. Also, it isn't unusual for a cat to act ravenous one day and not be overly interested in eating the next. Don't worry about it if it happens occasionally.
如果你的貓昨天很愛吃的罐頭, 今天卻不想吃, 也不要洩氣. 這種情況並非不正常. 貓是挑剔的, 畢竟. 找時間再試試就好. 再者, 如果貓昨天胃口超好, 今天卻是一般般, 也是很正常. 這種情況如果只是偶爾發生, 並不需要過度擔心.
Here's a tip: Take notes. Especially if you have more than one or two cats. Note which cats like which foods, and which flavors. You may have to try a lot of different kinds, and it helps to have a record. It's okay at this point if your cat only likes one kind; getting her off dry food is what's paramount. Always try to get your cats eating a quality grain-free canned food, but it's acceptable if at first they will only eat a lesser quality food. Just be sure to transition to a quality grain-free canned or raw for the long run.
有一個方法可以試試, 就是做筆記, 尤其是如果你有一隻以上的貓時. 記下哪隻貓喜歡吃哪一種食物, 口味. 嘗試很多不同的口味, 並且做筆記. 如果你的貓並不喜歡某一個口味那也沒關係, 因為終極目標是戒掉乾乾. 優先次序是好品質的無穀罐頭, 如果一開始願意吃的是品質稍差的罐頭也無所課, 長遠的目標是把貓食轉成品質好的罐頭, 或是生肉.
Once your cat is off dry food, and is used to mealtimes, give her at least a couple weeks on this new diet, and then start on the transition to raw.
一旦你的貓擺脫了乾乾, 習慣固定用餐時間, 那麼至少再給貓幾個禮拜的時間吃新食物, 然後才開始餵生肉.
For cats that eat dry and canned:
This one is easy. Get rid of all the dry food.
這類的貓比上一類容易搞定. 首先是讓家中的乾乾消失.
Give them a couple weeks to get used to an all grain-free canned diet, with regular mealtimes, and then start the switch to raw.
給貓幾個禮拜的時間去適應只吃無榖罐頭, 固定用餐時間, 然後才開始轉生肉.
From Grain-Free Canned to Raw
First try out some cut-up raw chicken or turkey, or chicken liver on your cat. Some cats go for it immediately. Most of my cats took to raw right away, but it helped that they were young. Kittens take to raw with no problems. The younger the cat, the easier the transition will probably be.
先給你的貓試吃生雞肉, 生火雞肉或生雞肝. 有些貓會立刻就吃起來. 我的貓大部份是立刻開始吃生肉, 尤其是年輕貓. 小貓完全沒有不願意吃生肉的問題. 年紀越小轉食越容易.
For your first try, either buy some commercially prepared raw food, or make some homemade.  My cats liked most of the different types of meat I tried: chicken, turkey, pheasant, quail and duck. Their hands — sorry — paws-down favorite is rabbit. This makes sense, as this is probably the closest to what they would be eating naturally. Or they know it's more expensive than chicken. Vary what they get so that they don't get fixated on just one food.
第一次嘗試餵生肉時, 你可以買現成的也可以自製. 我試過很多不同的肉, 我的貓都喜歡吃, 例如雞肉, 火雞, 雉雞, 鵪鶉和鴨. 不時改變肉源, 這樣他們才不會習慣只吃一種肉.
If they don't go for raw right away, there are a number of things to try. Don't give up!
如果貓在轉成全濕食罐頭後, 沒有立刻開始接受生肉, 還有一些其他方式可以嘗試, 不要放棄.
Make sure the raw food is warm. Think mouse body temperature. Don't microwave it. Microwaving cooks the food and will reduce the nutrients you've been so careful to obtain. Put the food in a Ziploc® type baggie and place it in a bowl of warm water for 5-15 minutes, depending on how thawed it is. It is sometimes easier to then cut the bottom corner off the baggie and squeeze the food out.
確定你餵的生肉是溫的. 想想老鼠的體溫. 不要用微波爐回溫. 微波加熱會破壞養份. 把生肉放在塑膠袋中, 然後置入溫水約5到15分鐘, 視解凍速度而定. 餵的時候把塑膠袋的一角剪開, 然後把肉擠出來就好.
Put their canned food on a plate rather than in a bowl, and put a little raw next to it. They probably won't eat it, but that's okay. The idea is to get them used to the smell of it, and to start associating that smell with their meal. As you may have noticed, fresh raw meat has a very slight, subtle odor and cats that are used to smelly canned food may not recognize it as edible at first.
把濕食罐頭放在淺盤, 不要放在碗中, 然後放一些生肉在濕食旁. 他們或許不願意吃, 但沒有關係. 這麼做的目前只是要讓貓習慣生肉的味道, 讓他們開始把生肉和晚餐連結在一起. 也許你有注意到, 新鮮的肉味道很淡, 對習慣味道重的罐頭的貓來說, 也許一開始並不覺得生肉是可以吃的食物.
Mix a little of the raw with their canned food. With my reluctant Kai, I started with ¼ teaspoon mixed into his meal. This is a tiny amount, and he would still sometimes eat around it. I kept it at this amount for a few weeks, and then upped it to ½ teaspoon for another few weeks. I kept offering it to him plain also, on the side, but he never touched it. I increased it to about 1 teaspoon and kept it there. Hey cat, I can keep this up forever! He surprised me after three months by suddenly changing his mind and eating a plateful of rabbit. Unless this happens with you, just keep increasing the percentage of raw, slowly, until it's all raw. Keep giving your cat the opportunity to eat a plain raw meal. Be patient. This is a big adjustment for your cat; let her guide you as to how fast you should go.
在濕食中拌入一些生肉. 以我那隻難搞的 Kai 為例, 一開始我只有放1/4茶匙的生肉在他的罐頭中. 這已經是很少很少的量, 有時候他還會跳過不吃. 我持續這麼餵, 隔幾個禮拜後提高成1/2茶匙. 同時, 我也在他的罐頭食物旁邊單獨放一些純生肉, 但他從來沒碰過就是了. 幾個禮拜後我提高成一茶匙. 三個月後他突然改變主意, 吃下一整盤的生肉, 把我嚇了一跳. 除非同樣的情況也發生在你身生, 否則你就只能繼續的提高加在濕食中的生肉比例, 一直到全生肉為止. 但同時還是要給你的貓全生肉. 要有耐心. 這對貓而言是一項很大的調整. 讓貓自己決定轉換食物的速度.
Try "bribe" foods sprinkled on top. Only use these if you need to, you don't want them to get hooked on these foods. Here are some toppings that worked for me:
可以在濕食或生肉上灑一些會吸引貓吃的食物, 賄賂你的貓. 以下是一些對我而言有效的輔助食物:
  • Shaved bonito flakes. Use scissors in the can to cut it up into smaller flakes, something like oregano sized. It doesn't need to be refrigerated, but I keep it in there anyway so the cats can't get at it. They can smell it through the can.
  • Grated Parmesan cheese. Hey, it's Italian night!
  • Brewer's yeast. A good source of B vitamins. Don't use baking yeast. Don't use brewer's yeast on cats with digestive issues as it can cause bloating. Also, it can be allergenic in some cats.
  • Organic catnip. Just a little.
  • Crushed dehydrated treats. Cats love Halo LivaLittles® freeze dried chicken and Wildside Salmon® treats. Use fish products in moderation.
  • Juice from water-packed tuna or salmon.
  • 柴魚片.可以用剪刀剪成小碎片後,灑在罐頭或是生肉上面.柴魚片不用冰,但我還是放冰箱,這樣貓也比較不會聞到味道吵著要吃.
  • 磨碎的起司粉,來個義大利之夜之類的.
  • 啤酒酵母,是很好的維他命B來源.不要用烘焙用的酵母.不要餵有消化問題的貓吃啤酒酵母,因為會造成脹氣.再者,有些貓會對啤酒酵母過敏.有機貓草也可以,一些就夠了.
  • 把脫水肉之類的點心剪成小碎片後灑在希望貓吃的食物上.
  • 水煮鮪魚或鮭魚的魚湯
Once your cats are eating raw, be sure to introduce chunked meat into their meals, if you haven't already. For their dental health and for their jaw muscles, cats need to chew, using the sides of their jaws. Cats who have only ever eaten canned haven't had to do much chewing, so you may have to start them gradually.
I add chunks, usually chicken, to all my homemade food and most of the commercial raw food I buy. It's more time consuming, but my cats are worth it. I hope to forestall expensive dental problems down the road. I add small pieces, about ½ inch square on average, but some twice that size. At first some of the cats ate around them, but shortly they were all chewing away, and none of the chunks was ever left over. Start small, and gradually increase the size up to the biggest your cat will eat. The lack of chunks is probably my only complaint with commercial raw foods, but you can always, and should, add your own to any thawed food.
我會在我自製的生肉泥中加入生的帶骨雞肉塊.雖然剪肉塊比較花時間,但我的貓值得我在他們身上花時間.我希望可以減少未來看牙醫的花費.肉塊的大小約1.5公分X1.5公分, 有些肉塊大約是二倍大. 一開始我的貓會跳過肉塊不吃,但逐漸的他們都開始會啃肉塊, 不會再剩下來. 一開始先剪小塊, 等你的貓願意吃以後, 再逐漸的加大肉塊, 一直到你的貓願意啃的最大尺寸為止. 沒有肉塊是商業生肉的缺點之一, 不過你可以自己買肉來剪加進去.
Raw Meaty Bones
This is the term for meat with bones, fed whole or in parts. Cats can eat small whole raw chicken parts or other small birds. Getting them to do it is sometimes the problem. I have one cat, Thodin, who is crazy for chicken wings. She will go nuts when I take any baggie out of the fridge, thinking she's going to get a wing. She picks it up in her mouth, and runs off to a favorite spot in the kitchen and chomps away. She eats almost all of it, usually leaving only a small bone piece. She'll pretty much eat as many as I'll give her. I'm getting so I love to hear the sound of bones crunching from the next room!
可以把雞等家禽的肉剪成帶骨肉給貓啃, 給整隻翅膀也可以. 我有一隻貓, Thodin, 非常愛雞翅膀, 每次我給她翅膀時, 她都會叨到她最喜歡的地方啃. 她幾乎可以把整隻翅膀吃下去, 只留下一小塊骨頭. 我想可能不管我給她幾根雞翅, 她都會啃光吧. 好喜歡聽貓啃骨頭的聲音.
If your cat has been eating dry or canned food for a long time, it may take a little time for their jaws to work up good chewing muscles to be able to tackle raw meaty bones. Start with boneless chunks in her ground food. Once she's had some practice chewing on hunks of meat, try her out on a small chicken wing.
如果你的貓長久以來吃只乾料和罐頭, 可能會需要時間訓練咀嚼, 才能達到啃生肉骨的目的. 一開始先把無骨生肉塊加在濕食中. 一旦貓開始願意吃, 可以試試小塊的雞翅.
I didn't have to teach Thodin to eat meaty bones, but the others had to be enticed, encouraged and taught. Here are some ideas to try:
我並沒有教Thodin 吃帶骨生肉, 但其他的貓就需要引誘, 鼓勵和教導. 以下有些方法你們可以試試:
  • Try introducing raw meaty bones when your cats are hungry. They are more likely to give it a try.
  • Roll a chicken wing in a "bribe" food you know they like, to encourage them to try it. I had some success with finely cut bonito flakes. Put the flakes in a baggie, add a chicken wing. Sort of like Shake 'n Bake® without the bake! A few of the cats would just lick off the flakes, but I got one to start chewing away on it on the very first try.
  • Add smaller meaty bones to their regular meals if they are already used to eating chunks.
  • Try other small game birds or rabbit. They might hate chicken but love Cornish game hens or quail.
  • Use your cat's natural instinct to copy. If you have one cat that will eat raw meaty bones, give it one when all your cats are hungry and let the others watch. They know that cat has something good. After they show some interest get out another and see if they'll go for it. I know this sounds a bit unusual, but I've seen it work.
  • 當你的貓肚子餓時, 先給他們帶骨肉塊, 肚子餓比較有可能願意嘗試.
  • 在雞翅膀裏上一層貓喜歡的零食, 例如柴魚片. 把柴魚碎片和雞翅膀放在一個塑膠袋, 搖晃袋子讓翅膀完全裏到柴魚片後拿出來給貓吃. 有些貓可能把柴魚舔掉就閃了, 但我有成功的用這個方法讓一隻貓願意啃生雞翅.
  • 如果貓已經願意吃無骨肉塊, 在他們的生肉泥中加入帶骨肉塊.
  • 利用貓模仿的本能. 如果你有一隻貓已經願意吃帶骨生肉塊, 那麼當其他的貓肚子很餓時, 讓這隻貓吃帶骨生肉塊給大家看. 當大家看到他在吃好料, 也表現出想吃的樣子時, 拿出另一個雞翅, 看會不會有貓去吃. 我知道這聽起來有點不尋常, 但我曾經聽過用這個方法成功的例子.

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